I used math, science and tears to create a snake AI which always wins (sometimes).
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  • 20:02 what is the song in the background

    Luka StojicinovicLuka StojicinovicTimme sedan
  • What coding program do you use?

    Christopherplayz McpeChristopherplayz Mcpe2 timmar sedan
  • "i CREATED a PERFECT SNAKE A.I." where have i seen this title before

    Goliath YTGoliath YT2 timmar sedan
  • I got it about a quarter of the way into the video. The Milky Way's super massive black hole is named Sagittarius A*. This is a black hole algorithm.

    Joel H.Joel H.2 timmar sedan
  • 21:15

    Lesile MartinLesile Martin3 timmar sedan
  • AI learns to play Guitar Hero

    RoozyDBRoozyDB5 timmar sedan
  • You should do a video about a AI beating Tetris.

    MMMSpiceMMMSpice6 timmar sedan
  • 18:30 it looks like a black thing trying to run for lifes

    Not Jie SongNot Jie Song7 timmar sedan
  • Damn its so satisfying

    Not Jie SongNot Jie Song7 timmar sedan
  • You did great, now teach an AI to play Minesweeper.

    ydoc180ydoc1808 timmar sedan
  • Plot twist it’s actually him playing

    Michael O'RourkeMichael O'Rourke9 timmar sedan
  • Why is the food an apple? What kind of snake eats apples?

    JaclynJaclyn9 timmar sedan
  • *All this to make a gnarly screensaver...... I approve. ^~^*

    ZGuy0fSciZGuy0fSci9 timmar sedan
  • Nigga the character is controlled by me scene hacked

    Kale KaleKale Kale9 timmar sedan
  • This video took so long to go up because of the quality of the editing at 1:48. That is something that takes a very long time to perfect, but I daresay it was perfect.

    Alden S JonesAlden S Jones10 timmar sedan
  • Looks like a cool live background

    Madhura KaribeMadhura Karibe10 timmar sedan
  • “You guys gave me some great ideas” *Insert a lot of 3-4 months jokes and... OH an actual idea! Aaaaand back to the jokes* “But I’m not going to do those ideas” That got a laugh outta me

    scottishboy112scottishboy11210 timmar sedan
  • Honestly you don't need a "good" upload schedule coz this is so good

    AlwaysLazyAlwaysLazy10 timmar sedan
  • I dare you to make an AI for Tetris now.

    AltrunchenAltrunchen10 timmar sedan
  • Dude you legit had me cracking the fuck up this entire video. You are awesome man. Lol

    Tyler HumphrevilleTyler Humphreville11 timmar sedan
  • 15:52. I feel you there CB. Its the same for me, i don't really remember the Hamiltonian cycle, i just know the name lol

    Dan WilkinsonDan Wilkinson11 timmar sedan
  • snake : is green my brain: nct logo/light stick

    An HuynhAn Huynh11 timmar sedan
  • This more of a comedy channel than a code channel.But great content eitherways.

    Daz GamingDaz Gaming11 timmar sedan
  • thanks for this video. love the train layout in the lobby

    crayolakid456crayolakid45611 timmar sedan
  • Imagine how much effort it took to just cheat at snake. Also: have you thought of moving snake's tail in A* algorithm?

    LedoCool1LedoCool111 timmar sedan
  • can u do an agario or snakeio ai video? i think that would be pretty cool

    william Scharnhorstwilliam Scharnhorst12 timmar sedan
  • What is the music playing at 9:30?

    Jsizzle4242 WebbJsizzle4242 Webb12 timmar sedan
  • Once the snake completes the game, automatically generate a new Hamiltonian Cycle and start again? Just an idea

    James HJames H12 timmar sedan
  • @Code Bullet did i do it right?

    TheTearfulPrismTheTearfulPrism12 timmar sedan
  • 295147910000000000000 is the number of different paths.

    tepu sultantepu sultan12 timmar sedan
  • Watching at 1.5x speed is like a Snake Fever Dream.

    Earl ShattuckEarl Shattuck13 timmar sedan
  • Making an AI to destroy idle breakout tycoon when

    WarshonWarshon13 timmar sedan
  • The Nasa need your I.A. dude

    SomeoneSomeone13 timmar sedan
  • wait does the binary on his...face...mean anything?

    MarGuy ThatguyMarGuy Thatguy13 timmar sedan
  • As I fellow programmer love your approach! It is refreshing as opposed to the "idk I threw it into a deep learning model". Love the music as well!

    ZinxZinx13 timmar sedan
  • what program does he use for coding? I'm trying to get into coding and can't seem to find any good programs, I'm probably going to learn JS or something similar to that. Any help is appreciated!

    Gamer JoojGamer Jooj13 timmar sedan
  • How's that sneaking suit working out?

    Liam !84488282Liam !8448828213 timmar sedan
  • I just realized the CB on his shirt CAN Stand for Click Bait

  • so.. the title is literally a lie.... I watched this video because I wanted to learn about all the optimizations involved, and you pretty much just didn't mention any of the optimizations.

    NikWillOrStuffNikWillOrStuff14 timmar sedan
  • whĘn yöû ŚtuB yoūr tĖø 8:15

    Thicc PolloThicc Pollo14 timmar sedan