Volkswagen Grand California 2020 review - is this really worth 70k?

The Grand California is the biggest and most luxurious camper van that Volkswagen makes! That’s because it’s basically a VW Crafter that’s been kitted out with all the homely features you’d ever need, like a bathroom, two beds AND a picnic area with its very own awning! But is this a camper you can actually live with on holiday? Join Mat in his newest in-depth review and find out!
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  • My date: "I'm so hungry, what's for dinner?" Me: 2:47

    carwowcarwowMånad sedan
    • matt, i used to like you, but now your stupid joke, is annoying and look like yourself stupid. please don't embarrass yourself anymore. just do a normal review without a joke.

      Nuzulhaqkimi NorNuzulhaqkimi Nor25 dagar sedan
    • My date: "I'm so hungry, what's for dinner?" Me: 7:10

      Daniel SDaniel S29 dagar sedan
    • I am guessing that VW will never again give you the camper van of any sort to review !

      matt priormatt priorMånad sedan
    • I'm hungry to see carwow get their hands on a Jaguar xf project 8! I want to see it on your track asap please!!!!! And then a good look round 😁😁😁😁

      dannyboio37dannyboio37Månad sedan
  • The vehicle was well thought of. He was just trying to make everything looks difficult to do. It's ridiculous, to be honest.

    Zaki OmarZaki Omar2 dagar sedan
  • Vw Grand California neat and roomy.

    David SingletonDavid Singleton2 dagar sedan
  • man, you need to do some cardio

    Ranjith KrishnanRanjith Krishnan2 dagar sedan
  • 7:18 I heard there was a forest fire in that area. Now I know the reason. Hope you were not on a trip to Brazil and Australia earlier this year 😁

    harry sharry s2 dagar sedan
  • I have the opinion if it's not a sports car or a fancy vehicle, you are a silly presenter. ( you could do this at any given time with a smile since the cameras have an on/off switch) seeing you being rediculous and primitive ( not caring about something worth 70000 GBP) makes me feel you are disrespectful. Although I like carwow...

    Daniel MartonDaniel Marton2 dagar sedan
  • Someone won't be invited back to review the next VW product...

    hosankhosank2 dagar sedan
  • a 22 mins video about a 41 year old man complaining about a van and getting hit with appliances is actually quite funny. 😂

    Hashtag Little LemonHashtag Little Lemon3 dagar sedan
  • 70G' stinking can buy a new 2020 corvett for 65.

    allen schmitzallen schmitz3 dagar sedan
  • Incredibly expensive for something that doesnt seem to be all that grand

    DC Productions GroupDC Productions Group3 dagar sedan
  • My house is 70k lmao

    ZakiryZakiry3 dagar sedan
  • Who tf would spend 70k on that, you can build a good personalised that for cheaper than that

    ZakiryZakiry3 dagar sedan
  • You should race the V12 Mercedeces Maybach against a Bentley Continental GT.

    Oli- the turdOli- the turd4 dagar sedan
  • I was All-in for the concept but this is just another campervan

    AkiraAkira6 dagar sedan
  • Ahh..

    Bishnu PradhanBishnu Pradhan6 dagar sedan
  • Useless review...

    SeptembermorgenSeptembermorgen7 dagar sedan
  • hahah come on matt, we both know walsall is a shit hole ;)

    HusaboiiHusaboii7 dagar sedan
  • Is Matt similar to Andy Murray? In the sense that he looks more like his mum than his dad?

    Cy YemCy Yem9 dagar sedan
  • *Yum*

    black man unknownblack man unknown10 dagar sedan
  • Love your reviews, especially when you hurt yourself lol

    Ben MallieBen Mallie11 dagar sedan
  • All that money for a camper that you have to put a piece of cloth on the front windows. Shame on you VW .

    Rocking in a free worldRocking in a free world11 dagar sedan
  • You just unsold me this van. VW should hire you as a sales person 😉

    Crypto ArtCrypto Art11 dagar sedan
  • Van for yuppies, review for morons.

    ToddyToddy13 dagar sedan
  • In first shot you looked like bear gryllls

    Ahsan ZamanAhsan Zaman13 dagar sedan
  • I lost count on how many times he hurt himself

    jackson eganjackson egan14 dagar sedan
  • "Walsall, lovely place by the way" Good joke

    Ravelord NitoRavelord Nito14 dagar sedan
  • Dude. This thing is actually legit. Anyone know if they’re coming to the States?

    A_P A_PA_P A_P15 dagar sedan
  • 9:13 i dont know why but that noise makes me laugh every time

    J_xshyJ_xshy15 dagar sedan
  • I hate to be so negative, however, this was the most annoying auto-related video I've ever seen. It seemed more of a cry for help from this poor bastard.

    shr00m7shr00m717 dagar sedan
  • I love this guy 😂

    soale seinisoale seini17 dagar sedan