Norwich 2-2 Arsenal Player Ratings (Ft Troopz & DT)

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  • Arsenal supporters (1) of (10)

    thevoiceofyourmindthevoiceofyourmind16 timmar sedan
  • play xhaka centre half

    It’sThemanIt’sTheman23 timmar sedan
  • Arsenal Fans need to remember Tracking back is not Ozils game look at when he was at Real Madrid he’s always had player to do the running for him his is to createv

    unknown_ drillaunknown_ drillaDag sedan
  • Hi guys, Can anybody send the links of the videos where the supporters touched Robbie's head please?

    Elroy GertzeElroy GertzeDag sedan
  • These twats...smh how does willock get a 5 🤦‍♂️

    Githinji King'oriGithinji King'oriDag sedan
  • Troopz coming back from painting someone's yard

    JokaDaClownJokaDaClownDag sedan
  • Robbie is always happier when arsenal lose or draw. Money pours in as people who don't support arsenal like me come here and watch videos when things go wrong.

    Harris MazariHarris MazariDag sedan
  • If we are truly in relegation form it’s gotta be Big Sam

    C BC BDag sedan
  • Pochechino 😂😂😂😂

    Clone WillClone WillDag sedan
  • Ljungburg out!!!

    springbok7772springbok7772Dag sedan
  • freddie out

    Aaron TAaron TDag sedan
  • Same old shit from Robbie such a cock

    Dan SivyerDan SivyerDag sedan
  • DT *dont mean to be overcritical* 1/10

    Sahil PawarSahil PawarDag sedan
  • Troopz, your opinion changes more that arsenal's formations atm

    Conrad HConrad H2 dagar sedan
  • Someone needs to be OUT already!

    Scope DNRScope DNR2 dagar sedan
  • Pepe needs to go to a top club... Arsenal will ruin him

    usmaan Aliusmaan Ali2 dagar sedan
  • Leno a 9? LMAOOOOOOOOO That guy is straight ass. Probably put that bum around 8th, maybe even 9th, best keeper in the league LOL. Someone with no arms would have saved both the goals he let in

    Hayden BaileyHayden Bailey2 dagar sedan
  • Robbie with the Freudian slip. He knows how the Freddie experiment will end 🤣😂

    Eric TEric T2 dagar sedan
  • - Freddie addressed why pepe wasn’t picked (Poor in Training) - Freddie clearly implemented forward thinking football against Norwich. - Forward passes, getting the ball into the opponent half quicker. - Freddie admitted in his first Post match Conference against Norwich, Arsenal have a defensive problem and a transition problem which is good to hear. - Freddie bringing the best out of Xhaka and giving him confidence. - I also believe Freddie is still looking for his main CB pairing becuase with the players he’s got to pick from he has to be cautious. - Leno, Xhaka, Auba and Kolasinac was arsenal “best” performers against Norwich. - Chambers, Mustafi , Lacazette, David Luiz and Guendouzi was arsenal “worst” performers against Norwich very below par. ^ P.S for a ambitious club that are aiming for top 4 position. Having 5 first team players all perform below par in the same game is criminal. 3 of the 5 are Defenders...... - Defense will only be sorted with major surgery and serious money spent. Plus selling or loaning the under-performers. - Lastly a very important and yet unnoticed point. Arsenal losing Ramsey is a major blow, Arsenal need a CM who can get them few extra goals throughout the course of the season (7-12 goals in all competitions) Relying every game on Auba & Laca is naive and will make arsenal football style somewhat predictable. Joe Willock May be the closest one to Ramsey but he’s still young & developing. Cheers🤘🏽 COYG❤️

    Jamz JJamz J2 dagar sedan
  • Ozil did not work in that game, can’t lie these man poorly misjudge the ratings every week, I thought ozil was non existent. One lazy useless motherfucker, no agenda just straight facts

    Icognito W97Icognito W972 dagar sedan
  • How has mustafi been rated above a 2 I’m confused

    Icognito W97Icognito W972 dagar sedan
  • Who's here that's not an arsenal fan and comes here to watch these fans talk about this club in shambles?

    Kyle CortesKyle Cortes2 dagar sedan
  • What absolute nonsense about Xhaka. Watch the key highlights back. Keep an eye on him. He doesn't track back, can't tackle, loses the ball, doesn't protect the back four! Story of his whole Arsenal career.

    Samuel JadsonSamuel Jadson2 dagar sedan
  • Mustafi is not the only one backing off. All our defense it’s irritating. They back off till they can’t back off anymore. Or wait till they are in the box to concede a penalty.

  • Play a 4-4-2 and have laca in the false 9 role tracking back with the midfield like firmino or just have laca on the bench and play 4-3-3. 4-4-2 would suit arsenal much better if you play Pepe and willock on the wings

  • Leno did have a good game (although he flapped at one corner as usual) but he's so overrated. Not good enough to be the number 1, but we need to fix the defence first.

    LrsLzkLrsLzk2 dagar sedan
  • troopz bin paintin and decoratin the ting

    HashpotatoHashpotato2 dagar sedan
  • DT got superglue under that hat

    HarleyHarley2 dagar sedan
  • Cant expect much from a manager on the first game but hopefully we improve after a week or two to a decent level of form.

    Tom vs the WorldTom vs the World2 dagar sedan
  • The problem of Arsenal is that once a player loses a ball, the enemy's attack has made Arsenal defense full of gaps -- positions of defence were weak and the mid-field players' unbalanced distance between forward attack and defence needs to improve.

    s ls l2 dagar sedan
  • Willock a 5 lol he defo got a 4 but his English so we boost them up

    Iamfly UKIamfly UK2 dagar sedan
  • Troopz Forever hating on referees

    Team BreezyTeam Breezy2 dagar sedan
  • Martenelli is better than the whole team need to give the kids that left wing

    TopStrikaz TopStrikazTopStrikaz TopStrikaz3 dagar sedan
  • Robbie is the only likeable thing on this channel

    RG BlinkerRG Blinker3 dagar sedan
  • Luiz Guendouzi mustafi Xhaka and Kolasinac same players put all together u get 1 so u can’t play so much of them

    TopStrikaz TopStrikazTopStrikaz TopStrikaz3 dagar sedan
  • Anything they will give Emery for this match Freddie should get cause he say he didn’t play pepe cause of training Freddie look like emery brother 😂

    TopStrikaz TopStrikazTopStrikaz TopStrikaz3 dagar sedan
  • true luiz is the problem for our diffence

    Lukas NatoLukas Nato3 dagar sedan
  • Robbie not watching the same game!! Ozil worked very hard for that game...

    Krishna BrownKrishna Brown3 dagar sedan
  • Norwich fans “happy with that” are you joking? You got battered yet again they deserved the win

    Callum RobinsonCallum Robinson3 dagar sedan
  • Player ratings after a draw is dull

    Ebrahim dawreEbrahim dawre3 dagar sedan