Watch Tesla Unveil Its Pickup Truck In Under 6 Minutes

Tesla revealed the latest in its line of electric vehicles, the Tesla pickup truck at an event near the SpaceX facility in Los Angeles. Called “Cybertruck,” the steampunk-inspired offroad vehicle is a complete departure from Tesla’s luxury lineup.
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Watch Tesla Unveil its Pickup Truck in Under 5 minutes

Ladda ner



  • Hopefully it's reliable...I dont mind the expensive price on a car IF it is reliable.

    FADED '03FADED '038 minuter sedan
  • So cool

    Maryinder DhaliwalMaryinder Dhaliwal10 timmar sedan
  • looks like something out of the total recall movie of the 90's.

    BaseshocksBaseshocks13 timmar sedan
  • looks cool

    andreandre15 timmar sedan
  • Wow a ps1 car

    Santi AbiyantoSanti AbiyantoDag sedan
  • Tesla was the best. Read about him.. and learn who's is the billionaire owners company of petroleum . keep burn oil people make me rich kill the planet

    Jocelyn PedrogoJocelyn PedrogoDag sedan
  • and if you go on for a far drive what do you do if your battery diest and theres no charging things

    Stephen StuartStephen StuartDag sedan
  • ok im just saying how much does the battery cost if it goes bad and the truck looks ugly af

    Stephen StuartStephen StuartDag sedan
  • What is this? Minecraft?

    Iqbal NaimsIqbal NaimsDag sedan

    J NunezJ NunezDag sedan
  • Omg it’s hard to act like the car is perfect when you just broke the glass

    AlwaysTogetherAndForeverMSPAlwaysTogetherAndForeverMSPDag sedan
  • 2:36 If you’re here for that, thank me later.

    AlwaysTogetherAndForeverMSPAlwaysTogetherAndForeverMSPDag sedan
  • It looks like a vehicle from a 1980's grade B SciFi movie.

    Dan FaulknerDan Faulkner2 dagar sedan
  • Truck deLorean

    Jorge PerezJorge Perez2 dagar sedan
  • LTG's car

    Sarge ScumSarge Scum2 dagar sedan
  • This “armored thick car” is like my DIY car

    Layla - Classic Mallefic gunnerLayla - Classic Mallefic gunner2 dagar sedan
  • Where is the side view mirror...?

    just random thingsjust random things2 dagar sedan
  • Where are the square wheels?

    Mad man DudeMad man Dude2 dagar sedan
  • Ok we get it Elon you just got bored and decided to trace a Dorito and slap wheels on it it’s ugly as hell and not as DURABLE as you said just stop the bullshit

    Daily_VibesDaily_Vibes2 dagar sedan
  • تسلا 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    محمد. مشخري السعوديةمحمد. مشخري السعودية2 dagar sedan
  • Truck squats when ate is in back lol

    Clint WinchesterClint Winchester2 dagar sedan
  • Your not picking up any girls in that thing

    dipsetkorydipsetkory3 dagar sedan
  • Broke window, flat tire how about just buy the hetzer no wheel no window

    Zeta 47Zeta 473 dagar sedan

    Mark KlausMark Klaus3 dagar sedan
  • As someone who lives in a rural area where everyone is insane and also carries a gun (Florida) and also everyone has a truck to haul trailers and animals and plants, I can tell you that pretty much no one cares about looks, only price efficiency and power. I've seen cars with taped on doors and covered in mud 24/7.

    CreepleyCreepley4 dagar sedan
  • Tesla truck = ugly, flimsy, hard to maintain, dangerous and a scam. In fact his whole company and him are a scam.

    tanker2shtanker2sh4 dagar sedan
  • Elon , i got hand it to ya , your truck looks like you watched Delta force too many times ... But still strangely eye capturing .

    John LynchJohn Lynch4 dagar sedan
  • It’s ugly

    BlaDe_ VIBeZBlaDe_ VIBeZ4 dagar sedan
  • It’s a gorgeous vehicle and I certainly hope we get to see these on the road but I think Elon musk needs to take a step back and focus on his business plan these vanity projects are going to put Tesla and SpaceX straight into the ground.

    AFTER LIFEAFTER LIFE4 dagar sedan
  • this is not the future I want. it looks ugly!

    Omar SlotsOmar Slots5 dagar sedan
  • ahora hagan el warhog de halo xd

    valentin romerovalentin romero5 dagar sedan
  • I can sort of see this as the next vehicle for a Back to the Future movie.

    Lionel WhiskerknotLionel Whiskerknot5 dagar sedan
  • Just saw this truck in mind craft...... He had a field day with Legos building that p.o.s

    Jeff LittleJeff Little5 dagar sedan
  • It's ugly.

    The DevilThe Devil5 dagar sedan
  • 😱😱👍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍

    Roblox GamesRoblox Games6 dagar sedan
  • The prototype Ford Raptor did the BAJA 1000. I guarantee Elon doesn’t attempt that.

    brockbusa21brockbusa216 dagar sedan
  • It’s a Minecraft Truck 🤘

    Chloe AChloe A6 dagar sedan
  • Embarrassing ! Didn't have to do it

    The Mentalist ZzThe Mentalist Zz6 dagar sedan
  • Just because "you" wouldn't buy one doesn't mean it isn't beautiful, stylish, or ahead of its time. Many vehicles today suffer from being over styled. If it had a BMW badge on it critic's would probably say it was a "New trend in aesthetic simplicity". Think of it as a canvas, free of design, you buy it and have a wrap put on it that reflects your personality and style. Camo, Deer Hunter, Neon, Chrome, Flowers, Ninjas, you name it. I think it is meant to be simple and cheaper because of it. After all with a few modifications this could be the new Mars Rover.

    GodzukiisanGodzukiisan6 dagar sedan
  • Looks like the truck I used to draw when I was 5

    Tony MamalesTony Mamales6 dagar sedan
  • this truck looks like a 1974 Lamborghini countach

    Amardeep661Amardeep6617 dagar sedan
  • Design 🤮💩

    Gennaro GennaroGennaro Gennaro7 dagar sedan
  • It's too ugly

    HenrikHenrik7 dagar sedan
  • That's not a truck.lmao. That's a toy for F-N RICH PEOPLE... As a contractor how the hell would I use that? Lol.

    Shawn GiffordShawn Gifford7 dagar sedan
  • That is one ugly ass truck.

    kevin maxeykevin maxey7 dagar sedan
  • I bet he’s trolling us. That’s the ugliest thing on 4 wheels. A forklift has more appeal.

    Sean WilksSean Wilks7 dagar sedan
    • @Sean Wilks no

      BespikedBespikedDag sedan
    • Bespiked Are you a child?

      Sean WilksSean Wilks2 dagar sedan
    • It's not ugly you are :)

      BespikedBespiked3 dagar sedan
  • You smoke weed with joe rogan and this is what you come up with....

    Sean WilksSean Wilks7 dagar sedan
  • That 😁💩💩💩💩 🚚 is FUGLY

    I-T iyah manI-T iyah man7 dagar sedan
  • Reminds me of halo lol

    Review it QReview it Q7 dagar sedan
  • That is a horrible truck i not drive that thing even free.

    Lucerito VelasquezLucerito Velasquez7 dagar sedan
    • Ok....

      Dhonnan FadillahDhonnan Fadillah6 dagar sedan
  • How is someone suppose to pack their deer in that thing. If this is the best off trail truck then yeah, nevermind

    Deegan RichardsonDeegan Richardson8 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of an automobile one would see in the the movie Robocop xD

    TheKBDestinyTheKBDestiny8 dagar sedan
  • Now I can dive through battle fields

  • Ugly omg

    Trent OneilTrent Oneil8 dagar sedan
  • It looks like one of them roblox cars to me lmao

    Jennie LaboyJennie Laboy8 dagar sedan
  • Why does it look like a Roblox car

    SkizzitsSkizzits8 dagar sedan
  • 😬😬 that thing is ugly

    24 fan24 fan8 dagar sedan
  • It's so ugly...

    Rising PhoenixRising Phoenix8 dagar sedan
  • Everyone hating is just mad they can’t afford it

    Hue MungusHue Mungus8 dagar sedan
    • Hue Mungus More like they have taste.

      Sean WilksSean Wilks7 dagar sedan
  • It was uphill

    Lazarus StanLazarus Stan8 dagar sedan