I've been keeping a tiny secret. (no I'm not pregnant)

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Ladda ner



  • where are my testicles summer ?

    DatBoyGuruDatBoyGuru3 minuter sedan
  • Adorable... Thanks for sharing

    Ben AndrewsBen AndrewsTimme sedan
  • Super pregnant?!

    Javier FernandezJavier Fernandez2 timmar sedan
  • You too are so adorable. 🤘🤘

    DrejcDDrejcD2 timmar sedan
  • I think that means he has a Vitamin deficiency when they eat their pooh

    Christopher LonghornChristopher Longhorn2 timmar sedan

    Redbull LoverRedbull Lover2 timmar sedan
  • I was kinda hoping for brain slugs. But dogs are fine.

    weaselman24weaselman243 timmar sedan
  • As a retired contractor I can say you just picked the wrong contractor. Most of us enjoy a good belly rub. All kidding aside your new pup is adorable.

    rekozmarekozma4 timmar sedan
  • And gosh I love you

    Jon EJon E5 timmar sedan
  • I was gonna say, you better not be cheating on me 😜

    Jon EJon E5 timmar sedan
  • I saw the first few words I immediately thought “She’s pregnant!” Then I looked at the rest of the title.

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi5 timmar sedan
  • I recommend peeing outside as often as possible! It not only saves money but it saves lives!! GO NOW AND PEE ON A LEMON TREE!!!

    ThePr8headThePr8head5 timmar sedan
  • Scraps is sooo adorable

    yousuzersyousuzers5 timmar sedan
  • Love animal personally. We got... (long list) robo hamster, teddy bear hamster, 3 cats, 6 chickens, 12 fish, 2 year old son who puts all the other animals to shame besides me lol. However I do like eating meat (not fish it isn’t meat it’s mush). Cute doggo puppy

    fryrear technologyfryrear technology6 timmar sedan
    • Would you like to be pregnant?

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi5 timmar sedan
  • Your video needs a love button! She is a very cute puppy! Great addition to your workshop!

    kato223kato2236 timmar sedan
  • Nothing at all wrong with your dog voice :)

    Ben ShakespeareBen Shakespeare6 timmar sedan
  • You’ve given that sweet creature the best life it can ever have!

    joe tursejoe turse6 timmar sedan
  • Love your new dog. He will be a great assistant, and moral booster.

    DrewDrew6 timmar sedan
  • This is both excellent and extremely wholesome content. Thank you.

    James RolandJames Roland6 timmar sedan

    fockin bloody hellfockin bloody hell6 timmar sedan
  • Ofcourse her name is Scraps. Bt she is so cuddly

    Lokesh SharmaLokesh Sharma7 timmar sedan
  • Aaaah! She's sooooo cuuuute!

    MeeperMeeper7 timmar sedan
  • I just assumed you would make your own dog instead of getting a real one.

    roastedsantaroastedsanta8 timmar sedan
  • Scraps is so cute!!! I have a westie mix that looks a lot like her. She's kind of an old lady now but she is just as playful and feisty as the day we adopted her.

    LivLiv8 timmar sedan
  • Hey. I heard you like tripods 😉 Looks like a poodle-westie

    LMintLMint9 timmar sedan
  • well, you have an excuse to make a shtty ball launcher where the dog can return the ball!

    David AnalystDavid Analyst9 timmar sedan
  • Have never seen your videos before, but yt recommended it to me and I ain't even mad. Scraps is so scrappin' cute! Totally following the Commander!

    Kim ThirionKim Thirion9 timmar sedan
  • As a pet "support animal" (currently 3 cats, 2 dogs), awesome congrats on grabbing a tripod. My M-I-L had a tripod cat and we've had 2 dogs with one eye (kinda tripod-ish). That little scrap of fur will be the love of your life (you will judge others by this relationship, I guarantee), Awesome choice!!!

    Greg SwartzGreg Swartz9 timmar sedan
  • Would you like to be pregnant?

    Jacob CanoteJacob Canote9 timmar sedan
  • Scraps is majestic...

    Amy SloaneAmy Sloane9 timmar sedan
  • Did you build that dog?

    George HawleyGeorge Hawley9 timmar sedan
  • i love you

    Jacob CanoteJacob Canote9 timmar sedan

    ian connellian connell10 timmar sedan
  • Nice squat butt. Crazy how women have legs like this nowadays that look like they could squeeze the life out of a person. Women didn't have legs like this 10 years ago. What changed? What are girls doing differently now?

    Skeptic2006Skeptic200610 timmar sedan
  • Awesome puppy. Awesome mamma.

    David WashburnDavid Washburn10 timmar sedan
  • Simone was made the day they had lots extra joy and kindness left over in the person factory so they squeezed it into one Swedish nerd.

    Andy PAndy P10 timmar sedan
  • Next project: Super awesome robotic doggo leg, or even better doggo wheels

    jlnrdeepjlnrdeep10 timmar sedan
  • Oh gosh, love her already! Happy for both of you!

    KThurmanKThurman10 timmar sedan
  • I knew she was a dude before she became a chick

    Troll LandTroll Land10 timmar sedan
  • It makes me so happy to see how well you are training her 💜

    Abi CooksonAbi Cookson11 timmar sedan
  • OMG Scraps in a backpack was the best part. It's a Scrap-pack.

    Becca FrenchBecca French12 timmar sedan
  • Simone Giertz is a confirmed floor gang XD

    Xerxès DariosXerxès Darios13 timmar sedan
  • When you scratched her ear, the way her nub moved in happiness made me awe out loud

    Ava Hope-KintonAva Hope-Kinton13 timmar sedan
  • I LOVE SCRAPS...... my cat is missing that same hind leg and his little nub shakes when i scratch his right ear!!!

    grifbotgrifbot13 timmar sedan
  • My first dog lost his rear leg from cancer and lived a long & happy for over 14 years. 💖💖💖

    Arnat ValeArnat Vale13 timmar sedan
  • Tripod Doggo Owners Unite!

    Kog KendragonKog Kendragon14 timmar sedan
  • I would die for scraps

    Forsaken PotatoForsaken Potato14 timmar sedan
  • Just so you know, unlike human kids, dogs never move out. ;-) Scraps is super cute, congratulations. My Yorkie TerribleTed would approve.

    JimsEquipmentShedJimsEquipmentShed14 timmar sedan
  • Build him a leg!

    Kevin NesterKevin Nester14 timmar sedan
  • Next year: Doggo gets a cyberleg! :D

    pyrotfdpyrotfd14 timmar sedan
  • 😍😍😍

    AndyofCTAndyofCT15 timmar sedan
  • pooch

    MarkMark15 timmar sedan
  • Penis

  • I wish more people would get a dog instead of getting pregnant. Especially rescues.

    Matt TeeeMatt Teee16 timmar sedan
  • Omg scraps must be protected at ALL costs

    HarpothekidRSHarpothekidRS16 timmar sedan
  • Good dog!

    Brad ColemanBrad Coleman16 timmar sedan
  • omgz little white tripod! I has a little white tripod! They are best doggos.

    Daniel CarelliDaniel Carelli16 timmar sedan
  • My grandmum also got a shelter dog that has 3 legs. They are so sweet!!!

    ZZ16 timmar sedan
  • What a wonderful addition Scraps is to have around - great asthetic and character in that pup! :D

    Kenneth McKlinskiKenneth McKlinski17 timmar sedan
  • You video do make me smile, good to see you doing well. What a cool little doggie :) We been thinking the same during this lockdown, been over a year since our last dog passed on, and they definitely bring something good to a home that i miss. :)

    The Ruined DroneThe Ruined Drone17 timmar sedan
  • This dog is amazing :)

    Sean PalmerSean Palmer17 timmar sedan
  • The markings on her stump look like a paw print to me ;_; so cute.

    Deer BonesDeer Bones18 timmar sedan

    K0PSTLK0PSTL18 timmar sedan
  • Just the title made me like the video!

    Vianney FoglizzoVianney Foglizzo18 timmar sedan
  • Dogs have no concept of missing parts if they are still able to get around. Adopt adopt adopt

    Matt BergMatt Berg18 timmar sedan
  • Cool song

    alvaro pereira de oliveiraalvaro pereira de oliveira19 timmar sedan
  • i used to have a three legged dog we called her tripod

    Adrienne PowellAdrienne Powell19 timmar sedan
  • Scraps is adorable. Never heard of Tick Tock, do I even want to know what that is?

    DaBlondDudeDaBlondDude19 timmar sedan

    Peter WerlePeter Werle20 timmar sedan
  • Humans can go to dog training class? What did you learn?

    JP dJJP dJ20 timmar sedan
  • Hey I'm a dog trainer, if you ever have any questions please feel free to reach out to me if love to help.

    aspenivaspeniv20 timmar sedan
  • "I outsourced myself to a branch" Why haven't I ever thought of that in two decades? Or maybe I have?

    Eric BonannoEric Bonanno21 timme sedan
  • Simone "So this is Scraps" Me (waking up): "Why 'scraps'?" Scraps: *jumps towards camera* Me: "Ohh.." Still, very adorable. Both of them.

    Katana SeikoKatana Seiko21 timme sedan
  • can’t believe i’ve been subscribed for a while 2 years now. i love dogs :’))

    Alex SilkstoneAlex Silkstone22 timmar sedan
  • Oh my fucking God, she is the cutest 😍

    CrowTag BerdiCrowTag Berdi22 timmar sedan
  • who wouldn't large numbers of unsolicited doggo facts/pics

    Ben OlsonBen Olson22 timmar sedan
  • the end was just awesome

    KingKloo100KingKloo10023 timmar sedan
  • At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="263">4:23</a> literally reminded me about how my dog always barks at the sofa and I’m like there’s nothing there, look a little harder and there’s another bone 🦴😂

    Stella YoungsStella Youngs23 timmar sedan
  • You are a man?

    voodoochile333voodoochile33323 timmar sedan
  • Hmm...lemme guess. Your pregnant...but...this is just you trying to cover that up with something that is basically a child :3

    CT-5342CT-534223 timmar sedan