KSI x MINIMINTER x VIDDAL | True Geordie Podcast #122

KSI, Miniminter (Simon) and Viddal Riley join the True Geordie to talk the upcoming KSI vs Logan Paul rematch.
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  • At 5:36

    Abdirahman HusseinAbdirahman Hussein10 timmar sedan
  • At 6:26 At 50:52

    Abdirahman HusseinAbdirahman Hussein10 timmar sedan
  • Whats the smoke coming out of nowhere. SOMEONE HELP ME

    Mathew BobanMathew Boban12 timmar sedan
  • Doesn’t Simon ever shut up

    Mazim RahmanMazim RahmanDag sedan
  • In what minute/hours does KSI confirmed that he's in a relationship???

    Ryder HaikalRyder Haikal4 dagar sedan
  • Best podcast ever

    Thunderhawk157Thunderhawk1575 dagar sedan
  • ksi talks about deji 31:30

  • After watching the fight then watching this, its amazing how much BS jj talks, he was not a different fighter, he was the same fighter against joe & logan in the 1st fight, just swinging for the fences, wide angle throws which hit nothing, if logan was not a retard & punched JJ while he was on the floor he would have won

    TJ LoweTJ Lowe7 dagar sedan
    • You're talking bollocks mate.

      KanjiKanji3 dagar sedan
    • KSI's mental state looks madd, way better than logans. Thats what got JJ to win. JJ was the man that made this fight entertaining, and logan just ran around the ring, basically.

      Shariful QuddusShariful Quddus3 dagar sedan
    • @Mishon you will have to explain what you are talking about because i watched the fight live, even Eddie hearn & true Geordie gave the first two rounds to logan & they know alot more than either you or i

      TJ LoweTJ Lowe5 dagar sedan
    • TJ Lowe yeah you said first two rounds Logan you just watched the highlights 😂😂you didn’t see the fight

      MishonMishon5 dagar sedan
    • TJ Lowe feels like you just watched highlights not the actual fight

      MishonMishon5 dagar sedan
  • What's the song at the start?

    Curtis AliCurtis Ali7 dagar sedan
    • @Anthony Khallouf thank you so much

      DeceptionManDeceptionMan2 dagar sedan
    • Kiddin right? I get money - 50 cent

      Anthony KhalloufAnthony Khallouf2 dagar sedan
    • Same tryna find it aswell

      DeceptionManDeceptionMan5 dagar sedan
  • Ayyyy big w

    Rhys JonesRhys Jones8 dagar sedan
  • KSI vs Canelo who would win?

    Mexican_KoalaMexican_Koala8 dagar sedan
  • Viddal is the type homie to kiss u goodnight. Much love my guy

    Mr BesserMr Besser9 dagar sedan
  • 36:37 True Geordie when ksi won and he placed bet on Logan Paul 😂😂

    neeks •neeks •9 dagar sedan
  • this aged well

    The007whoThe007who9 dagar sedan
  • KSI vs Logan Paul 3: No hands and no heads

    Oren SchutzOren Schutz10 dagar sedan
  • No one: Laurence: 41:38 P A V A R O T T I

    Knute-dudeKnute-dude10 dagar sedan
  • Watching this now ... knowing they defo had a bet down against him 🤦🏻‍♀️ Shame...

    Lee lee 82Lee lee 8210 dagar sedan
  • Guys whats the song at the start of the video

    A F YA F Y10 dagar sedan
  • We did it bois

    K1NG Crus4d3rZK1NG Crus4d3rZ10 dagar sedan
  • he won

    Paul JuddPaul Judd10 dagar sedan
  • Whos her after ksi won

    Yousuf KhanYousuf Khan10 dagar sedan
  • anyone here after ksi won

    Sam CrossSam Cross11 dagar sedan
  • Isn’t he single now!

    Harry MowforthHarry Mowforth11 dagar sedan
  • Who’s here after KSI ended Logan’s career ?

    jack kellyjack kelly11 dagar sedan
  • The camera quality here is.. fire

    hoosegowhoosegow11 dagar sedan
  • Just here after our boy KSI winning!!!🔥🔥🎉

    TKY SentinelTKY Sentinel11 dagar sedan
  • JJ knows he’s got the whole of the uk behind him win or lose.

    roouit patanroouit patan11 dagar sedan
    • And half of America

      Arthur WalkleyArthur Walkley10 dagar sedan
  • i forgot simon was even there

    Zac MatadigoZac Matadigo11 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else here after he won

    NizzleNizzle11 dagar sedan
    • leshgooo JJ!!!

      roouit patanroouit patan11 dagar sedan
  • Just me ho is proud of jj?

    YA GURLYA GURL11 dagar sedan
    • Yes.

      Káwáii DesüKáwáii Desü11 dagar sedan
  • Miniminter provides some deep commentary here.

    Logen MLogen M11 dagar sedan
  • well... KSI told you what would happen..... FUCK LOGAN!

    Sir. MorganzSir. Morganz11 dagar sedan
  • well he won

    Halddaft ,Halddaft ,12 dagar sedan
  • If only they knew what was about to happen.

    fedora lover69fedora lover6912 dagar sedan
  • petition for brian to redo the podcast when jj comes home

    Noah M McLaughlinNoah M McLaughlin12 dagar sedan
  • whos rewatching after the fight

    Noah M McLaughlinNoah M McLaughlin12 dagar sedan
  • TEAM KSI! Congrats on the W! I just dropped a new freestyle to Beerus! Check it out on my channel!

    Jack LightJack Light12 dagar sedan
    • Jack Light 🔥🔥

      neeks •neeks •9 dagar sedan
  • hahaha my favorite part was when Simon says:

    Isaac SeattleIsaac Seattle12 dagar sedan
  • Who is here after Ksi won!!

    HP ,HPHP ,HP12 dagar sedan
  • Who's after watching logon Paul getting smacked up

    Aruna DabreAruna Dabre12 dagar sedan
  • And STILL SEproject boxing champion of the world: KSI!

    Blu3HawKBlu3HawK12 dagar sedan
  • Anyone watching after when jj won?

    Rio FarleyRio Farley12 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: KSI: "Cunstantly"

    huttio srreuhuttio srreu12 dagar sedan
  • I think KSI is gonna win. Wait, it’s the future

    CoWH NikyleCoWH Nikyle12 dagar sedan
  • leshgooo JJ!!!

    Joshua AiavaoJoshua Aiavao12 dagar sedan
  • Winner

    JJDudoMateJJDudoMate12 dagar sedan
    • huttio srreu 😂😂

      neeks •neeks •9 dagar sedan
    • 36:37 why is gordie on fire

      huttio srreuhuttio srreu12 dagar sedan
  • whos here after the fight

    Cyka BylatCyka Bylat12 dagar sedan
  • He actually did it, sort of.

    JamezifyJamezify12 dagar sedan
    • Aaron Huff “rigged” 🧂

      Káwáii DesüKáwáii Desü11 dagar sedan
    • Now I feel like he won, Ksi also got rigged a point

      Aaron HuffAaron Huff12 dagar sedan
  • Whos here after he won

    TekkMechTekkMech12 dagar sedan
  • Who's here after JJ's win

    TaTer T0TsTaTer T0Ts12 dagar sedan
  • “Fight week shows your true colours” Vidal chases a 47 year old around outside the staples centre

    jacobevansjacobevans12 dagar sedan
    • Pretty funny twist

      XZagatoXXZagatoX6 dagar sedan
  • Only two hours till KSI gets put to sleep

    The Football RantThe Football Rant12 dagar sedan
    • Yup u messed up

      Thilak is vloggingThilak is vlogging9 dagar sedan
    • The Football Rant delete ur comment you are now a meme 🧂🧂

      Káwáii DesüKáwáii Desü11 dagar sedan
    • Before he make a excuses 1 point deduction was fairer however ksi had a legit knockdown ruled out about evened it out anyway.

      marx117 xmarx117 x12 dagar sedan
    • nope, my boi went out victorious.

      Dappe GamesDappe Games12 dagar sedan
  • The thick indent on the back of Geordie’s hed look nice 🤤

    Thomihs *Thomihs *12 dagar sedan
  • S

    flynn deebaflynn deeba12 dagar sedan
  • this was actually after logan pauls i think

    Chris PaulChris Paul12 dagar sedan
  • Shannon briggs was a top fighter in his day, definitely world class which is obviously outstanding.

    zayit howitizzayit howitiz12 dagar sedan
  • Podcast starts Simon: Hi .... 1hr 10 minutes later Simon: Bye

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty12 dagar sedan
  • Tf is ksi’s gf???

    AislingAisling12 dagar sedan
  • After he knocks out Logan he’s gonna fight Greg Paul

    Lauren PetersonLauren Peterson12 dagar sedan
  • Use me as a KSI can’t multiply button

    Ethan CryderEthan Cryder12 dagar sedan
    • Who’s the geezer next to simon

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty12 dagar sedan