Greta Thunberg on Whether She’d Meet with the President

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg was publicly mocked by President Trump on Twitter, and Ellen asked the 16-year-old whether she would ever meet with him to try to change his opinion on the topic. The teen also discussed inspiring millions of students around the world to organize and attend climate strikes, and how her Asperger’s has been a gift while being an outspoken activist. Plus, Ellen surprised the remarkable teen by revealing a section on ellentube dedicated to Greta and her climate change movement.
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    Jordi 530Jordi 5302 minuter sedan
  • Is it just me, or does Greta look like she just stole Christmas?

    Joseph GrayJoseph Gray5 minuter sedan
  • How is trumps tweet rude....... literally there was nothing sarcastic about it🤦🏻‍♀️

    Monica El-AssadiMonica El-Assadi23 minuter sedan
  • she has a lot of common sense when it comes to the climate issue but i just feel her stance against the elite will not have any impact. she rallies and shouts and speaks out against the "polluters" but when all said and done this planet is ruled and controlled by the "corrupt rich" and "corrupt tyrants" and nothing will alter that. industry and economy will continue to grow and that will only = more pollution :(

    Live LifeLive LifeTimme sedan
  • Watching all these indoctrinated young people marching makes me think of Hitler's brain washed young.

    Silver JonesSilver JonesTimme sedan
  • First two mins I forgot I was watching Ellen

    Thomas GallagherThomas Gallagher2 timmar sedan
  • Trump is something else he don’t even believe in climate change

    Lily NajoLily Najo2 timmar sedan
  • Greta to go back to school; Greta's parents to jail for using their daughter to benefit themselves

    Silver JonesSilver Jones2 timmar sedan
  • Pollution for life!

    Fauna TroyFauna Troy2 timmar sedan
  • People are so gullible I can't even believe it

    Chris WardChris Ward2 timmar sedan
  • I´m that comment trying to save you from reading more comments. If you don´t wanna get frustrated, just click on the next video. Don´t waste your time like I did

    FreethinkerFreethinker4 timmar sedan
  • 11 million people... but I bet less then 1 % are recycling or focusing on reducing their carbon footprint..

    D JacobsD Jacobs4 timmar sedan
  • She’s gonna grow up to be a single lady surrounded by cats.

    papoopa5800papoopa58005 timmar sedan
    • Great. One person more on the internet insulting others thinking they´re cool. That´s exactly what we needed

      FreethinkerFreethinker4 timmar sedan
  • Go Greta! I salute your bravery! People like you motivate not only me but other volunteers to continue our work to save the planet!

    Stefi DiazStefi Diaz5 timmar sedan
  • There is NO CLIMATE change.

    Cyril RiceballCyril Riceball5 timmar sedan
  • Yay, Vegans!!!👍

    Lady Bird StarshineLady Bird Starshine6 timmar sedan
    • @foopyu nooui so are you...🙏

      Lady Bird StarshineLady Bird Starshine4 timmar sedan
    • Greta is sent by the gods

      foopyu noouifoopyu nooui5 timmar sedan
  • She admits she’s been brainwashed at school.

    AntidoteX2AntidoteX26 timmar sedan
    • I think melati and isabel wijsman are more realistic.

      foopyu noouifoopyu nooui5 timmar sedan
  • She needs to be sent to the electric chair

    Russian EmpireRussian Empire7 timmar sedan
  • she is just a toy

    Oruc MeherremliOruc Meherremli7 timmar sedan
  • greta: Breathes Audience : That is deep

    ujwal pandeyujwal pandey8 timmar sedan
  • Greta talking about American patriots president will only get her shutdown .I will start take your Assbergers and go back too Sweden or we will Steal your dreams for Real.

    Jarvis GandyJarvis Gandy8 timmar sedan
  • To propaganda tools speaking to each other. One aware the other not

    Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾAnders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ8 timmar sedan
  • 16?I thought she was 12

    CRY UCRY U10 timmar sedan
  • sverige red jeres land for i er helt blæst

    sebastian givskudsebastian givskud11 timmar sedan
  • It's a serious problem where living it now

    Wayne WalkerWayne Walker11 timmar sedan
  • Now if only fossil fuels actually impacted the climate like they claim...!!

    We will Win yetWe will Win yet12 timmar sedan
  • how DARE you

  • What is wrong with her face?

    CantRemember sCantRemember s12 timmar sedan
  • "Changing the world".... I'm sorry what has Greta actually done to combat climate change ? Other than instilling fear and chaos into young people. Shes never once mentioned a plan on how to go about accomplishing the changes she pushes for. I'd like to see someone who's actually doing something about it on Ellen, engineers or people with actual scientific advancements.

    Carli BundyCarli Bundy13 timmar sedan
    • Yes, you hit the nail on the head. XR is just arranging Extinction Rebellion's rock concert protest in Britain. The main song will be : "Im A Right C*** - Extinction Rebellion/Momentum" ( you can see it on SEproject too )

      BoNBoN7 timmar sedan
    • Ikr, I'm still confused about what did she do exactly. Mr. Beast did something simple and bring impact to rich people and now they raised 15M for trees only. I found no evidence that what she did bring something and all I know she just complained? I guess.

      Petra ArtPetra Art11 timmar sedan
  • She learned about climate change in school, in which she just quit....

    Ben RidgewayBen Ridgeway14 timmar sedan
  • I think melati and isabel wijsman are more realistic.

    Andre AryantaAndre Aryanta14 timmar sedan
  • Greta is sent by the gods

    Chan ParkerChan Parker15 timmar sedan
  • I am very moved by Greta, she really is trying her hardest to save our planet. 😊❤️ I Love that Ellen gives her a platform. ❤️

    PaulinaPaulina15 timmar sedan
  • How much electricity and fossil fuel , plastic chairs and all the other stuff does it take to produce the Ellen show? Not to mention the cars and vacations given away by these shows.

    WoodBeast onyoutubeWoodBeast onyoutube16 timmar sedan
  • This has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve seen.

    TheGreat playerTheGreat player16 timmar sedan
    • TheGreat player how dare you

      Chilean cChilean c14 timmar sedan
  • Ok I can't poke fun of her no more she has Asperger. How dare you Asperger, you have stolen my fun and laughter from my life.

    Jthomas AnnilloJthomas Annillo17 timmar sedan
  • She’s all talk and no action. Look at Mr.Beast, that’s a right way to start a movement!

    reborn xoreborn xo17 timmar sedan
  • Does anyone else think that she looks like she just woke up when she comes out on stage?

    Zoe Hotel hideaway starZoe Hotel hideaway star17 timmar sedan
  • Those faces she makes when she comes out on stage. LOL LOL LOL

    Zoe Hotel hideaway starZoe Hotel hideaway star17 timmar sedan
  • Amazing kid

    Irena AkmanIrena Akman17 timmar sedan
  • Shes literally a cancer to the world

    Andrew MitchellAndrew Mitchell17 timmar sedan
  • AOC in the making!!

    sumit arorasumit arora17 timmar sedan
  • If she isn’t reading from a script she sounds and looks like a child, like she is, that has actually no clue what is going on. Go ahead crawl back on a plane and burn them green house gases all the way back home, or you could row a boat back across the pond.

    Deron ClarkDeron Clark18 timmar sedan
  • so let me get this straight, little girls are protesting the natural change of climate and weather?

    Lancaster KidLancaster Kid18 timmar sedan
  • She walk out in her pyjamas or what?🤔

    MCJ -Mercedes Car Joinery-MCJ -Mercedes Car Joinery-18 timmar sedan
    • Yeah I seen her in private jet 😂😂😂😂😂

      vinasu maajvinasu maaj17 timmar sedan
  • Moot point. As if such an invitation is ever going to be extended

    davidpar2davidpar219 timmar sedan
    • vinasu maaj I have no idea what you’re saying

      davidpar2davidpar217 timmar sedan
    • want to make a change and i change comes from the people jake

      vinasu maajvinasu maaj17 timmar sedan
  • Except her entire crew flew in planes.

    Cayden PoeCayden Poe19 timmar sedan
  • Love you Greta ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Romi HRomi H19 timmar sedan
  • The fact that she doesn't want to educate people is so toxic

    Clou FriedrichClou Friedrich19 timmar sedan
  • I'm all for what she stands for, I truly am. But she has 1 of those faces that you want punch for no reason 🤔

    Nia GeehNia Geeh19 timmar sedan
  • I wonder if people know that she flew back to Sweden

    Garode TachdjianGarode Tachdjian19 timmar sedan
  • Don't you just love it when these overindulged, previliaged, rich, misinformed, spoilt brats tells us how to live our lives....The rich, corrupt adults who support her are such HYPOCRITES themselves. Oh well! she'll wake up one day....Sams wife

    Sam fergusonSam ferguson20 timmar sedan
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    abdiel palaciosabdiel palacios20 timmar sedan
  • Where’s Mr.Beast??

    Cameron YañezCameron Yañez20 timmar sedan
  • Traitor Trump is incapable of learning, he can't even read, so yeah, meeting with him would be pointless.

    Aubergine BellenAubergine Bellen20 timmar sedan
  • Idk how she can change the world by protesting

    DrZombPlant _101DrZombPlant _10120 timmar sedan
  • Be different! Don't be a dead fish !

    IoIo20 timmar sedan
  • One thing i still can't believe is the amount of people who think global warming is a joke, that it's a brainwashing from the government. Maybe these people would change their mind after the whole generation being melted down by the heat

    Red SunnyRed Sunny20 timmar sedan
  • Greta in her wise words are stirring up fear in the minds of our leaders. We are all behind you Greta.

    Charel TrihartCharel Trihart20 timmar sedan
  • I like greta thunberg she is a good climate activist and she takes in on board greta thunberg you are a legend in every single way i like you message to the world🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎you want to make a change and i change comes from the people jake

    Jake StephensonJake Stephenson20 timmar sedan