Another afternoon without plans? And needless to say, everyone’s bored out of their minds.
Ugh, there’s nothing to do! Or is there?
The best way to have fun with your friends is to play that super cool game - Hide and Seek!
Here’s how it works. We each draw cards to determine who hides and who seeks.
Think you could come up with a good hiding spot?
Challenge your friends to a game! And, as always, don’t forget to subscribe to our 123 GO! CHALLENGE SEproject channel for more hilarious videos like this one!
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  • Olivia bush is my favorite one. Statue of liberty bird poop is second and really gross. Thanks ladies you are beautiful and talented ❤️👍🌞.

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  • There not English there Ukrainian

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  • 2 metres

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  • I think they flipped the camera and she taped to the grownd

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    • some things get fun with hide and seek

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  • Gente porque vocês não fazem brasileiro

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  • How did Clare kick the hide card ?.

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  • some things get fun with hide and seek

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