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  • Stupid shit

    JonasJonas5 timmar sedan
  • Anyone here after he lost. I’m disappointed at you Logan you lost

    Mohammed KamilMohammed Kamil6 timmar sedan
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    God of DestructionGod of Destruction8 timmar sedan
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    God of DestructionGod of Destruction8 timmar sedan
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    God of DestructionGod of Destruction8 timmar sedan
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    God of DestructionGod of Destruction8 timmar sedan
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    God of DestructionGod of Destruction8 timmar sedan
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    God of DestructionGod of Destruction8 timmar sedan
  • hahahaha logan paul is now a FUCKING LOSER

    Z CalabroZ Calabro8 timmar sedan
  • where are you here i wanna kil you soon

    haddkf hksllashaddkf hksllas8 timmar sedan
  • suck my penis

    haddkf hksllashaddkf hksllas8 timmar sedan
  • somebody still does care about this braindead child that makes money from trash and now just flex even tho he looses hard and than cry? ugh

    MoonyMoony10 timmar sedan
  • What’s the song at the end called ?

    Tewha HemopoTewha Hemopo10 timmar sedan

    Shu HangShu Hang11 timmar sedan
  • Why couldn't you knock out KSI in KSI vs Logan Paul 2 you should have punched KSI as hard as you slapped the slap contest person

    Charles TALIAULICharles TALIAULI11 timmar sedan
  • Not going to lie I kinda feel bad for Logan and all the hate he gets you must be a very strong person for dealing with all that hate from people you have my respect

    Woven69 O’NealWoven69 O’Neal13 timmar sedan
  • Fuck pussy not you logan

    DJ_ Pedro.ADJ_ Pedro.A14 timmar sedan
  • Your not Rambo kid. You never will be

    Abi SullivanAbi Sullivan15 timmar sedan
  • I cry for logan don't hate I got you logan I belive on you logan 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

    Nancy CoreaNancy Corea15 timmar sedan
  • Is he BBS like if he is comment if he is not

    MERAKIMERAKI15 timmar sedan
  • hahaha logan lost twice to ksi lmaoo big L

    KenziiqueKenziique15 timmar sedan
  • This white boi me tripping bro I swer this kid the master of clickbait

  • Goo Logan

    Gie DeangGie Deang16 timmar sedan
  • Good try I believed you could try to win it's not your fault

    Krystle LomasKrystle Lomas16 timmar sedan
  • Logan Paul gives me cancer

    Mother Fuckin RichieMother Fuckin Richie16 timmar sedan
  • its so sad he kept fighting for everything , for a redemption yet he lost it all in the end

    Travis KnightTravis Knight17 timmar sedan
  • Before you took his bandana off he hesitated to say what he was going to say

    Trazh TundraTrazh Tundra17 timmar sedan
  • Logan lost fair and square but don't shit on him cause he's not sitting on his ASS and doing nothing. P.s don't like Logan or ksi but still kinda feel bad.

    Aj The DeadAj The Dead17 timmar sedan
  • And imagine still losing

    123clutchwhaleツ123clutchwhaleツ17 timmar sedan
  • I’m at a los for words

    Abby BeveridgeAbby Beveridge17 timmar sedan
  • You are a ****head no one likes you u disrespectful SHIT

    Tyler WisdomTyler Wisdom17 timmar sedan
  • The thumbnail is perfect cause it’s like your career disintegrated. KSI snapped and you died

    Kendall SmithKendall Smith18 timmar sedan
  • LMAO HE LOST 😂 😂

    ClaytusClaytus18 timmar sedan
  • I knew he wouldn't be able to win the fight against KSI lol (KSI is better)

    Metalec ArtsMetalec Arts18 timmar sedan
  • Logan mannnn you were a loser before the fight but now I got some respects for you I will watch you more often man you and ksi should collab

    Dylan LeonDylan Leon19 timmar sedan
  • In the end of the video, when it says "after 1 year", what is the music??

    David A.C.David A.C.20 timmar sedan
  • 38:57 who is that?🤤

    Rodger HammerRodger Hammer20 timmar sedan
  • Eee i watched this the day before the fight i really thought he would win ;-; This documentry was bad ass thoe 👁👃🏼👁

    Nay xNay x21 timme sedan
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    Van WarnerVan Warner22 timmar sedan
  • Uses steroids and still win 😂😂

    Ripin lips LARipin lips LA23 timmar sedan
  • Can I fight you when I’m older

    Ashley ElliottAshley Elliott23 timmar sedan
  • Login it 20 million so scribers and graduation Logan Paul

    Nemo MillerNemo Miller23 timmar sedan
  • dude you have faced problems

    aksam musaaksam musaDag sedan
  • Logan Paul is ok at boxing

    Claire SweetClaire SweetDag sedan
  • Damn now this was epic

    kishan pradipkishan pradipDag sedan
  • Check out my latest blog you did great Logan call for a rematch!! Joshhvlogs out✌🏻

    Joshh vlogsJoshh vlogsDag sedan
  • If you think LOGAN is a FOOL and have done for a while then like this comment 👍🙃

    Bobbie LeaBobbie LeaDag sedan
  • This shit was HARDDDDDDDDDD!! Logan keep your head up.

    Mike PMike PDag sedan
  • A know logan paul not mean that a will and logan paul fan will suport logan eny time Hit the like to suport logan paul 💖💖💖💖 👇👍

    vasskigaming YTvasskigaming YTDag sedan
  • I miss Chloe and Logan together, and Kong, and Mav....

    Alissa BaumannAlissa BaumannDag sedan
  • 26:45 to 30:00 hey you ever considered filming the next under dog boxing movie or any fighting movie in general cause that was f*cking incredible filming

    Iyman Zein42Iyman Zein42Dag sedan
    • its such a fucking sick documentary, too bad he lost the fight even tho he shouldve won

      PrometheusPrometheus19 timmar sedan
  • He is and always will be the rocky balboa underdog The hero that’s not perfect That’s why we love him right? This was Apollo creed vs rocky balboa This was Ivan drago vs clubber Lang And that is why you earned my love and respect bud

    Iyman Zein42Iyman Zein42Dag sedan
  • Fucking love you Logan!

    Kristin ShortKristin ShortDag sedan
  • I'm sad

    TNTLucasTNTLucasDag sedan
  • I bet this documentary isn't going to release now! 😂 What the hell this dude think he is? 😂😂😂

    Aaliyan HamidAaliyan HamidDag sedan
  • I just subscribe to u

    YouTube creator of Scott Michael Schneider VLOGYouTube creator of Scott Michael Schneider VLOGDag sedan
  • Hi

    J A LJ A LDag sedan
  • I have a cat that is named Logan Paws Bishop he was named after the wolverine because he has extra toes which makes him a "boxer gloves" cat I was just told about you and I find it absolutely perfect that his name is Logan Paws and he is a boxer

    Thats AmoreThats AmoreDag sedan
  • I Care about you I have already watched this for 2 years You were so epic and cool so just think what you’re doing and change your life and KSI is fucking ediot and a black fuckedup bitch and you areBetter than him Logan and jake Paul🥳

    William JRWilliam JRDag sedan
  • anyone going to tell me the songs name at 21:20 ?

    Freakzoid/ GamerFreakzoid/ GamerDag sedan