HIGHWAY 2: Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG outruns police

INTERVIEW WITH THE DRIVER: seproject.info/it/video/dKqgpmuop2jHato
2013 Highway 2 was released with the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, driven by the one and only Fragglarn, the same guy who would later smash the BMW M3 into a wall. During 2013 it was only released on DVD, part of it has been bootlegged, but now it’s time to release it on SEproject and the share it with the world. Like in every Highway clip you can expect the extreme! Watch Fragglarn outrun numerous police cars!
Driver: Fragglaren Co-Driver: Uffe C

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  • INTERVIEW WITH THE DRIVER: seproject.info/it/video/dKqgpmuop2jHato

    CriticalCritical10 dagar sedan
  • This man's mad..great driving!

    James BaconJames Bacon15 timmar sedan
  • The sound, the sound - the sound!!!!!! so nice.

    M MM M22 timmar sedan
  • The getaway in Stockholm films got Stockholm into Gotham Racing. Maybe these films will get us Forza Horizon Stockholm 😁

    Marcus HillerströmMarcus HillerströmDag sedan
  • This guy is a coward...infant to see him run from the police in same type of car the police have....no balls!

    Jose FachadaJose FachadaDag sedan
  • seproject.info/it/video/ZaGh0IptlHuXq9o C63vs392 charger check it out!

    Scatdaddy392Scatdaddy3922 dagar sedan
  • 😍

    Red BaronRed Baron2 dagar sedan
  • I like this kind of videos. I really do. The problem is, i cant support such things with a like, because i would not want, that someone in my town is driving like that. But its pretty entertaining, especially because i am also someone who likes to drive really fast. I just hope no one got or gets hurt.

    Sgt. PepperSgt. Pepper3 dagar sedan
  • Even Sweden's police is full of soy boy cucks

    DwarvishPastyDwarvishPasty3 dagar sedan
  • These videos are the best response to all these American youtubers who stop filming when they speed for the sake of legality purposes.

    Bennett DeeringBennett Deering4 dagar sedan
  • Wtf i Only see maybe 2 police cars each month where I live

    Chris VFXChris VFX4 dagar sedan
  • Yavaş sür olum şu arabayı 😁

    Mustafa ArikanMustafa Arikan5 dagar sedan
  • What a load of shit

    Alex BrennanAlex Brennan5 dagar sedan

    thaplaya666thaplaya6665 dagar sedan
  • Sick !!! Keep Up motherfuckers

    fernando italianofernando italiano5 dagar sedan
  • Jävla idioter.

    Richard WallRichard Wall6 dagar sedan
    • 😘

      CriticalCritical5 dagar sedan
  • In US you would be most wanted man. Amber alerts everywhere, school lock downs, FBI, CIA, SWAT, DEA, Would be on you, you would have roads closed off, planes looking for you, Satellites ready to send missiles if spotted.

    C.I.AC.I.A8 dagar sedan
  • Vanishing Point, but in Sweden and in real life.

    StefanStefan9 dagar sedan
  • Your first C63 video made me buy a C63.

    BlitzBlitz9 dagar sedan
  • U are my hero ❤😂

  • This is why I wanna go to Sweden just a buncha German cars with growling engines getting chased by 50hp vauxhalls

    safarisafari10 dagar sedan
  • While its raining= Balls of steel!!!

    John FosterJohn Foster11 dagar sedan
  • whats actually happening after you cut away from a scene? do you just keep driving and suddenly the police is not there anymore or do you actually try to lose him? love the vids :)

    TheChosenOne1234321TheChosenOne123432111 dagar sedan
  • heat lvl 3 566000 rep points xD

    CreamiCreami12 dagar sedan
  • when the cops are so close like in the tunnel try breakcheck them haha

    cahpeecahpee12 dagar sedan
  • These power plants are one of the best sounding engines available 👌

    notmanynamesleftnotmanynamesleft13 dagar sedan
  • They should've fined that taxi driver at 10:11 for combining dimmers and fog lights.

    TechnoXerozTechnoXeroz13 dagar sedan
  • The Swedish police likes to fine any commuter that drives 10-20 km/h. I'm glad that they get humiliated like this and maybe, just maybe, they will improve and stop being so political correct.

    TechnoXerozTechnoXeroz13 dagar sedan
  • Fucking idiottttt

    Martin TMartin T13 dagar sedan
  • Police??? Where???

    axel Bylanderaxel Bylander14 dagar sedan
  • Idiot

    KexhaBeatsKexhaBeats14 dagar sedan
  • GZA!

    Murphy BrownMurphy Brown14 dagar sedan
  • introt är magiskt, får lite grafittifilmkänsla!

    Marcus SandbergMarcus Sandberg14 dagar sedan
  • Real Most Wanted 😂

    Fatih ÇAKMAKCIFatih ÇAKMAKCI15 dagar sedan
  • those Swedish sirens are so gay sounding...now wonder they can't catch this guy

    organic petalorganic petal15 dagar sedan
  • Impossible in Belgium!!

    Elle E-79Elle E-7915 dagar sedan
  • Other then him being a devoted life endanger considering he is not to be taken example of I dont see nothing else wrong with his driving. Regardless of how fast he was driving he was still in his lane. I cant congratulate but he is a talented thoughtless ass hole. If he has a blow out at that speed you know who will look so stupid. Regardless of his fame or talent. Lil nigga chill bro. If some one dies you will have more shit to race away from. But you cant out run certainty. Due us and world a favor and refrain from chasing adrenaline. You might give off a wrong vibe that your a crack head. Just saying.

    Ali SezginAli Sezgin15 dagar sedan
  • Iwann haben sie dann kein bock mehr und lassen ihn dann machen was er will 😂

    lord highnesslord highness15 dagar sedan
  • It’s not a AMG c63 it’s and AMG e63

    Prince MadubukoPrince Madubuko16 dagar sedan
    • Its ”an” AMG c63

      CriticalCritical16 dagar sedan
  • It’s funny how the police is going after him and actually thinking they will eventually get him xD

    Ace TempestAce Tempest16 dagar sedan
    • Just making sure he didn't crash anywhere.

      EliteNoobEliteNoob7 dagar sedan
    • Critical Ye ye i know that, my point is when there is only 1 police car after him, it’s fun to look at him and see him try to catch up that’s all

      Ace TempestAce Tempest15 dagar sedan
    • @Ace Tempest it's not just about horsepower, they're big in numbers and have radios.. it's not as easy as these guys make it look

      CriticalCritical15 dagar sedan
    • Critical true, but it’s still kind of stupid of them to try to get to him with their volvos, they’re too slow

      Ace TempestAce Tempest16 dagar sedan
    • If they had got the roadblock up earlier they probably would have

      CriticalCritical16 dagar sedan
  • Balls of Steel man !

    LaputaLaputa16 dagar sedan
  • This video brought to you by Mercedes Benz!

    Engineer Mechanic 73Engineer Mechanic 7316 dagar sedan
  • Police : Oh Sh*t

    JudyHoppsGuyJudyHoppsGuy16 dagar sedan
  • vart är hastighets mätaren på videon ? kan inte se den ...

    Wnde PalmWnde Palm16 dagar sedan
  • Did he endup getting a bullet in his head

    王云龙王云龙16 dagar sedan
    • 王云龙 its not United States lmao

      JaxuzziJaxuzzi13 dagar sedan
    • no

      ФилипФилип15 dagar sedan
  • 6:10 He should have gotten that nice Evo 6

    xHyperSourcexHyperSource16 dagar sedan
  • Tjena. Jag är en motorintresserad kille som är grym på filma och gillar fart. Jag är i Stockholm till måndag nästa vecka så skulle vara jätte kul att hjälpa till med filmningen! Är du intresserad av det kan du kontakta mig på: goduckbmx@gmail.com

    01Duck01Duck17 dagar sedan
    • Och jag tar ej betalt för tjänsten 😊

      01Duck01Duck17 dagar sedan
  • innocent 5 series 10:16 , didn't do anything! Merc randomly barks at him lol

    ENUMeRsENUMeRs17 dagar sedan
  • drop. the. dog. shit. music.

    ENUMeRsENUMeRs17 dagar sedan
  • Try this in germany and some audi with supersonic speed will force you to move out of the left lane.

    MehmetMehmet17 dagar sedan
  • Just another race car driver wannabe with no brain. Hope he crash into a wall a dies before he kills anyone.

    kapekape17 dagar sedan
  • Fuck the System

    Oliver SpitzerOliver Spitzer18 dagar sedan
  • GTA irl

    ItzDemonBG ıItzDemonBG ı18 dagar sedan
  • How did he getaway in the end?

    schuletripschuletrip18 dagar sedan
  • Dude you act like you’re in a video game 😂

    Roby05Roby0518 dagar sedan
  • The new ghost rider(,s) but with four wheels;)

    SyrilSyril18 dagar sedan
  • Waow.. tough guy 🥱

    F92F9219 dagar sedan
  • Everyone is talking about C63 and stuff, but has anyone noticed that Mitsubishi in the background ? It looks really sick

    Butters StotchButters Stotch20 dagar sedan
  • 16:07 gave me goosebumps years ago when I saw and heard that part the first time. Still gives the same effect today. Drive safe an continue with you madness!

    My life is potatoMy life is potato20 dagar sedan
    • it always gives me goosebumps, u cant find anything that sounds better than that

      giffelgiffel19 dagar sedan
  • You should try this in Vegas 😂🤣

    Jason CJason C20 dagar sedan
    • RIP C63, he tried to outrun missile.

      zolikoffzolikoff18 dagar sedan