MR BEAST Giving Away FAKE MONEY? #DramaAlert ( MrBeast Interview Explaining )

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Ladda ner



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      BubbleTeaBubbleTea15 timmar sedan
  • Your just jealous fuck u!!!!

    TheresHopeLeftTheresHopeLeftTimme sedan
  • Right after i watched this i subbed and liked but i had a spelling bee and i lost Oof

    Rafal MarczakRafal Marczak2 timmar sedan

    xxFluffyUnicorns21x snow leopardxxFluffyUnicorns21x snow leopard4 timmar sedan
  • Pftttt your jealous that u don't get any money! Soon aswell as mOrGz my whole school nearly will hate U for lying

    xxFluffyUnicorns21x snow leopardxxFluffyUnicorns21x snow leopard4 timmar sedan
  • Fuck you for wasting my life

    Chad AllonChad Allon4 timmar sedan
  • Who think this is fake

    WIZZY DWIZZY D4 timmar sedan
  • Keemstar is a loser

    SpiritSpirit6 timmar sedan
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  • Keemstar is a punk, he makes other people look bad and he doesn’t care about them.

    EXTREME CraftsEXTREME Crafts7 timmar sedan
  • So I bet those 20 MILLION trees he’s planting are fake too.-.

    Kayysz SkskskKayysz Sksksk8 timmar sedan
  • Keemstar your just full of fake news you old man

    GoldcPlatGoldcPlat8 timmar sedan
  • Beast go a girlfriend?

    Skyther ParedesSkyther Paredes8 timmar sedan
  • 5:33 if you really want Mr. Beast topic

    NotFamousNotFamous8 timmar sedan
  • 6:27 *oof*

    Darlinx2DDarlinx2D9 timmar sedan
  • This is fake vid mrbeast has given real money I'm mrbeast fan stop "drama alert"

    Edward AlvaEdward Alva10 timmar sedan
  • What did he say at 7:21?

    zalotiszalotis10 timmar sedan
  • 6:27

    Envii ShadowsEnvii Shadows10 timmar sedan
  • Keemstar is just mad no one gaved him money hoes mad

    AwesomeMaxlyAwesomeMaxly10 timmar sedan
  • Is keemstars beard real? It looks like a clip on

    Rad ConRad Con10 timmar sedan
  • Why doesn’t he just film them getting cheque’s next time

    kedikedi10 timmar sedan
  • You need to keep your own business

    SSN ElfSSN Elf10 timmar sedan
  • Yo why tf are you so dumb he's rich AF he wouldn't give out fake money

    caleb dracocaleb draco10 timmar sedan
  • Your quite annoying sir.

    Joe SchmoJoe Schmo11 timmar sedan
  • Bro dont slam mrbeast slam austin mcbroom he basically pays you not to talk about the thing that happend in miami

    Adrian OrozcoAdrian Orozco11 timmar sedan
  • How is he not in SEproject rewind 2k19

    SynthOnYTSynthOnYT11 timmar sedan
  • I knew that mrbeast had a explanation

    Jacob GhrammJacob Ghramm12 timmar sedan
  • Yeah I saw the fake money too you can because it's shiny and thick

    James SchmidtJames Schmidt12 timmar sedan
  • the title made me angry

    Yung FloridianYung Floridian12 timmar sedan
  • F a k e news lmao

    Call Me SamuelCall Me Samuel12 timmar sedan
  • I don’t care Mr beast is me beast

    TimmyyyTimmyyy12 timmar sedan
  • I forgot about onesion

    EpiC FangzEpiC Fangz12 timmar sedan
  • This guy is a fucking phoney go to hell and stop fucking wit people for your fucking content you peice of fucking shit😥🙏

  • We know that your just jealous that you dont have enough subscribers so that's why your doing this

    Araceli Vera RamlrezAraceli Vera Ramlrez12 timmar sedan
  • Why does he talk like his beard is in his mouth

    Jimmy jonesJimmy jones12 timmar sedan
  • Yea right

    Ernesto CamachoErnesto Camacho13 timmar sedan
  • Fake news

    Huron ToikiyHuron Toikiy13 timmar sedan