Secrets From a Former Cruise Ship Waiter Revealed

If you’re planning on taking a cruise, one man is dishing about secrets of the sea. “You work seven days a week, every week, no days off, for ten months a year basically,” Brian David Bruns, a former cruise employee, told Inside Edition. For years, he was a waiter on cruise ships and now he's revealing in his best-selling book, "Cruise Confidential," what really happens after your ship leaves the dock. He suggests giving crew members extra tips in addition to what's included in your bill.

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  • Thanx for telling us so now when we hear this during our crew ship we’ll worry

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  • What I took from it was buy my book $$$

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  • before this in march or April and he said they need to work 8-11 months a year and they never really get to se there family it was sad ):

    Landon WilliamsLandon Williams17 dagar sedan
  • What’s the code for poop in the pool

    Cactus LeoniCactus Leoni17 dagar sedan
  • So much for the “secret” code.

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  • 0:42 the both of them hit each other

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  • I’m going on a cruise ship in 6 days. I’ll watch out!

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  • I alway tips them and say thank you

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  • Mr D!

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  • I’ve seen Titanic too many times. Never going on a cruise.

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  • Love seaman👋🚤🛳⛴🛥🚢crew man crew people who can relate 💬

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  • The fact is he wasnt able for the job he is just a weak man 🤔

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  • Might be the most worthless video on SEproject. Or the best. Still not sure

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  • I thought we truly were going to learn he perhaps stumbled across deep sea gold from a forgotten Grecian city... not that he has a code word for diarrhea

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  • You could always take my advice: Don't go on cruises. Being locked in on Multi-level ships, with thousands of other people, is just awful. I'd rather spend a week in jail.

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  • “Oscar” for man overboard? That’s basic seamanship not a secret language and US navy works longer hours with no days off on deployment. You choose the job..

    Scott HedgeScott Hedge22 dagar sedan
  • Is the stateroom he is in by chance aboard the RMS QUEEN MARY? The usage of that wood panelling, moulding shape, coving, and what appears to be Bakelite electrical receptacle seen in the mirror lead me to believe it is.

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  • Cruise ship waiter moment

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  • 🥱❤️

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  • This was lame. But I watched all of it. 😂

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  • I’ve been turned off by the whole cruise ship business people going missing a lot of Mr D etc etc

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  • D for the editing. Following “Mr. D” with wine 🍷? Really?

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  • I thought he was gonna say something like the lobster is bad

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  • Hanky Panky eh? Ok I see you Mr. Cruise Ship Slave Man

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  • I am so triggered that they said waiter and not server! Where is the safe space on the boat! And Oscar for Man overboard! Damn the pronouns!

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  • The only thing I learned is if you wanna get laid go hangout with the crew. And I'm glad I learned that.

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    • Gabriel the tip goes first

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    • American 46 exactly what I was thinking! Don’t forget the tip lol

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  • Can confirm. I dont work for a cruise company but I do live in a huge cruise destination and we dont tell the tourists about the real spots that we like to go.

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  • What a joke. I kept watching it for secrets, wasted my time, but got none. Mister D! lol 😂

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  • I see the Disney Cruise at 1:12

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