Overwatch 2 Announce Cinematic | “Zero Hour”

Stand together.
When Null Sector attacks, Winston assembles a small strike team to fend off the invasion. But as hope begins to fade, the team must stand together to overcome the odds.
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Ladda ner



  • So, isn't nobody gonna talk about how Winston didn't even bother using his shield?

    Antonio GonzalezAntonio Gonzalez4 timmar sedan
  • Hätte lust auf ein deutsches ps4 ow team (spiel hauptsächlich baptiste & orisa) name: teimen_origina1

    Teimen RTeimen R5 timmar sedan
  • so perfection! and i need this soundtrack! really want it! please ~ : )

    SR HSR H5 timmar sedan
  • Pepole always reminding about frnch give up t the WW2 Overwatch 2:

    SIHNWU ASIHNWU A5 timmar sedan
  • Reinhardt low key waited for Earthshatter to charge before engaging the enemy.

    Zvie OercaneZvie Oercane5 timmar sedan
  • Tbh I don't really care for the game all that much nor the story. So do the others who view overwatch as just material

    Teaddybear/ ButtertoastdrawingTeaddybear/ Buttertoastdrawing5 timmar sedan
  • MaYBe iLl bE TraCER

    Dr. Rick RollDr. Rick Roll6 timmar sedan
  • Can someone tell me if there is a whole new game or is it just a update?

    Ellis ChandlerEllis Chandler6 timmar sedan
  • Okay what??

    Taste My0w0Taste My0w06 timmar sedan
  • You know after the recent Barrier Nerf That shield is Screwed 5:28

    J.T DrawsJ.T Draws6 timmar sedan
  • Tracer having a pic of Emily is like... Making me UwU

    NekoWhiteStarNekoWhiteStar7 timmar sedan
  • See, I know this was an advertisement for Overwatch 2, but to me this is just further proof that they should drop the game already and make a franchise of films.

    Matthew BibbyMatthew Bibby7 timmar sedan
  • who else almost shed a tear down their eye

    Mirage The TricksterMirage The Trickster7 timmar sedan
  • Me: Did Blizzard plaggurized Valve's TF2 Meet the Medic & Man vs Machine trailers? TF2's Medic: I have no idea.

    SkullySkully7 timmar sedan
  • #GenjiistheMVP

    Yash RamdassYash Ramdass8 timmar sedan
  • RIP The Robots

    altaf hussin shafieealtaf hussin shafiee8 timmar sedan
  • Winston: I’ll die as hero! Genji: MADA MADA!!!

    Naim TrampowNaim Trampow9 timmar sedan
  • 7:35 The way Genji looks at Briguitte like "how fcking dare you push me like that" always gets me

    Persival LahmoudiPersival Lahmoudi9 timmar sedan
  • 5:16 OMG Echo’s voice is so cute😭😭 I love it so much! Hope she has that voice in the game!!🙋🏻‍♀️❤️

    주히주히9 timmar sedan
  • France's population has really gone down, huh.

    DragoderianDragoderian9 timmar sedan
  • I guess no bubble shield?

    MultiHaydenSMultiHaydenS10 timmar sedan
  • 5:15 i love her voice

    sad whalesad whale10 timmar sedan
  • Blizzard just proved everyones point by genji being that surprise anime character

    AerniVlogsAerniVlogs10 timmar sedan
  • Hey I've seen this before! But it started with a D istead of an O

    James WaltonJames Walton11 timmar sedan
  • Dad jokes

    Chien Wen OoiChien Wen Ooi11 timmar sedan
  • this is literally mann vs machine

    NoobPrePro !NoobPrePro !11 timmar sedan
  • Ah yes, see you at p**nhub

    Tito ZTito Z11 timmar sedan
  • and people say mei is heartless when she helps her friends

    Rema RemaRema Rema11 timmar sedan
  • Genji the real MVP

    ohmyGUHDnessohmyGUHDness12 timmar sedan
  • did anyone else think winstin was going to die

    venomsnake53venomsnake5313 timmar sedan
  • How to profile picture

    Real WalkthroughsReal Walkthroughs13 timmar sedan
  • null sector got some some decepticons now

    Dylan NguyenDylan Nguyen13 timmar sedan
  • Mann Vs Machine

    Pyro FirePyro Fire13 timmar sedan
  • Zzz boring

    Brian KimBrian Kim13 timmar sedan
  • 역겨운 정치적 올바름. 동양인인 내가 봐도 역겹네.

    오란비오란비13 timmar sedan
  • I’ve never been so excited that I start to cry

    ImGhostlyImGhostly14 timmar sedan
  • Overwatch theif with teamfortres 2

    oyuncu emiroyuncu emir14 timmar sedan
  • Can't the people that made this videogame make a anime for teenagers to watch with episode??? Please!!!! It's interesting!😁😁😂😁😁😁😁

    Mako Ali MohamedMako Ali Mohamed14 timmar sedan
  • Would’ve loved to see while rein+brig holding against the laser: Their shield is getting visibly getting torn apart. Holes are starting to form in the shield while it cracks. They both plant a foot behind them while the beam starts to push them back. Flames start to go through the holes, The shield appears that it will break at any moment, rein takes a glance at brig knowing that they can’t hold much longer. He tells brig “..be their shield..” in his rough and scarred voice. She gives him an accepting nod and they start putting one foot in front of the other. Not much later the shield explodes into pieces. Rein takes the full force of the beam into his chest and is launched backwards with the rest of the team. As the team behind them watches rein land on his back, armor getting melted, the beam stops on rein. The team looks ahead and brig has walked in front of the beam, arm out in front with no shield. The bomb is shown ticking down. The first tick and her armor glows red hot. The second and her armor begins to crack, the third tick is heard and it looks like her armor can take no more. With a determined face, she stands her ground and closes her eyes as the beam fully engulfs all that we can see of her. Finally, the bomb explodes, and brig falls to all fours. While Rein puts out his hand to help brig up he takes off his cracked helmet. As brig is getting up she grabs reins hammer and hands it to him. “Here’s your walking stick old man.”. Rein gives the same look that his old friend gave in eichenwald when he realized rein understood what it meant to be his team’s shield. Idk maybe a bit over the top, but I thought it’d be a cool connection between “Honor and Glory”.

    Daniel MorrisDaniel Morris14 timmar sedan
  • Footage from the yellow vest protests, 2019

    The Arcadius ProjectThe Arcadius Project15 timmar sedan
  • I don t play overwatch but sick trailer props to whoever made it

    Indy RoosendaalIndy Roosendaal15 timmar sedan
  • Seriously, I need the soundtrack of that video!

    Red Ronin GMRed Ronin GM15 timmar sedan
  • I just realized Genji didn’t have any dialogue whatsoever except for his ult dialogue

    watterztrailwatterztrail15 timmar sedan
  • Why does this game not have a story mode featuring these scenes and an ending?!

    Kanani TakeshiKanani Takeshi16 timmar sedan
  • Mei is my baby. Tear jerker moments for sure in this joint.

    MAXIMUSMAXIMUS16 timmar sedan
  • Blizzard sucks at making characters look Asian.

    Bre MEBre ME16 timmar sedan
  • Brigette sucks.... she needs a buff badly. Bring her shield up to 250 and make the delay to recharge much shorter. Also giver her more health packs to toss and increase their effectiveness.

    ZandeusZandeus16 timmar sedan
  • Just gonna say it.... Winston was pretty cringy through most of this otherwise cool cinematic

    ZandeusZandeus16 timmar sedan
  • 7:25 Genji over there talking with the healers. Clever, Overwatch, real clever.

    TheEnchantedElfTheEnchantedElf16 timmar sedan
  • How Genji mains view themselves: 4:37 Also that interlocking shield thing better be in the game or I'm gone to sue

    Gay LordGay Lord17 timmar sedan
  • Make a moive

    Erik AlmrothErik Almroth17 timmar sedan
  • I kinda wish Hanzo wouldve arrived with genji just to see how he interacts with overwatch

    Alexander AponteAlexander Aponte17 timmar sedan
  • Mei: Tracer! Pulse Bomb! Tracer: *MY* *ULTIMATE* *IS* *STILL* *CHARGING!!!!!*

    Krypt0 G0tchuKrypt0 G0tchu17 timmar sedan
  • Genji: "Alright, Winston's about to sacrifice himself, time to have a badass entrance."

    Froggyman145Froggyman14517 timmar sedan
  • Is there really going to be an over watch2

    Mr. DeathStroke1059Mr. DeathStroke105918 timmar sedan
  • Enough of these shorts, we need a movie already

    Julia ClarkJulia Clark18 timmar sedan

    Spiffy RaccoonSpiffy Raccoon18 timmar sedan
  • No torbjorn feature :(

    BulldogJ3sterBulldogJ3ster19 timmar sedan
  • The need to make a movie, then the game make more famous

    purr purrpurr purr19 timmar sedan
  • Genji could've solo that Robot

    [VoS] -IReapz[VoS] -IReapz19 timmar sedan