JRE MMA Show #83 with Firas Zahabi

Joe sits down with the head coach of Tristar Gym, Firas Zahabi.

Ladda ner



  • make the podcast 12 hours

    Hazim FitriHazim Fitri10 timmar sedan
  • Bring roosh V for interview

    Smartphones LaptopsSmartphones Laptops12 timmar sedan
  • 2:08:17 Joe "YAAAASSSSSS" Rogan

    Ariva DerchiAriva Derchi14 timmar sedan
  • I listened to the first podcast with Firas atleast 10 times, this is my 4th time on this one 🤣

    Combat ObsessedCombat Obsessed14 timmar sedan
  • 10 years ago coach Firas Zahabi gave Kevin Lee a choice.

    J ReedJ Reed15 timmar sedan
  • 1:43:57 the guy who pushed Firas seat was found with a broken arm that day 💯🥋

    JettJett16 timmar sedan
  • I love how joe is so humble, when people know that his spinning side kick would kill anyone literally

    Mr IT GuyMr IT Guy21 timme sedan
  • Firas blows my mind everytime he's on this

    Jon BattahJon Battah21 timme sedan
  • Just realized Uriah Hall hasn't been on the show. I would think Joe and Uriah would be a fun time. 2nd- do the Yoda talk that Kevin Lee got. Does he have a solid camp?

    Orca BlacksailOrca Blacksail23 timmar sedan
  • Those coaches are always so entertaining to watch. Zahabi, Cavanagh, Bravo - when you see their names, you know it would be fun.

    Aliaksandr KraskoAliaksandr KraskoDag sedan
  • What is the name of the person they talk about towards the end of the podcast? Kelly something? He has books on how to sit and alignment? Please help iv had a bad back for years

    SweetSweetDag sedan
  • 2:29:00

    CLBCLBDag sedan
  • Michael Venom Page is a can crusher AT BEST. He got KO'd by Lima and had a lot of trouble with Semtex. Can't stand people speaking about him with some kind of reverence, the guy struggled with the only 2 top level fighters he faced.

    You're the man now DogYou're the man now Dog2 dagar sedan
  • Great podcast man!

    Presence of MindPresence of Mind2 dagar sedan
  • 1:30:15 My mom told me this constantly haha! Old world think.

    Manny FreeeshManny Freeesh2 dagar sedan
  • They should get Firas and Georges on at the same time.

    Bradley TurnerBradley Turner2 dagar sedan
    • Firas and Eddie 😆

      xFirstAidxxFirstAidxDag sedan
  • Done

    Victr SilvaVictr Silva2 dagar sedan
  • I wish they talked more about Zahabi’s learning and early career and studying of fighting.

    Max GMax G2 dagar sedan
  • on wilder, don't forget that today's boxers have zero chin compared to old ones, just look at norton, louis, ali, foreman, marciano, the way they eat punches...

    hot doghot dog2 dagar sedan
  • When do they talk about not bringing your family to fights?

    Matt TrepanierMatt Trepanier2 dagar sedan
  • Joe should have Firas on the podcast at least once every month

    Ehsan NasariEhsan Nasari3 dagar sedan
  • Ill gave all of my money just for one fucking training with this genius

    Kosta KhaustovKosta Khaustov3 dagar sedan
  • Anyone notice the last like 20 minutes seemed like Joe wanted to end the podcast but Firas wouldn't stop talking lol

    R MR M3 dagar sedan
  • i forget how old joe rogan is until i see the way he looks at the screen on the wall

    Nathan WoodNathan Wood3 dagar sedan
  • I tried to cut it off like 60% of joes podcast but this guy had good character and there was no cap in anything he said so I stayed for the entirety ‼️‼️‼️‼️

    NyuserreNyuserre3 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if gaethje was trained by firas

    David SinghDavid Singh3 dagar sedan
  • St. Pierre vs Khabib for the King of the North!

    Presence of MindPresence of Mind3 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the book

    ДронTVДронTV3 dagar sedan
  • we should all go to canada and join his gym!!! im from england but i would love to spend time with this badass.

    josh1josh13 dagar sedan
  • @1:43 his story on the airplane is a straight lie! I was sitting next to the guy that hit his seat on that flight! so I was sitting next to him the guy was 6'6" (yes I asked) his knees were touching the back of the seat because there is no damn room on planes and this guy cranks his seat back crushing his legs, his reaction was to hit the seat because his legs are being crushed! It had zero to do with the laptop he had out! He talks about respect, well the respectful thing to do on a damn plane is ask the person behind you if they have room for you to lean back. Also you didnt tell him off or "scare" him the guy was a very smart doctor and definitely out spoke you and when I chimed in and said what you did was disrespectful your answer of I'm allowed to was shit! The seat may move but doesn't mean you should there is no damn room!

    nate cotenate cote3 dagar sedan
  • One of the greatest interviews.

    Gabriel Coelho Da SilvaGabriel Coelho Da Silva3 dagar sedan
  • Pop Pop

    Colin JosephColin Joseph3 dagar sedan
  • Great guy

    MicronMicron3 dagar sedan
  • 2:42:35 - whose name did he say?

    Сергей СергеевичСергей Сергеевич4 dagar sedan
  • Phenomenal guy. Brilliant

    J JJ J4 dagar sedan
  • Joe an hour and a half in- "I don't like Chris Weidman at LHW...He's a Middleweight" (a guy who is naturally about 215)...then Joe about 2 and a half ours in- "I don't like weight cutting...we gotta get rid of it!"...LOL

    MMA RiffRaffMMA RiffRaff4 dagar sedan
  • Podcast at a table....still need 1080p60fps

    Angel Berrios Jr.Angel Berrios Jr.5 dagar sedan
  • Hey guys I'm going to compete in Fresno Open this February anybody got advice??

    suckonrangesuckonrange5 dagar sedan
  • I just took a 3 hr shit my boss is gonna kill me 😆

    Nathan HillNathan Hill5 dagar sedan
  • What's the name of the book about joints and alignment?

    Jordan WoodwardJordan Woodward5 dagar sedan
  • I like the sound of *Roulette* *Rumble* , make it happen JoRo, spin a wheel for random fight factors. Also the 1 round at 15 minutes is a great idea by the guest.

    9639635 dagar sedan
  • How can you lose 20 pounds in 24 hours?

    Danny NesbittDanny Nesbitt5 dagar sedan
  • Firas "1+2=fake" zahabi

    Cameron HatchCameron Hatch5 dagar sedan
  • Joe should let his guests speak more, we want to hear from the guests maybe 60 or 70 percent of the time but instead it's the other way around on every podcast.

    GarrinchaGarrincha6 dagar sedan
  • That was epic!

    Casey GoldbergCasey Goldberg6 dagar sedan
  • #1 Trainer in the world, much respect.

    Trevor GoodaleTrevor Goodale6 dagar sedan
  • I love this show I've learned soo much on this site down the show is great you Joe and all your guest respect.

    Trevor GoodaleTrevor Goodale6 dagar sedan
  • One of the best podcasts ive listened to in a while by you joe hoggs

    MMA Keyboard WarriorMMA Keyboard Warrior6 dagar sedan
  • Joe and Firas should have had a roll session after on the mats in the studio! and live stream it

    Eddie MarinEddie Marin6 dagar sedan
    • Breakneck dude then if you roll you know it’s not about winning then. Firas and Joe could easily have a high level flow between 2 black belts. Barring Joe’s body isn’t too fucked up and he can still roll light. Why would they compete. I didn’t say let them have a live go to the death. Firas is also much younger than Joe.

      Eddie MarinEddie Marin4 dagar sedan
    • @Eddie Marin I do hence my post. I take it you're never seen Firas roll lol? Go watch his latest against an Olympic wrestler that is huge compared to him.

      BreakneckBreakneck4 dagar sedan
    • Breakneck I take it you don’t do bjj... lol

      Eddie MarinEddie Marin5 dagar sedan
    • Firas would murk 9th Planet black belt Rogan. Rogan is like 5'8 lol. Firas would stomp a mudhole in him from the start.

      BreakneckBreakneck5 dagar sedan
  • the alien part had me weak. My brother got abducted allegedly a while ago saw the aftermath of it he had incisions on the base of his thumb and back of his calf. He got into a car accident later on and in the x-ray they saw he has a foreign object in his hand. SEproject alien implants shit is real.

    smokestrong1000smokestrong10006 dagar sedan
  • This is the highest level of MMA Knowledge that can be talked between two people,it’s so incredible.

    Víctor De La HerranVíctor De La Herran6 dagar sedan
  • It's not salmon it's Coral!!

    Liam MaloneLiam Malone6 dagar sedan
  • Firas “hmm” Zahabi

    This guyThis guy6 dagar sedan
  • We need Lil Wayne on the podcast

    Chris MaciasChris Macias6 dagar sedan
  • "You need to be perfect for 12 rounds. I just need to be perfect for one second." - Wilder

    Jeremiah LopezJeremiah Lopez6 dagar sedan
  • But when he said dyxterment.. to explain its a detriment... Lol

    Kirpa the sherpaKirpa the sherpa7 dagar sedan
  • 2:45:00 sitting correctly chat

    SomeBodyIUsedToKnowSomeBodyIUsedToKnow7 dagar sedan
  • Zahabi re arranged is... Khabib

    Balla ThugBalla Thug7 dagar sedan
  • 2:05:37 104.3 kg is not 210lbs it s 229.46lbs, so basically 230lbs, that's a pretty big difference, it's kinda weird that the guy known for looking things up didn't bother using a simple calculator to check :)

    kw1213kw12137 dagar sedan
  • 2:02:17 Joe : "Sleeping on the mat" with a koy smile, don't think Firas caught that or maybe he just didn't want to go there. Sleeping on the mat, sleeping under the mat, sleeping under the ring...lol

    kw1213kw12137 dagar sedan