The New Vehicle Has Arrived!!!

Sweaters whiles they last!
All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!
All Mere's Stuff:

Ladda ner



  • Apex gaming

    Autumn CramerAutumn Cramer5 timmar sedan
  • Hp computer 💻

    Lucas BerggrenLucas Berggren4 dagar sedan
  • Love the last minute of this vid!! You’re such a big kid! Funny to see you get so excited over the “pew pews!” Now I know what that was for.

    Jim BiggsJim Biggs5 dagar sedan
  • whats wrong?? little v6 in the lil ford cant handle it?

    Mabye ___Mabye ___6 dagar sedan
  • You got the one with the pussy tires! LOL

    Luke JohnstonLuke Johnston14 dagar sedan
  • Landscapers knew it was either a grasshopper or a kobota

    Mr PancakeDemonMr PancakeDemon17 dagar sedan
  • AMD ryzen 7 with a Nvidia rtx 2070 that should be good

    Mitchell HerigonMitchell Herigon20 dagar sedan
  • Apex gaming

    wyatt vomackawyatt vomacka20 dagar sedan
  • Linus tech tips or Jayztwocents

    Hercules ErasmusHercules Erasmus21 dag sedan
  • for sure go AMD you can get a lot of fast cores for cheap like 3rfd gen just released and you can fin configurators to help you like the one nzxt has and a few companies that will put it together for you

  • You should get in touch with JayzTwoCents and see about having him do a custom pc for you. Granted going this route would take longer so you would potentially need to get a pc to hold you over until he is done with it. But he makes really amazing custom PC's as well as having guides on budget builds.

    KhaoticTekKhaoticTek21 dag sedan
  • Hit up digital storm!

    K93YK93Y21 dag sedan
  • So I see you have kubota to and me and my dad run a farm and we have all kubota equipment rn so it’s good to see kubota being used because the are a very good company,I think you also have the same kind as ours

    That latest Channel of 2018That latest Channel of 201821 dag sedan
  • Check out for Computers

    Phil SandersPhil Sanders21 dag sedan
  • Go to apex gaming pcs there having 20% off for thanks giveing

    Trevor GramppTrevor Grampp22 dagar sedan
  • Ironside gaming pc

    Trevor GramppTrevor Grampp22 dagar sedan
  • More ram and possibly a new cpu for a cheaper rout make some of the ram dedicated and also ssd

    pebbleman1285pebbleman128522 dagar sedan
  • No yang you have a mingun

  • Squad Ultra Apex gaming pc

    Yaboichb 4760Yaboichb 476022 dagar sedan
  • Apex squad pc

    Joy L. Avery MelvilleJoy L. Avery Melville22 dagar sedan
  • Go to Digital storm that have grate pc

    TB__jamesTB__james22 dagar sedan
  • Apex computer

    Nolzy 42Nolzy 4222 dagar sedan
  • Lady’s get out! 🤣🤣🤣

    Aaron bambergAaron bamberg23 dagar sedan
  • Should of bought a JD tractor, ain’t no farm without no tractor

    Danley NuksDanley Nuks23 dagar sedan
  • This is late, but get in touch with ORIGIN PC or you could do a collab with Linus Tech Tips

    melodischmelodisch23 dagar sedan
  • Will you restock the sweaters??

    Cody CurlCody Curl24 dagar sedan
  • can thanksgiving happen first

    Nathan EbbinghausNathan Ebbinghaus24 dagar sedan
  • 👍

    David KelmDavid Kelm24 dagar sedan
  • Who made your sweaters?? I wanted to get some custom made

    Eric DraghiEric Draghi24 dagar sedan
  • It's so sad that sweaters are sold out :(

    CegidCegid24 dagar sedan