[S2 - Eps. 17] A CRAZY day in Patagonia, Argentina

In this episode I'm riding from Tres Cerros, a petrol station along Ruta 3 in Argentina all the way down south to Rio Gallegos. One crazy long day in which I made some nice dirt road detours, but mostly, I was battling the insanely strong side winds Patagonia is famous for...
I am riding solo around the world on my Royal Enfield Himalayan 'Dhanno'!
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  • “Are you alone ?”

    JAMES RivisJAMES Rivis7 dagar sedan
  • 11:37 I really want to know more about the geology behind you. It is like an open book... and I can't read it!

    Fergus JohnstonFergus Johnston8 dagar sedan
  • yes! we recognise that feeling!

    Fergus JohnstonFergus Johnston8 dagar sedan
  • you are in the desert. If you are hungry, I think you will have to start hunting...

    Fergus JohnstonFergus Johnston8 dagar sedan
  • Hey woman Enjoy the Ride, un abrazote!

    Fabian SanchezFabian Sanchez8 dagar sedan
  • Hello, en attendant de pouvoir suivre ta progression sur les vidéos les plus récentes (avec impatience ), je regarde les plus anciennes. Super travail de montage, et quel plaisir de voyager avec toi 😍👍✌

    PatounePatoune9 dagar sedan
  • The positive messages in your journey is inspiring for hundreds of thousands of people today. One day, millions or tens of millions will have been positively effected....one day you will rest. And your rest will be complete knowing that you opened eyes, and exposed minds to forgotten possibilites, unknown adventures, and most importantly, the formally unseen peoples and places of the world. Bless you for your hard work. insta @luckylucyliu

    Victor CarterVictor Carter9 dagar sedan
  • Oh My God! This kind of place exists on earth. Thank you Noraly!

    Arnab Dutta ChowdhuryArnab Dutta Chowdhury11 dagar sedan
  • Noraly spitting chunks of food at us D: 1:41

    RonixEnclaveRonixEnclave13 dagar sedan
  • A great video with AMAZEBALLS scenery. Thanks for taking is on your journey ❤️😁👍

    SenseiEpuSenseiEpu14 dagar sedan
  • My girlfriend is Argentinian and the "LL" they pronounce as "Sh". So Rio Gallegos they pronounce ga-shay-gos. Funny thing is that they also pronounce Y as "Sh", so Mayonaise is mash-o-nay-za!! Toyota os Toshota! She said it is probably an influence of the Chilean language on the native Spanish, not forgetting they speak it with an Italian accent, very confusing!

    Roger BlackwoodRoger Blackwood18 dagar sedan
  • Just found your channel, I’m not a rider but I’m hooked . You are so entertaining and informative. I’m in Australia. Keep safe

    Harold clarkHarold clark20 dagar sedan
  • I love the journeys!

    Jesse de GrootJesse de Groot20 dagar sedan
  • "it's so beautiful riding all by myself, oh Hola!" :)

    Whiskey FoxtrotWhiskey Foxtrot22 dagar sedan
  • Riding in windy conditions is not much fun, Something you don't really notice in a car. Great video.

    Dodger Mohr - Motorcycle AdventureDodger Mohr - Motorcycle Adventure22 dagar sedan
  • Safe ride all the time, is so addicted your channel 💪👍👍👏👏

    Leow LKPLeow LKP22 dagar sedan
  • Omg. Having a Mandarin substitution tumpup no joke thx.

    Leow LKPLeow LKP23 dagar sedan
  • Beautifull, all those horses, my Daughter would have brought them all home with her!

    Shane PriorShane Prior25 dagar sedan
  • I m keep watching all episodes last 3 days that I have never watch before that much long anyone on youtube. Now I have a bullet in my mind how can I travel all year how can I start, where can i start really need a help Omg !

    Hasan GulHasan Gul25 dagar sedan
  • When I drove in my car in January in the Chilean part of the Andes mountains, I met two guys in a pickup like the white one here. At that moment I actually felt a little helpless. If they'd wanted to rob the hell out of me, or worse, there would have been absolutely nothing I could do about it. That was the only time I had that feeling. Seeing you here alone on that road gave me a reminder of that feeling. Take care....

    Mads ThomsenMads Thomsen26 dagar sedan
  • Getting the nack of the drone....cool

    TheOriginalJoeBloggsTheOriginalJoeBloggs26 dagar sedan
  • touring with motorcycle whole year wow i wish i had that chance🙂

    Nangsanbha LakiangNangsanbha Lakiang26 dagar sedan
  • Nice video,greetings from Buenos Aires

    Axel PaffAxel Paff27 dagar sedan
  • This is 10 zillion times better than any tv show!

    Ade CAde C27 dagar sedan
  • The images are amazing Noraly. who thought Argentina was so beautiful......I`m enjoying everything

    Gary BradburyGary Bradbury27 dagar sedan
  • The music is not pleasant. :(

    Muhammed Sakeel SMuhammed Sakeel S27 dagar sedan
  • How much kilometers you travel through bike, when you plan for India with your Basanti 😘😍🙏🙏👍👌✌

    Lal SinghLal Singh27 dagar sedan
  • Stay Safe

    Aditya KartiAditya Karti28 dagar sedan
  • Зачем ты поехала по этой дороге, я волновался!

    Александр КосачАлександр Косач28 dagar sedan
  • There is nothing like traveling the world with a beautiful woman.

    Bay KaraBay Kara28 dagar sedan