Robert De Niro: Donald Trump Is "A Fake President"

The star of "The Irishman" on Netflix makes his third visit to The Late Show and gives Stephen Colbert his honest opinion about President Trump and some of the people seeking to replace him in 2020. #Colbert #RobertDeNiro #TheIrishman
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Ladda ner



  • How 63 million ignorant vote for this Clown because 63 million are ignorant people

    christos karagianischristos karagianisTimme sedan
  • I dont think throwing rocks at a duly elected President is a smart move. There are stories emerging about Robert that are not flattering. I like De Niro as an actor , but I lost quite a lot of respect for him. I tend to be supportive of the President.

    Mo b DickMo b Dick2 timmar sedan
  • Instead this show and nero, are fake and loosers jealous of trump cuz u guys won be able to achieve what he has achieved, shame on u guys

    Tori EzungTori Ezung3 timmar sedan

    barry mcdougalbarry mcdougal3 timmar sedan
  • I don't like Donald Trump. I think he's an outspoken, twitter, asshole. But I'm going to vote for him in 2020 because I like his leadership, his decisions, and forward direction for America. (this ain't a personality contest.)

    BigORatBigORat5 timmar sedan
    • Yeah it is. He’s brainwashed you into thinking an Economy exists. He’s making sheep, there’s enough resources for everyone on this earth (including jobs) to live comfortably, yet he’s creating a barrier and making people fear if the economy is bad then you’ll be homeless 🙄 really immigration is not a problem for the country, he’s just racist and creating racist people by lies.

      AAAA2 timmar sedan
  • De Niro there is no one more fake as you because you are an actor. What you do best is act.

    DAVDAV5 timmar sedan
  • What is he talking about? What's his point? What is it he thinks Trump us doing wrong? This is just a cheap bashing, no substancial critic on absolutely nothing. De Niro is am intellectual grown up.

    Dirk JungDirk Jung10 timmar sedan
  • Why does Bobby look like Jimmy Page these days

    Ishan BhowmickIshan Bhowmick11 timmar sedan
    • I don't see it.

      ted dymskited dymski7 timmar sedan
  • Both colbert and DeNiro are a couple of blow hard's...... What a joke!! 12/14/2019

    Greg KellyGreg Kelly12 timmar sedan
  • He is one of the few actors who is not afraid of saying what he thinks

    Paracletus RevelationParacletus Revelation13 timmar sedan
  • In this particular circumstance, it's not a crime to have a public voice and share opinion. Case closed!

    Shannon Hutchinson IIShannon Hutchinson II16 timmar sedan
  • The Irishman was shite!

    Dyl SDyl S21 timme sedan
  • Every president is a fake president...politics are just an illusion there to control the stupid masses

    Check ACCheck ACDag sedan
  • Cant stand either one of these A-holes... geez give it a rest...

    raysmusic49raysmusic49Dag sedan
    • @Bleeding Eye Watcher No they triggered him with their arrogant attitudes. Remember back in the day when talk shows weren't so political? Pepperridge Farm remembahs.

      ted dymskited dymski7 timmar sedan
    • Did they trigger you with the facts?

      Bleeding Eye WatcherBleeding Eye Watcher9 timmar sedan
    • Glad you watched and trolled....

      Jazz HazeJazz HazeDag sedan
  • DeNiro is so jealous that he is not acting as the president himself. There is something wrong with his bottom lip!

    David FitzsimmonsDavid FitzsimmonsDag sedan
  • English is my second language, so can someone explain to me how Trump is a "fake president"? He was elected, no, and he does hold the title, so how is he not real?

    F_ RSSF_ RSSDag sedan
    • He's a bad president. He doesn't act like one.

      jasonjo1993jasonjo199311 timmar sedan
  • My God! Alec Baldwin's impression gets better and better.

    Garry BaldyGarry BaldyDag sedan
    • For snobby elitist Manhattanites it does I'm sure.

      ted dymskited dymski7 timmar sedan
  • The ignorance that surrounds Trump voters is clear and explicit when they deny De Niro incredible acting skills just cos he has different political views. I mean, who are they? Calling the legendary De Niro is a dumb act, but not as dumb as voting Trump.

    Daniel PaezDaniel PaezDag sedan
  • re: Bloomberg "He's an adult. He's a grownup.".... (unlike our president)....

    Jazz HazeJazz HazeDag sedan
  • De Niro is full of SH!T

    T. PT. PDag sedan
  • I think every congress person in this Rebellion should be Shot For Treason By True American People . You have Freshman congress that are not even American They are Implants to destroy this Country, and Old Democrat that are Jealous Of Our President. God save us all.TRUMP 2020!!

    T. PT. PDag sedan
  • Robert De Niro has Money he Doesn't have to break His Back. Like a lot of real American people working to keep food on there table.. De Niro is A Real Joke

    T. PT. PDag sedan
  • Not only a fake president. . He is a joker.... an orange clown entertaining the world. .. people around the world are laughing at America. .. it's so embarrassing

    boy Joeboy JoeDag sedan
  • De Niro is a numpty and should stick to acting although all the parts he plays are the same no matter what the film is about.

    Sky HillSky HillDag sedan
    • @Daniel M. Yes, and all played the same way by an actor that can only play himself. He's duff and wooden.

      Sky HillSky Hill23 timmar sedan
    • Sky Hill Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, The King of Comedy, Meet the Parents, and Mean Streets are all different roles.

      Daniel M.Daniel M.Dag sedan
  • the elephant in the room, new original song! (radio-friendly version on soundcloud). feel free to share widely this holiday season.

    karaj lost coastkaraj lost coast2 dagar sedan
  • Trump is a clown

    Raouf BinhashimRaouf Binhashim2 dagar sedan
    • DeNiro is Pennywise come to life.

      ted dymskited dymski7 timmar sedan
  • Thank you very, very much. This impeachment is better than any strategy we Republicans could come up with for raising money for President Trumps re-election. The money is rolling in...please let this go on until November.

    caretta1000caretta10002 dagar sedan
    • Only an idiot would vote for someone that has already been impeached once. Sadly that's what Trump supporters are.

      jasonjo1993jasonjo199311 timmar sedan
  • The fact that all these late night shows (Fallon,Kimmel, Colbert, etc) constantly bash and enjoy watching the crowd join in on talking about there open hatred of the duly elected President is a shame. Has never been done to any other President. All you guys are doing is dividing the country. Let's try talking about some good stuff he has done for once and/or what you would like to see him do in the future aka next 5 years.

    Brandon HendersonBrandon Henderson2 dagar sedan
    • He hasnt done anything good

      Victor hugoVictor hugoDag sedan
  • 1:30 🥱🥱🥱🥱 5:10 really?!?! Climate change?!?? I thought it was global cooling....or was it global warning???? I forget what the new debunked environmental catastrophe is.

    tinmantinman2 dagar sedan
  • Neighborhoods are Disrupted for months. After all of the business people loose their business,This Asshole Makes Millions.

    George WymanGeorge Wyman2 dagar sedan