Foose Design Jaguar E-Type Roadster - The Reveal!

Chip Foose and his team at Foose Design have worked tirelessly on their custom 1974 Jaguar E-Type Roadster in order to reveal at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.
Unveiled in the BASF Automotive Refinish booth, Chip pulls back the cover on his creation for the first time. Followed by interviews with owner Glenn Woolsey and Chip Foose.
We return after hours with Chip as he provides a detailed walkthrough of the many modifications made. Of course we finish with detailed video montage of the vehicle from all angles.
Vehicle Specs:
-Custom Glasurit Paint color “Palm Copper”
-Custom Interior
-LS376/525 Crate Engine
-Custom Magnaflow Exhaust System
-One-off CNC faux spoke wheels
-Reshaped rear and deck lid panels
-Redesigned headlights and taillights
-New Grille
-Bonnet scoop
-Revised louvers
-Custom windshield frame and glass
-Custom lower front valance
-Custom dash
-Reshaped front fenders
-Custom front and rear bumpers
-Extended rockers
-Custom chrome trim
-Custom dash
Be sure to check out our other videos on this custom E-Type build:
Part I Work in Progress Build Description -
Part II Metalwork Complete -
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  • Chip still remains my favorite designer, if I only had the money! Another win.

    jane smithjane smith6 timmar sedan
  • I need to know what the wheels are on the buick in the background

    Mark AltonMark Alton9 timmar sedan
  • If one has the money, it is easier to improve a great design, than actually construct it from the beginning, as money is always the problem in every machine original construction. They used series 3 seats which aren't original for that car, so why not have nicely design headrests also. I have no qualms over keeping things original or not, you do it or you don't, so long as the design is palatable to the original. The wheels therefore even having the original look and a work of art aren't practicable in my view, as they are wider because the suspension has been reduced in width to accommodate them back to front 6" and 4" respectively, is this wise?. I would have gone for designing MAG wheels in a thicker round spoke design, like the old Minilite and why not a modern Moto-Lita Mark Five Wood Rim steering wheel or Momo, like the Race at Ø350mm for example or design ones own? ... love the colour though!

    Drew AitkenDrew Aitken11 timmar sedan
  • Looks amazing although I have to say that the originals look better, sorry. Those wheels also look terrible, too big and too much dish.

    Jon DJon D22 timmar sedan
  • Amazing Car..As always Dr, Foose has sculptured a masterpiece. Not quite my idea of perfect but almost: There seems to be to much emphasis on the wheels and fender wells (the revile) is to high, shows to much of the much to tall wheels. Also call it a roadster call it a Cobra, call it whatever you want but a car with out a roof in an incomplete car. My last critique isn't a critique its a hope that under the bonnet lurks the heart of a predator. hopefully some similar arrangement as the XK-R. Either a supercharged motor or better yet a Twin turbo set up would be lovely, a given. This should not be a paper tiger this is a custom Jaguar, a Foose custom E-Type Jaguar. A Bella Carnivora.

    John FlynnJohn FlynnDag sedan
  • Awesome !

    Willy WilliamsWilly WilliamsDag sedan
  • Respect Chip Foose

    elena stanelena stanDag sedan
  • I would have put a set of convo pros on it!

    ThePancakeMan480ThePancakeMan480Dag sedan
  • this is like trying to improve the mona lisa what a waste of time and effort !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clive TurnerClive Turner2 dagar sedan
  • Wheels too big especially rears !

    ravington666ravington6662 dagar sedan
  • You cannot drive Chip cars !!! They should be stored in the collection, like diamonds !!!

    Андрей КапустинАндрей Капустин2 dagar sedan
  • Nope

    d dd d2 dagar sedan
  • Hi mr.Foose, can you do my 2003 BMW 330i convertible... :)

    Jurica RuicJurica Ruic3 dagar sedan
  • Best looking car on the planet. . Well done

    ken mccaffertyken mccafferty3 dagar sedan
  • you are a master

    Jose LaceraJose Lacera4 dagar sedan
  • I want those wheels D:

    PuyoPuyoFeverPuyoPuyoFever4 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful, buddy.

    Edwin Cancel IIEdwin Cancel II5 dagar sedan
  • The wheels are bold , but new and different scares people. This car is stunning when you take in the build as a whole. It won't be long before the copy cats get to work.

    Landcruiser interventionLandcruiser intervention5 dagar sedan
  • I can appreciate all the hours and skill it must have taken to produce this car. Sadly,the result is not an E type,It's just an Americanised fantasy car.The original with it's wonderful classic lines was and still is the most beautiful car ever made.It didn't need this treatment.

    Brian SmithBrian Smith5 dagar sedan
  • The Jag E Convertible WAS and IS the most beautiful car in history. Nothing compares to it

    Chris CrossChris Cross6 dagar sedan
  • XK E rolls pretty good also🌻

    Gary SchoenbergerGary Schoenberger6 dagar sedan
  • I'm not normally enthused by an E-Type, but that one is gorgeous!

    Alan MunroAlan Munro6 dagar sedan
  • What a lovely Jag ! Foose is the best.

    BiguitarBiguitar6 dagar sedan
  • That car is just beautiful, top stuff foose

    Gary GaffneyGary Gaffney7 dagar sedan
  • There's no doubet that you're monster on this essuo, with all my respect sir, probably the best from the best as all your team works like family. And I've been following you since the tv series Overhoulin. I was wondering if suddenly some guy from anywhere in the world, decide to send you his own car to make jis dream become reality, would you do the job? Thank you!

    Ronaldo SouzaRonaldo Souza7 dagar sedan
  • Too much wheel, too big. It looks funny, drop an inch or 2. Just because you can doesn't mean that you should

    Dicky FishbagsDicky Fishbags7 dagar sedan
  • An E Type is an E Type....if I forget this was once an E Type I like the car, looks great...but it's not an E Type

    Joe CoolJoe Cool8 dagar sedan
  • No, the wheels are incredible and his taste, spot on. People are critical? How do you even sleep?

    David Swim Sr.David Swim Sr.8 dagar sedan
  • Unbelievable! Wow. Amazing design eye, no one at your level of thought Chip. Lovely. Dig it the most.

    David Swim Sr.David Swim Sr.8 dagar sedan
  • Despite the craftsmanship, the original is one of the all-time greats. Even the master cannot improve on. Like putting bulging biceps on Venus .

    Bruce CarneyBruce Carney8 dagar sedan