These quizzes actually drove us insane...

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These quizzes actually drove us insane...

Ladda ner



  • Carson hasn't posted on this channel for a month, awareness

    Game MasterGame Master5 timmar sedan
  • He’s clear,y enjoying it!

    yes correctyes correct5 timmar sedan

    BlitherParty474BlitherParty4746 timmar sedan
  • Carson the hell did you post in tiktoc this day today

    Super GamerSuper Gamer6 timmar sedan
  • 2:17 You’re welcome Carson

    WillWill7 timmar sedan
  • *Where in the name of cowzeraith is the cumin*

    TustimTustim7 timmar sedan
  • I had a dream that you uploaded but it wasn’t true

    inoahaze34inoahaze347 timmar sedan
  • "Wait which one is Antarctica is that the frozen one?!"

    MagicDragonKattMagicDragonKatt7 timmar sedan
  • Birth Certificate For McDonalds Employee Baby Name: McDonalds Employee Baby Birth Date: 11/29/2019 Mother: McDonalds Employee Father: [REDACTED] Time Of Birth: [REDACTED] [REDACTED]

    Michael SudsbobMichael Sudsbob8 timmar sedan
  • I have no idea what nouns are. I'm in college right now.

    Four twenty Four twentyFour twenty Four twenty8 timmar sedan
  • H a i r y n u g g e t s

    mr chimr chi10 timmar sedan
  • I think I died a little inside

    Alex KyroteraAlex Kyrotera10 timmar sedan
  • Tell me how I just found ur channel from a beyond sacred straight video

    Fluffy HuskyFluffy Husky11 timmar sedan
  • Carson's Discord is full could him expand it??

    An User Named StopAn User Named Stop14 timmar sedan
  • Roses are red These are so funny Today’s sponsor is Honey

    Matt The Edgy catMatt The Edgy cat15 timmar sedan
  • I didn't know i needed a laugh but holy shit i can't breathe.

    wilddiamonddogwilddiamonddog17 timmar sedan
  • CallMeCarson I searched for poop toilet r/cursedimages and the first thing that came up is CallMeCarson...

    adminl sadifyadminl sadify17 timmar sedan
  • Bruh not gonna lie some CuRsEd MeMeS would be great right about now, cuz u guys find that GoOd stuff

    philip milljrphilip milljr17 timmar sedan
  • 4:56 well uh... that's awkward

    OonakinOonakin18 timmar sedan
  • .

    xXRadioactiveGoatXxxXRadioactiveGoatXx18 timmar sedan
  • All I can say is *w o r l d w a r 3*

    le LESBIANle LESBIAN19 timmar sedan

    tjacobrtjacobr20 timmar sedan
  • They jinxed it saying a rat wouldn't stop Thanos, and here we are...

    Pieter SillisPieter Sillis21 timme sedan
  • thanos child

    FluxeonFluxeon23 timmar sedan
  • 4:50 yeah, he saved Ant-Man

    ThomasEyeThinkThomasEyeThinkDag sedan
  • for the 800000000000000000000000th time someone got sponsored by honey

    DracoRenDracoRenDag sedan
  • 8:56 Imagine hearing this whilst you were giving them your order through the Drive-Thru.

    C H I L L .mp4C H I L L .mp4Dag sedan
  • *If I'm gonna die from laughter it'll be from Carson*

    DenoDenoDag sedan
  • search up boto in the urban dictionary

    SUS MasterSUS MasterDag sedan
  • You should have named Mason’s baby Sammy

    Conservative AshConservative AshDag sedan
  • Imagine going to the macas desk where your servers name is Sammy and saying "Can I get the sausage Sammy"

    EpicThingsTVEpicThingsTVDag sedan
  • These videos are so funny

    Rioley SolasRioley SolasDag sedan
  • oh my God what is the outro music a remix of that gave me nostslgia

    Owl FamOwl FamDag sedan
  • He clearly likes that!

    Sir WannksSir WannksDag sedan
  • Which one is Antarctica is that the *frozen* one?

    NightQuinNightQuinDag sedan
  • *yea can I get the sausage sammy* Sir there is a li- *AAaæåÄâáÀ* We are all ou- *OŒÔÖõøÒó* How are you on the lin- *im giving birth* Excuse me? *HAWHAHHAWHHHHH* *im gonna throw uppppp* *HUHUHUHUHU*-

    shadowfred 99shadowfred 99Dag sedan
  • Do weird youtube videos and have frankie macdonald in it. Please like so he will see, my personal favorite is man eats 50 meat lasagnas

    Jake KirbyJake KirbyDag sedan
  • I think my last three brain cells managed to multiply by 1 after seeing this

    Aidan GibsonAidan GibsonDag sedan
  • Don't be a salad.. Be the best damn broccoli that you could ever be

    Edr GrgEdr GrgDag sedan
  • Ya yo gimme a *s a u s a g e s a m m y*

    E-lect GamingE-lect GamingDag sedan
  • Remy did save tha day He help 🐜👦

    Duckboi 711Duckboi 711Dag sedan
  • Is it okay to eat activated charcoal though?

    Darxoon ProductionsDarxoon ProductionsDag sedan
  • I want a uhhhhhhhhhhh Sausage Sammy

    LuckOf ThebeansLuckOf ThebeansDag sedan
  • salad

    Jaden DominguezJaden DominguezDag sedan
  • Carson doesnt have a chin. It's just neck to face

    Dwight explains why the joke is flawedDwight explains why the joke is flawedDag sedan
  • I am SALAD

    I'm VincentI'm VincentDag sedan
  • carson im just trying to eat my cereal ffs it's 2:25 am

    gay dumbassgay dumbassDag sedan
  • Travis is a stupid😂

    Deeznuts67 58Deeznuts67 58Dag sedan
  • I'm stuck in my step-brothers bathroom watching this, he is a dick so I took at foot bath in his sink he doesn't come home very often so it's fine, it's 4:00am Edit: ok I'm out

    XxM I L KxXXxM I L KxXDag sedan
  • ew

    velvetbyulvelvetbyulDag sedan
  • Baby yoda is homosexual

    Sam WallerSam Waller2 dagar sedan
  • Ur cult server is full hm

    WinterWinter2 dagar sedan
  • "Thanos is bald, he can't even make him do pasta" is probably my favorite sentence.

    D4R1U5D4R1U52 dagar sedan
  • Oh

    ribbitribbit2 dagar sedan

    The TrashmannThe Trashmann2 dagar sedan
  • Carson u have been blessed by buff R2d2

    BUFF_R2D 2BUFF_R2D 22 dagar sedan

    Cellious MaximousCellious Maximous2 dagar sedan
  • The final 5 minutes have been some of the best minutes ever

    Cellious MaximousCellious Maximous2 dagar sedan
  • I subscribed because Cooper told me to.

    Joshua HeinJoshua Hein2 dagar sedan
  • idk *wHaT aRe nOuNs*

    Dizzy_ HunzDizzy_ Hunz2 dagar sedan