HIGHWAY 3 (Part 8) Yet again - the RS4 in another police chase! [HD]

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Skurken and his german monster goes Farsta by night in this last episode of Highway 3. We thank you all for the support and we see you all next year with more amazing content. Be sure to subscribe and turn on the bell to not miss our next upload!
Driver: Skurken Co-driver: AlexanderVlonga

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    CriticalCritical4 dagar sedan
    • @Austin Falcone who me ?

      Kane O'TooleKane O'Toole6 timmar sedan
    • Did you change the firing pattern?

      Austin FalconeAustin Falcone6 timmar sedan
    • Please do it on a e92/E93 335i with n54 engine

      Kane O'TooleKane O'TooleDag sedan
    • @itshammertime3 ja ja, Volvo

      legitscoperlegitscoper2 dagar sedan
    • Vad måste man göra för att ni ska komma till enköping?

      itshammertime3itshammertime34 dagar sedan
  • That 4.2 V8 exhaust note 😍

    Nate MNate M4 timmar sedan
  • Had to really listen, this car was sounding like a mopad sec. Smashing though my dude!!!

    pbh22apbh22a11 timmar sedan
  • Il trompe jouer à DRIVE sur PlayStation 1 quand il était jeune !!!!🤣

    yunus gocduyunus gocdu14 timmar sedan
  • Will you upload the bit where you crash?

    Eco GeekEco Geek14 timmar sedan
  • These dumb fks are gonna kill somebody. Going that fast on city streets is so careless. People could be walking these streets. They could at least save this for the freeway.

    W MW M17 timmar sedan
  • 🔥👹🔥🚗💨

    - SPARTACUS-- SPARTACUS-17 timmar sedan
  • hope when he kills himself he dont get anyone else hurt being a nob end on public roads.

    OptikificationOptikification19 timmar sedan
  • You must be the Transporter

    RIZEN MediaRIZEN Media20 timmar sedan
  • 4:19 - Damn I’m parched 😂 What ur doing is stupid and so dangerous for more than just others, but’s it’s damn right impressive and cool.

    FuNNy DuBByFuNNy DuBBy21 timme sedan
  • Idiot. Why don't you go on racetrack or rally to find out if you really can drive. Looser.

    GekkoGekko22 timmar sedan
    • Well its abviously not about that for these guys, i dont think theyre even into racing

      CriticalCritical8 timmar sedan
  • 4:40 calling lester

    Herr FlexiBexiHerr FlexiBexi22 timmar sedan
  • At 4:00 is he drinking SVEDKA?

    Briland HaysBriland HaysDag sedan
  • Do a lamborghini police chase or ferrari bmw m 140i

    010010Dag sedan
  • r u busted or when comes a new video :p

    Hugo Stenqvist - ElevHugo Stenqvist - ElevDag sedan
  • Forza horizon 4 Swedish

    robert pensarobert pensaDag sedan
  • Better than a movie bravo 👏👏

    40thStangGT40thStangGTDag sedan
  • Shit have to wait next year

    Sex HawkSex HawkDag sedan
  • I always wonder what would happen if he runs out of gas

    Beaner BoiBeaner BoiDag sedan
  • Need for speed underground?

    Dilan Cruz SomersDilan Cruz SomersDag sedan
  • I really hope that this guy either gets caught or kills himself before he either kills some innocent person or the cops whose job it is to stop MORONS like this.

    Alan HughesAlan HughesDag sedan
  • I think he was so bored he called police on him self

    e34_THCe34_THCDag sedan
  • Love that shit

    S3 STES3 STEDag sedan
  • Damn, when can I get a ride?

    Langcaster KuraLangcaster KuraDag sedan
  • You are a funny dude..greetz frim Germania 😜

    Atze BerKAtze BerKDag sedan
  • The way he taunts the cops by flashing his lights at him by the bridge

    BeamZBeamZDag sedan
  • Ебать ты чел!!! Яйца у тебя стальные!!!!Like

    Александр ПерепечайАлександр ПерепечайDag sedan
  • *Sells car* I didint drive it fast, just driving to A Supermarket

    NilssudesuNilssudesuDag sedan
  • Real?

    Jaden ReussJaden ReussDag sedan
  • All the dislikes are policemans

    NilssudesuNilssudesuDag sedan
  • She sounds so beautiful..

    Bravo Tango SierraBravo Tango SierraDag sedan
  • Are you like 15 year-olds or something?? how is it that a grown man acts like that? what is the point of this? proving that your 150k rs4 is better that 30k volvo while putting in danger other road users and the police officers that are just doing their job? i mean some of them have kids and husband/wife and if they crash due to this pointless show of money (because that's what it really is about, the guy doesn't even show any driving skills) they will be missed for no point.. are you serious? i know its thrilling and its fun but are you really so freakin stupid? and before you ask.. yes I love cars and no I'm not a cop!

    dimisziedimiszieDag sedan
  • My man can’t find police so he just calls them hahahha legend

    GermanShooterGermanShooter2 dagar sedan
  • Lmao this guy just driving and wearing balaclavas 😭😭😂

    UncleAlabamaUncleAlabama2 dagar sedan
  • no challenge. bicycles with flashing lights, against a bin with four wheels. Just a big jerk who played with people's lives.

    bernardAPIbernardAPI2 dagar sedan
  • if you had done this in Serbia and the police had caught you, they would beat you for 2 days straight

    vojvoda drazavojvoda draza2 dagar sedan
  • why does it say last episode in the description? NOOOO? 😱

    NedewsNedews2 dagar sedan
  • You're the perfect "Anti Hero" just saying 🤷‍♂️, mad driving . Ride hard and die fast 👊 Keep the videos coming! 😬

    Caleb HollisCaleb Hollis2 dagar sedan
  • mannen!!

    mikusmikus2 dagar sedan
  • RS4 B7.... What a car to die for!

    KronxKronx2 dagar sedan