Watch Elon Musk announce the Tesla Cybertruck in 14 minutes

Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla Cybertruck tonight at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.
Tesla Cybertruck: Inside the unveiling:
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Ladda ner



  • by 2030 this man would have probably created the opressor mk2 in real life XD

    georgeMagnificentTubergeorgeMagnificentTuber9 timmar sedan
  • elon is amazing i think he is really cool

    Frankie ForemanFrankie Foreman16 timmar sedan
  • The window is bullet proof. But the poor man forgot one thing. To Mack it shock and vibration resistance. Make the glass clean and clear but thick and hard. At least |--------------------| this thick if you using a phone. Edit: I typed In thick to thicc on accident I lol.

    Ronnie730 gamingRonnie730 gaming3 dagar sedan
  • Comedy Gold

    Arturo LegoArturo Lego5 dagar sedan
  • С такими дверями Тупак бы не умер...

    GradivGradiv5 dagar sedan
  • Elon Musk could be a character in cyberpunk 2077 I have no clue why it just seems like he fits into that universe

    KallMe KolinKallMe Kolin5 dagar sedan
  • Its kinda ugly...

    Emmanuel CaneschiEmmanuel Caneschi6 dagar sedan
  • Keanu Reeves : cyberpunk. Elon musk: take my cybertruck.

    Chris BlackChris Black6 dagar sedan
  • Just that one kid screaming Elon Elon at the start

    Eh Meh SmehEh Meh Smeh7 dagar sedan
  • Bomb

    Idi AminIdi Amin9 dagar sedan
  • He is very nervous! I thought he is more calm

    GeN1U5-4GeN1U5-49 dagar sedan
  • he could try sell the ball instead

    Vagelis PanagouVagelis Panagou11 dagar sedan
  • I am kazak

    GoMa NGoMa N11 dagar sedan
  • It looks like a car in gta sa that hasn’t loaded in

    Kaden MackriellKaden Mackriell12 dagar sedan
  • Floor gang

    albino rexalbino rex12 dagar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="454">7:34</a> this is what you came for

    Ryan CurryRyan Curry13 dagar sedan
  • 😮

    Sabri SaadSabri Saad13 dagar sedan
  • The car is like a sketch of a 5 year old

    MICAH HAILEMICAH HAILE13 dagar sedan
  • Elon musk will commit crimes someday

    Juan Carlos De GuzmanJuan Carlos De Guzman14 dagar sedan
  • This looks like a Scrapyard Lamborghini.

    Samuel Chang Kai MunSamuel Chang Kai Mun15 dagar sedan
  • the crowd is so dump if elon says jump of the roof you idiot they jump lol

    BlazeXIBlazeXI15 dagar sedan
  • How embarrassing!!!

    nordattacknordattack15 dagar sedan
  • Why do I not have 20000 subscribers, why do I only have 119 and I offer videos for Elon musk and memes hhhhh by sc way

    Take AdvantageTake Advantage15 dagar sedan
  • X Æ A-12 must be proud of his father

    Rashed AlfarraRashed Alfarra16 dagar sedan
  • The truck was playing tug a war with a ford thats why it one put it up against a dodge

    Aaron DeanAaron Dean17 dagar sedan
  • Ps1 graphics come to life

    CaLemCaLem19 dagar sedan
  • Ugliest thing I’ve ever seen...

    Big DaddyBig Daddy20 dagar sedan

    J GJ G20 dagar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a>

    Oscar AguirreOscar Aguirre20 dagar sedan
  • this is so funny! I mean its so akward that the tesla diddent got it!

    Lisanne van den BovenkampLisanne van den Bovenkamp20 dagar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> from the back "Take my money" lmao

    jared moralesjared morales21 dag sedan
  • Musk said on Rogan show that the reason glass broke was because the sledgehammer test on the door started the concealed edge of glass to crack. However, the sledgehammer test was on front door only, not back door, so that's confusing (why did back window also break?).

    SpasskyfanSpasskyfan22 dagar sedan
  • It is made to last forever so it's legally unsafe, a car so hard Tesla have to shape the world around it. Before it can be released.

    Anthony StefankoAnthony Stefanko22 dagar sedan
  • Regardless, I'm loving this new truck

    Shamira SShamira S22 dagar sedan
  • What setting they are doing onnthe glass during the glass challenge height by height they are chngng sumthing

    Rosekin Entertainment & productionRosekin Entertainment & production23 dagar sedan
  • X Æ A-12 Musk will love this truck

    Camilo BarrosCamilo Barros23 dagar sedan
  • The best bit is the ramp in the tailgate.

    20sentryboy20sentryboy24 dagar sedan
  • He’s unbearable to listen to when he’s talking to audiences, uhhh um oh stutter.

    20sentryboy20sentryboy24 dagar sedan
    • Typical INTJ. His speech trying to process what's in his brain.

      Shamira SShamira S22 dagar sedan
  • Has Elon ever actually designed anything or is he like Steve jobs and just has ideas that he gets everyone else to design and make, then he gets all the credit for it.

    20sentryboy20sentryboy24 dagar sedan
  • Now that’s what I call an unveiling!

    Frank CostelloFrank Costello25 dagar sedan
  • Rich people with clean money wear simple dress code. No gold chains & labeled clothing. Who else agrees.

    PK LakaPK Laka25 dagar sedan
  • “Let’s shoot it!”, than says “we’re in California, sorry”. Me, an intellectual: “exactly, where’s your 9mm handgun at?”

    snoopyplayzsnoopyplayz26 dagar sedan
  • Me from the future laughing because this used to be the stupidest thing Tesla has ever done but now there’s the “coronavirus is fake” posts coming from him faster than the thought he put into the presentation

    snoopyplayzsnoopyplayz26 dagar sedan
  • elon will be riding this on mars. hard not to love this guy

    Carter MacLennanCarter MacLennan26 dagar sedan
  • Road head will be called cyber head

    Nathaniel NilesNathaniel Niles27 dagar sedan
  • A lot of these comments are memes but i want to get something across He made this partly to protect your from shootings, because of the United States. It is a kind of cheap car so you can protect yourself

    CloudCloud27 dagar sedan
  • Elon Musk is just one marketer who has no idea about science. He uses someone else's effort and knowledge to get rich He's a classic cheater

    Eric BananamanEric Bananaman27 dagar sedan
  • dayum, electric and 4X4 ? gud,im proud of you ellie

    Cr1TyzenCr1Tyzen28 dagar sedan
  • fake

    Solange BauerSolange Bauer28 dagar sedan
  • Where are you going to park that thing? Why Elon Musk look like Terminator? Is the ATV better looking than that space ship?

    Alex RodzAlex Rodz28 dagar sedan
  • Ugly

    KuchitoKuchito29 dagar sedan
  • After seeing his most recent tweets, We should’ve took this as a warning from the start

    Hide yo JimmiesHide yo Jimmies29 dagar sedan
    • Hide yo Jimmies he’s also showing factual statistics. he’s upset and for good reason lmao. just a person with a common outlook on the situation. although the ones about giving all his possessions away are crazy but he’s just trolling lmaoo. but his kids name is crazy i can’t lie

      Carter MacLennanCarter MacLennan26 dagar sedan
    • what are his tweets? the corona virus ones? i mean he has a decent point. he’s upset over what’s going on and i am too. it’s really not outrageous it’s just his view on it lmao. all of america and working people are losing lots of money of this. middle class and high class hate this.

      Carter MacLennanCarter MacLennan26 dagar sedan
  • I was bit hesitant on the designed but now I absolutely love it.

    keisham michaelkeisham michael29 dagar sedan
  • elon musk is real life tony stark (iron man )

    RoyalRoyalMånad sedan
  • Elon Musk: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="666">11:06</a> Corona: Hold my beer

    ScotchScotchMånad sedan
  • What an Era we are living in. We have a real Tony Stark, we can litteraly fly and go through planets even without smoking weed, which is legal by the way.

    Ricky SwordRicky SwordMånad sedan
  • The crowd lol

    YoutuberrrYoutuberrrMånad sedan
  • Elon Musk is very intelligent and very hardworking man. He is very wealthy and he deserves it. More people like him.

    Born WinnerBorn WinnerMånad sedan
  • Elon musk fack of

    Παναγιώτης ΜεσσαλάςΠαναγιώτης ΜεσσαλάςMånad sedan
  • truckla did it better

    Cody O'ConnorCody O'ConnorMånad sedan
  • He sounds Australian at some points

    Hilary GrantHilary GrantMånad sedan
  • Elon musk is so awsome and smart, the future needs him 😲

    Jin Wei Space锦伟生活杂记Jin Wei Space锦伟生活杂记Månad sedan
  • Sulet sir

    Imran KhanImran KhanMånad sedan
  • Random guy: take my money One min later: i take that back

    nam phạm thànhnam phạm thànhMånad sedan
  • so, if he is so obsessed to be always ahead of the rest of the electric car industry, why he does not BUILD IN THE MAGNET MOTOR TO RECHARGE THE BATTERIES???????

    Wolfgang KaminskiWolfgang KaminskiMånad sedan
  • Mr. Elon Musk, please put in to the each satelite 1 kg of samme powerfool explosive! That can resolve 2 posible problems: -1. If samme time one big asteroid put in danger the Earth, you can use your satelits like thousens of misiles for changing the route of the rock. Centimeter with centimeter with each impact you can save the Worl, our world. -2. If sammeting go bad and the satelite go down to the Eart, at the entrance in atmosphere the satelite has be dostroied entearly.

    Daniel-Vasile ȚuraDaniel-Vasile ȚuraMånad sedan
  • Hopefully Elon Musk will created robotic cat girls in his "top secret hentai maker basement" and sell it to the public with a box containing that lewdable cat girls.

    Daniel JustinDaniel JustinMånad sedan
  • What if someone gets locked in it

    Srujan /Srujan /Månad sedan
  • Mann if they take Elon Musk away from me like Steve Jobs I will burn the US Government to the ground!

    Sebastian MillerSebastian MillerMånad sedan
  • This comment section is full saying about Alon musk Cyber truck: am I joke to you

    KNIGHT GamingKNIGHT GamingMånad sedan
  • este es el anticristo.....cumple con todas sus caracteristicas y cualidades.

    Florencia SandovalFlorencia SandovalMånad sedan
  • That glass thing was so embarrassing

    Revelation TrainRevelation TrainMånad sedan
  • Childlike billionaire, gud for creativity

    Revelation TrainRevelation TrainMånad sedan
  • game over!

    Aysel ÇağlayanAysel ÇağlayanMånad sedan
  • Finally a car I can draw

    Just a PersonJust a PersonMånad sedan
  • I think they could have done a much better job of this presentation to be honest, lot of cringe in this

    Jamie SparrowJamie SparrowMånad sedan
  • WHERE are humans in his projects?

    Antonio BianchiAntonio BianchiMånad sedan
  • Wtf did I just watch 🙈 looks awful 😂😂

    shunishuniMånad sedan
  • Elon is our savior

    GilgameshGilgameshMånad sedan
  • It looks like Pepsi without sugar.

    Danilo SolunovicDanilo SolunovicMånad sedan