Joe Rogan Experience #1470 - Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer.

Ladda ner



  • And anybody answer this?.. say I get a neurolink, then enter an MRI machine, is it going to break it?

    Buzz LightyearBuzz Lightyear5 timmar sedan
  • If this thing could actually help somebody as fucked as I am then I swear I'd pledge my entire life to elon musk I swear tho ìll embrace a big neural implant with straight up Grace please allow this to be real, dammit Joe you had thee đumbesst questions for this brilliant, dude right here

    Chris BalazsChris Balazs6 timmar sedan
  • Musk is a hybrid, as is Zuckerberg, and Bezos. They are living among us, the hybrid alien/human species. Get used to it.

    C MC M6 timmar sedan
  • Look, the government already has technology that can replay memories of the entire a movie, it’s just not available to the public, and I’m pretty sure it’s wireless, no need to cut a hole through your head.

    Marcy RoyMarcy Roy6 timmar sedan
  • Exashaetwevle lol

    Connor *Connor *6 timmar sedan
  • I can't help but be amused that when he's talking about driving his tesla, he keeps saying "hit the gas"

    Moridin101Moridin1017 timmar sedan
  • When joe popped the cork around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a>:30 Elon looked like he wanted to ask for some but knew the share holders would have a fit. That pissed me off Elon is probably human just like us he can have a lol drank an lil smoke if he wants to

    Max JohnsenMax Johnsen7 timmar sedan
  • Elon’s laugh at the end haha

    michael robinsonmichael robinson7 timmar sedan
  • Is it just me.... Or is Elon like a COMPLETELY different person than the first interview?....He was more humble last time....And now he seems be pushing a different agenda🤔

    Chris FrenchChris French7 timmar sedan
  • "That was a Good Dry Run..."

    Adam WhoSaneAdam WhoSane8 timmar sedan
  • Link I don't want to say no not probable However as a scientifically sound mind I must see not practice white papers I as a dreamer Hope we may achieve the stars in the link Without leaving home Mind you I feel great anxiety and fear For the beginnings 1.0 is not great 2.0 won't be much better Mind you relax chill for a sec But 6.0 would be PERFECT Yet I still have alot of fear Maybe I'm crazy But I think fear is apart of innovation I am hopeful I have not faith Faith is books and rules from the past Hope is better and transcends faith with nothing more than Weakness from a place of derision and asks

    hit playhit play8 timmar sedan
  • And it's gotten a lot weirder 😂

    DizMuL TxDDizMuL TxD8 timmar sedan
  • Elon sitting with the droste effect on his chest 😂

    Grant McGoldrickGrant McGoldrick8 timmar sedan
  • Joe & Elon have some interesting ideas, but are far out of their depths on COVID-19. Complete breakdowns of the local healthcare system are possible if hospitals are overwhelmed from any situation - whether that's a bus rollover for a small hospital or global pandemic for a major urban health system. The goal of temporarily slowing the economy, as vaccines & therapies are feverishly developed, is to prevent people from dying from *any cause*, if hospitals collapse & there are no EMT/paramedics, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and hospital beds available to fix them. (c.f. NYC!) Try to get a little perspective - many communities across America and around the World are at serious risk from COVID-19, even if that might not be your community today. Opening without functional testing & tracing risks killing many, many more people. These are difficult decisions that state & local gov't aren't familiar with making, and you can't un-collapse a hospital if half the staff is dead. Elon should leave diagnosis & medical attribution to the pros - there are valid reasons for clinical diagnosis, tests aren't always perfect. -MD

    SteveSteve8 timmar sedan
  • I think we have a surplus of "stuff'".

    Christian SandersChristian Sanders8 timmar sedan
  • Regarding names... Elon Musk = Lone Skum?

    WandaIIWandaII9 timmar sedan
  • I kind of think Elon Musk has a rare form of autism that makes him smarter than the average human

    Amean Al-abijAmean Al-abij9 timmar sedan
  • ok but did anyone else notice how joe calls elon a “business magnet” in the description? elon’s dream has finally come true...

    Mason PidlaskiMason Pidlaski9 timmar sedan
  • “Reality will be scary” Welcome to the future..

    BusinessnextgenBusinessnextgen9 timmar sedan
  • Elon “ yea “ musk

    حسن iamhsanحسن iamhsan9 timmar sedan
  • While Joe and Elon were on the topic, do you think the Government and City Officials should make arrest to the people for being out with COVID-19 for the safety of the public? I wanna see something.. Like for Yes Dislike for No

    Payton AnnaPayton Anna11 timmar sedan
  • Joe Rogan. Neirolink brain therapy could be a man made assistance to elongate the repiditional inertia of the Neuro and neirolinks in our body if we need to hop. You ask. We're trying

    Ryan NesensonRyan Nesenson11 timmar sedan
    • Why does nobody understand the matrix movies for what the future already is

      Ryan NesensonRyan Nesenson11 timmar sedan
    • I've had repeated seizures and disconnections all my life and yet blacking out can be tiring and feel like a day but you're still running at base features

      Ryan NesensonRyan Nesenson11 timmar sedan
  • “It’s optional.” 🤣😂

    LRB GamesLRB Games11 timmar sedan
  • I can't wait for the Joey Diaz an elon "interview" that shit was funny asf a year ago

    Dustin MiserDustin Miser11 timmar sedan
  • The earth in the illuminator, the earth in the illuminator, The earth in the illuminator is visible... The way a son would miss his mother, the way a son would miss his mother, We miss the earth - there is no other. And the stars even so, the stars even so Are getting closer but remain as cold. And just like in the time of eclipse, just like in the time of eclipse, We seek the light and dream earthly dreams. And dream we not of the thundorous spaceport, Not of this icy azure, We're dreaming of the grass outside our homes, The green, green grass. And fly we like orbits, Through untouched paths, Embroiding the space with meteors. The risk and bravery are justified, The music of the space Is sipping into our formal chat. In dim smoke, The earth in the illuminator - Sun-set mingled with sun-rise. The son is missing his mother, missing his mother, And the mother is waiting for her son, And so is the earth. And dream we not of the thundorous spaceport, Not of this icy azure, We're dreaming of the grass outside our homes, The green, green grass. And dream we not of the thundorous spaceport, Not of this icy azure, We're dreaming of the grass outside our homes, The green, green grass

    Bob DoctorBob Doctor12 timmar sedan
  • Joe: where will we be in 25 yrs ? Elon: well assuming civilization is still around l

    Jessica SJessica S12 timmar sedan
  • Imagine Elon musk having the skills to jolly everyone

    DokurscaeditzDokurscaeditz12 timmar sedan
  • WHAT A WEIRD FUCKING DUDE.Like seriously.Elon Musk may be a smart guy but he has got to be one of the weirdest people around.

    Mike BevinsMike Bevins12 timmar sedan
  • Joe rogan is the biggest cia shill there is, how could anyone believe 100 m dollar deals while people are suffering. Do the gematria on him to reveal the truth.

    mrpoop123mrpoop12312 timmar sedan
  • This interview was awesome. The aliens can be us. So true!

    Jessica SJessica S12 timmar sedan
  • Speaking with Elon Musk make people look dumb 😅

    Kevin TranKevin Tran13 timmar sedan
  • The secret to the universe and code for the matrix is his kids name. Now we must find where to key it in😂 I'm guessing somewhere on the moon.

    940 Kris940 Kris13 timmar sedan
  • Try watching old Casey Neistat vlogs while running on the treadmill.

    Ian Lea RobinsonIan Lea Robinson14 timmar sedan
  • ⸘ Will Neuralink connect to the pineal gland and be able to trigger altered states of consciousness ‽

    Roko's BasiliskRoko's Basilisk14 timmar sedan
  • People do seem to like freaking out without actually checking anything out for themselves. I think history has proven the trustworthiness of the mainstream media. It’s not like their only goal is to pump up their ratings at any cost.

    Caleb McFarlandCaleb McFarland14 timmar sedan
  • good bro

    AhmedAhmed14 timmar sedan
    • Elon´s mindset is something timeless. I think people in 2200 will talk about him as the biggest person of ours comtemporary world.

      doliio volaydoliio volay14 timmar sedan
  • I’d love to put my whole brain in her face

    John StrattonJohn Stratton15 timmar sedan
    • doliio volay of course

      John StrattonJohn Stratton13 timmar sedan
    • Anyone think Elon is an alien?

      doliio volaydoliio volay14 timmar sedan
  • Some of the BBC News website is the best news content, but sometimes its really, really bad. Especially when its written by young graduates

    George SGeorge S15 timmar sedan
  • Anyone else feel like Elon is a robot

    Ty OwenTy Owen15 timmar sedan
  • I feel like the last time Elon was on here, he smoked weed for the first time and he has been smoking it nonstop since then.

    Christian SandersChristian Sanders15 timmar sedan
  • Can anyone tell me what t shirt Elon is wearing?

    Mitchell TitchnerMitchell Titchner15 timmar sedan
  • A small step, for a big finale ... Someday it will help a all amount of people . It is a Small kick.start for others technologies. Its beautifull .we need more doers

    JohnnyBGoodJohnnyBGood15 timmar sedan
  • When they talk about restoring memory, I think back to some things I’ve read. Like how our memories are changed a bit each time we revisit a memory. So if, or I will say when, we can relink to lost memories via wires....which version of that memory will we “remember”?And will that version of the memory now be constant? Something to explore and ponder 👍.

    taketime0626taketime062615 timmar sedan
  • The idea we'll be able to read eachother's minds... Pros: Dating will be much less awkward Cons: Extremely hard to keep government secrets

    Liam DysartLiam Dysart15 timmar sedan

    IForgotMyKeys 67IForgotMyKeys 6716 timmar sedan
  • JOE ROGAN HAD TEACHED THEM THE HIDDEN SECRET OF THE ISSUE Unfortunate, they did not understand it. Because of this, I decided to present, Joe Rogan, economic activity , as one of the studies cases... Before I can give you more details about the matter, I consider relevant to inform you I am the author of a development concept, that shall enable the USA to create millions of jobs immediatly and overcome the crisis fast. In such a purpose cities and states shall obtain the right know how, that will permit them to valorise their 5 Magic Ts (Talent, Tradition, Tourism, Tech , Transfer of know how ), help the USA to get billions from abroad and create millions jobs In order to enable Nobel prices winners as Paul Krugman,Joseph Stiglitz, and also University professors Richard Wolff, Chris Hedges etc, to understand important principles related to the above reffered concept, I am inviting them to observe the following reality.Despite during the pandemic , Joe Rodan, was obliged to stay home, his talent, passion, and ability to use Tech , remained the same. Therefore, he was able to continue doing a viable and profitable economic activity. In other words, during the pandemic Joe Rogan succeeded to master some principles of the modern economy , valorise 3 of the 5 magic Ts (Talent, Tech , Transfer of know how), and obtain high profit, from an economic activity that does not produce pollution neither consume that much resources. Considering that during the pandemic Krugman, Stiglitz, Richard Wolff, Chris Hedges as University professors and all teachers an professors from all over the USA, were obliged to work online with their students and implement projects aimed to valorise the USA 5 Magic Ts. Can you imagine how much viabile and profitable economic activities they should had created? Remember, a single person had succeeded to do a viable and profitable business, while valorising just 3 of the 5 magic Ts VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW Joe Rodan, while dealing with just 3 of the 5 Magic Ts compounds, he succeeded to sign a $100 million contract While such a positive thing was happening and bringing benefit for the USA economy, Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, Richard Wolff, Chris Hedges, were acting irresponsible, and demonstrating they do not understand importants principles of the modern economy. Remember Krugman, Stiglitz, Richard Wolff, Chris Hedges, are PhD and University professores.Therefore, during the pandemic, they supposed to work online with their students, implement given projects, aimed to valorise the USA 5 magic Ts .Given that during the pandemic only the Turism compound was compromised, they could had worked with the remaining others At such an occasion they supposed to attract billions dollars from abroad and save millions of jobs Unfortunate , they did not do that, neither worked online with their students so that they could achieve the above objectives, because they do not know how to deal, in a practical way, with importants principles of the modern economy. Due to the situation gravity, i will invite you to imagine what should had occured if Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz Richard Wolff, Chris Hedges, were medical doctors, and they should had refused to take a correct action during the pandemic. In such an irresponsible context, I will invite the USA authorities to admit, that during a pandemic, a medical doctor had refused to do his job well, and hundred of people had died .Everybody knows that such an irresponsible act, should be considered a malpractice. However, during a similar conjuncture, if a University professor, as Krugman, Stiglitz, Richard Wolff, Chris Hedges, refuse to do their job well, despite dramatic consequences that occurs, they are not hold accountable The question is Why have we to punish medical doctors, even for little mistakes and encourage University professors to commit malpractices, that destroys jobs, businesses, and never take them to jail? Remember, instead to hold the above reffered professors accountable, they are out there, free to, manipulate, influence people, and politics, according to their personal or hidden group interest.

    Rodrigues AlbertoRodrigues Alberto16 timmar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a>:00 - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a>:20 Just imagine if fire departments ran out of fires or police departments ran out of crime...

    Carlo LapadulaCarlo Lapadula16 timmar sedan
  • Yea when I’m biggie blown off that Einstein OG I’m Windows 98 woahhh

    victor laravictor lara17 timmar sedan
  • That moment when skylink goes live

    Bawk BagawkBawk Bagawk17 timmar sedan
  • Elon "Tony Stark" Musk

    Brandon GrangerBrandon Granger17 timmar sedan
  • Anyone think Elon is an alien?

    Carl CiadellaCarl Ciadella17 timmar sedan
  • Elon´s mindset is something timeless. I think people in 2200 will talk about him as the biggest person of ours comtemporary world.

    Jiří PospíšilJiří Pospíšil17 timmar sedan
  • Finally the third episode with Tony Stark

    MartyqMartyq17 timmar sedan
  • I wish someone would ask if the design of the cyber truck will integrate with future Tesla cars

    Coolkid27Coolkid2717 timmar sedan
  • Dude, my bro Elon knows about save states in games... god damn man!

    nypad5nypad518 timmar sedan
  • ~ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2160">36:00</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2220">37:00</a> Maybe you edited the Neurolink out of the replayed memory?

    Carlo LapadulaCarlo Lapadula18 timmar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2196">36:36</a> excel (not responding) for a second

    lelizondo77lelizondo7718 timmar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2499">41:39</a> "You don't always improve, but you can aspire to improve. You can aspire to be less wrong." Powerful words

    ScottScott18 timmar sedan
  • Elon musk is biting his tongue and holding back because he knows the Democrats are trying to keep the country locked down!

    3E11VEN RYAN3E11VEN RYAN18 timmar sedan
  • Dude. I’m so dumb. I never even imagined Elon Musk as an actual person. Holy moly. Thank you Joe Rogen. And also took me a good while to come around to your way of thinking/seeing. Thank you for being you. I see the value now.

    Michelle MattinglyMichelle Mattingly18 timmar sedan
  • imagine if elon musk was a fantasy freak insted of a scifi. firework gandalf fireworks!

    BroodmotherBroodmother19 timmar sedan
  • @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2010">33:30</a> You can tell Elon knows damn well it won’t take 5 years. 😂 The implementations of this technology is going to be good for people who need the surgery for brain injuries, but what he’s not informing us of is if genius’s like himself will use the neurolink despite not having a brain injury. Once you take into account the speed at which cognitive problem solving by the brain will be accelerated by, (Elon said clearly its like our brain is working on 100 bits per second versus 100 TERRABITS per second with the neurolink) it’s not going to take 5 years more like 5 seconds 😂

    Tre Gains FitnessTre Gains Fitness19 timmar sedan
  • Thank you Joe Rogan and Elon Musk for having this conversation.

    YayasYayas20 timmar sedan
  • Long live Elon Musk, we only get a few really smart unselfish people in a lifetime and we need to recognize him for what he is trying to do for mankind.

    David GardnerDavid Gardner20 timmar sedan
  • Elon Musk: *takes breath* "If you don't make stuff, there is no stuff"

    StealYourPorkStealYourPork20 timmar sedan
  • Is it just me, or are these guys completely Baked out of their Skulls?!😂🤣

    bernieburnalotbernieburnalot20 timmar sedan
  • Joe rogan has impressive forehead wrinkles

    JerinDobleJerinDoble20 timmar sedan
  • Elon é meu heroi

    Lucas Aparecido OliveiraLucas Aparecido Oliveira21 timme sedan
  • How is using wifi/BlueTooth to transmit binary between two NeuroLink nodes which then processes that information into something that the brain can understand/interpret different from traditional modulated communication? I see how the computers themselves could transmit very precise information very quickly, but once it's fed into the brain and it's associated conscious, it's then left up to interpretation.

    BitFunkBitFunk21 timme sedan
  • This was pretty interesting until Joe starts pushing his communist universal basic income CNN New York Times vaccine coronavirus bs

    Jed PerksJed Perks21 timme sedan
  • fatality is low??? Elon, you mean 5%+ fatality is low???? WOW

    Jianding WangJianding Wang22 timmar sedan
    • And you say tesla have many employee in china and none of them died. That's because the great job of government who asked wuhan to locked down completely, if you talk about statistics, then how many stuff of tesla in china has affected by coronavirus?

      Jianding WangJianding Wang22 timmar sedan
  • I dont know much about this stuff, but being able to interface with each other, doesn't that open up people using it maliciously? If it can stimulate parts of the brain Couldn't it make you feel things that you Wouldn't normally feel, like intese fear, and being able to interface with each other, Wouldn't your implant be hackable then, like this has benefits ya, but this feels like it could be used for low-key mind control in the future.

    Mark DeidaMark Deida22 timmar sedan
  • He's an Annunaki

    CarlosCarlos22 timmar sedan
  • we still only have machine learning no actual artificial intelligence..

    J CJ C22 timmar sedan
  • his speech rate is like a dial up modem

    seedsy89seedsy8923 timmar sedan
  • There's no single news source you can go to.. just read as widely across the political spectrum as possible but also read forums/blogs to read/see first hand accounts

    Natural86Natural8623 timmar sedan
  • Joe was blown away with online ghost? WTH? I swear he reacts depending on who's talking. If Eddie bravo said the exact same thing word for word on a fight companion they would have piled on him and asked what conspiracy theories he's into now

    colby rodgerscolby rodgers23 timmar sedan
  • If you wanna have a simple statistic of which you can infer the number of actual covid deaths compare the total number of deaths in your country before and after the outbreak

    Julius EllerJulius Eller23 timmar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="575">9:35</a>

    Devin HillDevin HillDag sedan
  • I don’t care if Elon is an AI robot.. I still appreciate him. He’s learned a good sense of humor

    Devin HillDevin HillDag sedan