We Made Star Wars R-Rated

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The crew use their collective VFX powers to make Star Wars even better.
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Ladda ner



  • why is it not on just corridor yet

    jimmy fallonjimmy fallonTimme sedan
  • No. You guys critique visual effects but those were rough. In actuality they were really soft looking. The texture was wrong.

    Sean ClarkSean Clark4 timmar sedan
  • Technically the lazers in star wars would cauterize the wound and no blood would come out

    Anubis God of DeathAnubis God of Death5 timmar sedan
  • No one: Sam: *order 66 pizzas*

    IllegalPancakes Or LeoIllegalPancakes Or Leo6 timmar sedan
  • 13:19 I couldn’t stop laughing

    Jim PostlethwaitJim Postlethwait8 timmar sedan
  • Rated R/19 Or Older

    It’s Me DorantIt’s Me Dorant9 timmar sedan
  • 100% best part 10:34

    elij9180 elij9180elij9180 elij91809 timmar sedan
  • I love how this weeb is trying to show us a “more accurate” blaster wound and clearly doesn’t know the franchise or how cauterization works.

    Alexander SavageAlexander Savage10 timmar sedan
    • Do you know what a weeb is?

      thebiggamers999thebiggamers99938 minuter sedan
  • I’d like to see the r rated version of paw patrol

    Mike Honcho123Mike Honcho12310 timmar sedan
  • classic wren

    Luke LLuke L11 timmar sedan
  • I watched the jar jar Explode like six times

    Kell DriskillKell Driskill11 timmar sedan
  • 1:23 Me it’s treason than

    CRy BYeCRy BYe11 timmar sedan
  • ...wow

    Toby SoddersToby Sodders12 timmar sedan
  • acually the heat from the blast would stop bleeding so no blood you are wrong.

    Foxboy ReeseFoxboy Reese15 timmar sedan
  • i really love these videos because i understand everything their doing, is stuff i went to school for so it's hitting close to home for me lol. i love VFX stuff so much tbh

    MihariMihari15 timmar sedan
  • So this is basically YTP done by professionals.

    Mr ScrimmerMr Scrimmer17 timmar sedan
  • I'm surprised no one took the Han Greedo scene and made Han blow his foot off when shooting first OR splatter Greedo all over the wall since Han shot first.

    John FoutzJohn Foutz18 timmar sedan
  • Wren is the Jar Jar of this "crew"

    source kitsunesource kitsune19 timmar sedan
  • How do you guys get clips and stuff from the movie ?

    RSwahnRSwahn19 timmar sedan
  • You missed an opportunity to have Anakin say "wizard!" off camera, once Jar Jar had exploded.

    Right Said BrettRight Said Brett20 timmar sedan
  • You know what I want to see in R-Rateding? The fight scene in venom when venom fights the swat team. That would be nightmare fuel right there. seproject.info/it/video/n5GT04pryJK3jZM

    josh bartonjosh barton20 timmar sedan
  • Home alone 2 rated r

    Crouton _Crouton _22 timmar sedan
  • I now you are making it rated r but the blood evaporate

    Liam BakerLiam Baker22 timmar sedan

    brigitte ringdahlbrigitte ringdahl23 timmar sedan
  • Whats the movie in 1:14

    JonezktiJonezktiDag sedan
  • Best sponser video.

    CaramelioCaramelioDag sedan
  • This'll make all those weird Rogue One fans happy.

    TheValeyard92TheValeyard92Dag sedan
  • Hey Niko do you wanna go bowling

    Sanj de dogeSanj de dogeDag sedan
  • I was watching the grinch with my girlfriend and she said she used to think the grinch was a horror as a kid so thought seeing as it’s Christmas the grinch R-rated would be very appropriate

    brady cochranebrady cochraneDag sedan
  • the kids are called Padawan

    Quanire GloverQuanire GloverDag sedan
  • Make a rated-G John Wick

    SenpaiDoge 2468SenpaiDoge 2468Dag sedan
  • No one: Corridor editing: Do you want to explod!?

    CrabCrabDag sedan
  • “I just thought, what if instead of his tongue going numb. His head explodes! Me: This just went from 0 to 100 real fing quick!!!

    Brooks BrigmonBrooks BrigmonDag sedan
  • Fluid simulation? So the young,ing flew across the map

    The Doggie CrewThe Doggie CrewDag sedan
  • Make sam ramis spider man 1/2 R rated.

    Jackattack809Jackattack809Dag sedan
  • Make Venom rated R

    -SATSUI--SATSUI-Dag sedan
  • There isn’t supposed to be blood cause the heat from the laser would cauterize it

    One Salty LasangaOne Salty LasangaDag sedan
  • Do shrek but rated r

    Arath JassoArath JassoDag sedan
  • Not your best work. Woof.

    Jonathon SmithJonathon SmithDag sedan
  • I was wondering how the Youngling murder would be carried out. Was not disappointed.

    MarfeeWarfeeMarfeeWarfeeDag sedan
  • thanks i hate it

    ImTrustyImTrustyDag sedan
  • Venom should be next.

    Don AddamsDon AddamsDag sedan
  • I clicked hoping for lightsaber porn

    Depressed And AloneDepressed And AloneDag sedan
  • So how many elements do you want? Wren: *yes*

    Michael JacksonMichael JacksonDag sedan
  • 11:11 Guess what the high ground can’t save you now

    Attorney Marshall of the Marine CorpsAttorney Marshall of the Marine CorpsDag sedan
  • Your guys first thought was to remove the iconic star wars weapon and replace them with katanas... what the fuck? Fire him.

    EthanEthanDag sedan
  • Wow, you guys made Commander Bly a villain lol Shameful😂

    Edward TykenEdward TykenDag sedan
  • It's a trap

    Mr RandomMr RandomDag sedan
  • what’s the movie in the beginning not star wars but the other one

    • UM_ NORMAL it’s the war movie in the beginning

      CRy BYeCRy BYe9 timmar sedan
    • UM_ NORMAL you’ve never seen hantine

      CRy BYeCRy BYe9 timmar sedan
    • CRy BYe oh shut i thought u said Hentai not Hantie i’ve never seen Hantie

      UM_ NORMALUM_ NORMAL9 timmar sedan
    • UM_ NORMAL damn I was trying to get u with that

      CRy BYeCRy BYe9 timmar sedan
    • CRy BYe oh thanks i’m p sure i’ve seen it before but just not that scene

      UM_ NORMALUM_ NORMAL9 timmar sedan
  • Couldn't believe

    Sahidur RahmanSahidur RahmanDag sedan
  • The man just fixed Phantom Menace! Thanks! I love it!

    Unshaken ProductionsUnshaken ProductionsDag sedan
  • Please, just for kicks, turn an r film into a g film!

    Unshaken ProductionsUnshaken ProductionsDag sedan
  • Turn Saving Private Ryan to Pg13. Now that's a real challenge

    DocibalDocibalDag sedan
  • Jarjar dying was the best thing

    ༺ᎦᏐᏋᏩᏋ ᎽᎢ༻ [ᎦԍᎦŦ]༺ᎦᏐᏋᏩᏋ ᎽᎢ༻ [ᎦԍᎦŦ]2 dagar sedan
  • Turn scarface g rated

    Jimmy's game play's and review'sJimmy's game play's and review's2 dagar sedan
  • The perverted yoda is hilarious.

    Kenyon BrownKenyon Brown2 dagar sedan
  • NOOOOOOO I don’t like when they killed that one weird faced one in the ship

    Anna BearAnna Bear2 dagar sedan
  • You should make saving private Ryan g rated

    BadMainBadMain2 dagar sedan
  • I’m 90% sure that the sponser segment is just a meme now Edit: btw the burning building in the background of padme’s room, that’s the Jedi temple, where the younglings and Anakin are.

    thePalpsthePalps2 dagar sedan
  • Mandalorian rated R. Needs to be done. There's a scene in the 6th episode where the Devaronian gets caught in a door. There will be BLOOD!

    Zain ReddingZain Redding2 dagar sedan