Lars Erickssong (okay, it’s actually Will Ferrell) and Sigrit Ericksdottir (and yes, that is Rachel McAdams) perform “Volcano Man” from the new film EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: THE STORY OF FIRE SAGA debuting on Netflix June 26.
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Official “Volcano Man” Lyrics
Woke up at night
I heard floating chords
They guided me
To the highland fjords
Above the clouds
On a mountain peak
There he sat
And he began to speak

Volcano Man
He's got my melting heart
Volcanic Protector Man
A timeless hero must love too
Volcano Man
(Volcano Man)
Guarding the land
(Such a man)
Volcanic Protector Man
A timeless hero must love too
And I love you
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  • Rachel McAdams is gorgeous 😁

    Scott DScott DTimme sedan
  • American making fun European culture... Sure, i'll allow it.

    David ErifDavid Erif5 timmar sedan
  • Thanks comments for the good laugh. I really needed it

    baboosevenbabooseven7 timmar sedan
  • This is Empire of the Sun

    Jacqueline CavazosJacqueline Cavazos8 timmar sedan
  • I've always wanted Will Ferrell in an anime opening.

    PatPat9 timmar sedan
  • Crazy how you become famous and suddenly everyone kisses your ass and tells you shit like this was a good idea & really funny when in actuality it was a waist of life to create and bigger waist of my life fast forwarding through it ! The 15 seconds i waisted looking at this could have been better spent scratching my butthole

    Joe CarrilloJoe Carrillo9 timmar sedan
    • guessing you're a Yank.....

      Terence MulveyTerence Mulvey6 timmar sedan
  • I rarely buy film soundtracks unless those soundtracks do something to impress me, or are by people I really like. This soundtrack looks to tick both of those boxes.

    HalotakuHalotaku10 timmar sedan
  • Now I dont think I'll watch this because it doesnt seem funny and I'm not a big fan of... some actors... but I'll give this one thing... the accent was way too spot on

    boss apocalypseboss apocalypse11 timmar sedan
  • Sorry what is this going to be 😂😂😂

    theunsolvedcasetheunsolvedcase12 timmar sedan
  • It's scary how accurate this is.. and I'm a Song Contest Fan.

    Carnage SiebensohnCarnage Siebensohn12 timmar sedan
  • Man, I love Will Ferrell

    Aj00098Aj0009814 timmar sedan
  • Netflix..ruined Hollywood forever.. almost all their productions are like the 1990's TV only movies... If Netflix produces Lord of the rings.. they'd use miniature hobbits not real hobbits... They should call it Netscam ...or netscape like the old it brings back the browser war from the 1990's..

    My life My RulesMy life My Rules16 timmar sedan
  • Will Pharrel, is that you?

    balkopbalkop16 timmar sedan
  • Drop the full version already!

    Catherine ChicoineCatherine Chicoine16 timmar sedan
    • Not looking at the title of the song, I thought he said “potato man” 😅

      soinhu foitusoinhu foitu12 timmar sedan
  • 好听

    frank Yanfrank Yan18 timmar sedan
    • Will Ferrell is married to a Swedish woman and wrote the script for this movie.

      soinhu foitusoinhu foitu12 timmar sedan
  • First time you hear it: What the hell is this sh#? Second time you hear it: Oh come on! This is just stupid! Third time you hear it: I *LOVE* IT!!!

    KesselRunner606KesselRunner60619 timmar sedan
  • It still loses versus the actual Icelandic 2020 ESC entry: Anyway - United Kingdom: zero points.

    gummibandogummibando21 timme sedan
  • 100% legit

    111 111111 111Dag sedan
  • Is this really filmed in Iceland? 😮

    96Natasja96NatasjaDag sedan
  • McAdams is hot

    Kyle ReeseKyle ReeseDag sedan
  • Hell yeah. Needed to be a full video.

    Heather _Heather _Dag sedan
    • it is a full video - the "Eurovision Netflix film" will be 120 min (2 hours) - this here is only a "teaser".

      OFFICIAL ESCOFFICIAL ESC14 timmar sedan
  • Assassins Creed: Valhala trailer looks kool!

    David LDavid LDag sedan
  • Good morning errhh good evening Europe, bon matin err bon soir l'europe! Australia calling (L'Australie ici) what an amazing show this evening, quel spectacle incroyable ce soir! Our 12 points go to......ICELAND Volcano Man, douze points á Islande, homme volcan!

    James EricksenJames EricksenDag sedan
  • Will Ferrell is a great guy!!! This song is brilliant 🤣🤣

    Engine NationEngine NationDag sedan
    • year was the best ever!

      JoannaJoannaDag sedan
  • I just watched a terrible Mel Gibson “comeback movie” trailer - and THIS undid the damage. Odin blesses you.

    Brent TollmanBrent TollmanDag sedan
    • Super! For Grand prix is ​​totally ridiculous.It is so embarrassing.I actually think it is sad. It is the low point of singers, dancers and costumes..When you see X factor competitio

      JoannaJoannaDag sedan
  • I want Iceland to send this song next year. We love our weird songs and this is perfect.

    Arnór RóbertssonArnór RóbertssonDag sedan
    • Aren't you offended at all by how they mocked Icelandic names in the movie? Cuz I as a Russian am.

      Veta VoloshancaVeta VoloshancaDag sedan
  • BBone and Sanga did it better.

  • By the Synthesizer of Thor.⚡

    Djreray Aloha!Djreray Aloha!Dag sedan
  • Will Ferrell is married to a Swedish woman and wrote the script for this movie.

    hannah karlberghannah karlbergDag sedan
  • Not looking at the title of the song, I thought he said “potato man” 😅

    Leon HoangLeon HoangDag sedan
  • Anyone else got goosebumps or is it just me? 😳 Seriously the best song of 2020 and in Eurovision song contest history 🤯 Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪

    JanineJanineDag sedan
  • Omg I wasn't watching wrll then Will Ferrell turned "Volcano Man" lmaoooo wth is this

    MONSTA X is 7MONSTA X is 7Dag sedan
  • This is so weirdly catchy! I love it. I know they're spoofing but I love it.

    Arrianna TateArrianna TateDag sedan
  • Can someone explain me what will this film be about ??

    Frua 86Frua 86Dag sedan
    • Frua 86 It’s a parody of the Eurovision Song Contest which is a real contest that takes place annually in Europe. All the participating countries enter a song and and the final takes place in the country that won first place the previous year. The winner is determined by public vote (the final is screened live on TV across Europe) and a judges vote. It’s already a slightly ridiculous event, but it’s lots of fun. From what I gather the film follows the journey of the fictitious band ‘Fire Saga’ from Iceland who I guess are entering the contest with this song ‘Volcano Man’. This song does perfectly encapsulate the style of song often seen at Eurovision.

      Cee BeeCee BeeDag sedan
  • Rachel McAdams :) A Canadian inspiration for the world. The Queen thanks you :)

    Damo DaviesDamo DaviesDag sedan
  • Molly Sandén is god - hands down on that ! What a voice ♥


    Ευαγγελία Ρ.Ευαγγελία Ρ.Dag sedan
    • Ευαγγελία Ρ. So basically your opinion differs from theirs. Some call the presses with this ground breaking news. Honestly if you are “pissed off” at this, then it def needs to exist cause you take things way too seriously.

      Steve SmithSteve SmithDag sedan
    • @Candy agree sm. The Era of the joke entries was 2007-2011 and even then many countries send good decent entries. And then people on. The comments say this song is accurate. It's not. At all.

      Ευαγγελία Ρ.Ευαγγελία Ρ.Dag sedan
    • Same feeling here. Out of this year's 41 entries, for example, there was only one joke entry (Russia). Lithuania and Iceland had funny choreographies but the songs were meant to be taken seriously. So, why on Earth do they still consider ESC a freak show?

      CandyCandyDag sedan
  • Rachel acts and looks like every woman in Eurovision duo. I'm impressed. 😀

    niduoe streniduoe streDag sedan
  • Super! For Grand prix is ​​totally ridiculous.It is so embarrassing.I actually think it is sad. It is the low point of singers, dancers and costumes..When you see X factor competition you see real talent. Grand prix is ​​a circus without talent. The hosts are stupid too.I would feel like a huge idiot if I participated in it. But ok, programs you love to hate are fine..This year was the best ever!

    Plain JanePlain JaneDag sedan
    • X factor mostly has singers that can sing someone else's song decently, sometimes even very well. There's nothing original, nothing creative in covering songs. Eurovision is not a singing competition, it's a SONG contest and hence it has original songs only and some of them happen to be really, really good.

      CandyCandyDag sedan
  • Not sure what’s happening, I keep clicking repeat?

    kittencourageouskittencourageousDag sedan
  • I am sorry. Fair attempt, but I am missing an ethnic element. Maybe add a flute?

    Silvija CSilvija CDag sedan
    • For the first minute I though he was saying “volcano mash” I was here thinking that’s an extreme way to mash potatoes

      niduoe streniduoe streDag sedan
  • Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huu

    keichi93keichi93Dag sedan
  • Eurovision 2004 winner who?

    Daiana VelchereanDaiana VelchereanDag sedan
  • I haven't laughed so hard in a while! Can't wait!

    Evita T.Evita T.Dag sedan
  • I hate that it is so accurate! I love the eurovision so much, and i hate that they poke fun of it. But this is so damn accurate!

    PuurfectCatsPuurfectCats2 dagar sedan
  • This is amazing

    Jeka E FrancoJeka E Franco2 dagar sedan
  • 12 Points from Germany!

    FredecooltwitFredecooltwit2 dagar sedan
  • In Czech rep. we dont give a shit about Eurovision...but this song is going to change it!!:))))))

    Lemmy KillmisterLemmy Killmister2 dagar sedan
  • if Europeans have at all a sense of humour they will invite him to sing in the next contest and will announce him the king of it all - please please please let this happen

    Alkis KafetzisAlkis Kafetzis2 dagar sedan
  • ICYMI: The female voice is Molly Sandén Will Ferrell sings himself.

    ESCladESClad2 dagar sedan
    • Thanks! I was thinking it didn't sound like McAdams.

      Hilde.oHilde.o20 timmar sedan
  • Already a hit in Sweden.

    Olivier BrotonsOlivier Brotons2 dagar sedan
  • What Is eurovision? This song is awesome! Need extended version please!

    pangGopangGo2 dagar sedan
    • @sigvaldi snær wow! I've never heard of anything like that! Sounds friggin awesome! Just found out about this today. I am today's years old when I found out about Eurovision song contest, and I like it.

      pangGopangGoDag sedan
    • Eurovision is a European song contest. Every country sends one act with an original song and through voting a winner is selected.

      sigvaldi snærsigvaldi snærDag sedan
  • If this is anything like Blades of Glory I’m 1000% all in.

    SLED leohjaSLED leohja2 dagar sedan
  • Such a fantastically unexpected duo love em!

    Kevin CruzKevin Cruz2 dagar sedan
  • Gonna be honest I thought they were saying potato man at first

    johnny levesquejohnny levesque2 dagar sedan
  • For the first minute I though he was saying “volcano mash” I was here thinking that’s an extreme way to mash potatoes

    Narut9Narut92 dagar sedan
    • Is it Molly Sandén I hear?

      soinhu foitusoinhu foitu2 dagar sedan
  • From the US here and have been able to catch Eurovision for the past 5 years and this is so accurate. I can't wait for this to come out!

    erikak1970erikak19702 dagar sedan
    • "KEiiNO" shocked...😎

      soinhu foitusoinhu foitu2 dagar sedan
  • We should make this no1 in the charts in Europe

    Bollox OffBollox Off2 dagar sedan
  • am i the only one who was waiting for the cowbell

    Shubham SharmaShubham Sharma2 dagar sedan
  • Can we get these 2 to represent the UK please?! Pure definition of cheese and I love me some dairy!

    TylantiaTylantia2 dagar sedan
  • 10 points for griffindor

    jsea321jsea3212 dagar sedan
  • She’s got a great voice

    Zach Hart GolfZach Hart Golf2 dagar sedan
  • O mein Gott!!! Netflix, you received 510 points!!!!

    maxim kerdinskimaxim kerdinski2 dagar sedan
  • 12 from Italy.

    Moreno BottesinMoreno Bottesin2 dagar sedan
  • is demi lovato in this?

    tilda alexsandersentilda alexsandersen2 dagar sedan
    • tilda - yes, she plays and sings in this Netflix movie but in this short teaser are only Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams.

  • I mean I like this but I wanted a full song with that magical feeling when Molly (Rachel) sings alone at the beginning.

    Jordi Baró FarrenyJordi Baró Farreny2 dagar sedan
  • reminds me of Iceland in Eurovision 2012.... ....well, that's my fav Eurovision song ever so APPROVED!

    passe partoutpasse partout2 dagar sedan
  • The plot of this is going to be stolen from that Father Ted episode

    Andrew TempestAndrew Tempest2 dagar sedan
  • I sense a triumphant return of Will Ferrell!

    Panagotis PatrikPanagotis Patrik2 dagar sedan
  • "KEiiNO" shocked...😎

    MrKylieMMrKylieM3 dagar sedan
  • Is it Molly Sandén I hear?

    LazidiLazidi3 dagar sedan
    • Lazidi - yes, Molly Sandén is singing the female part.

  • Why is will ferrell in this ad ? Edit: ooh it realy him haha and not some one who look like him

    robin & bernhardrobin & bernhard3 dagar sedan
  • Rachel acts and looks like every woman in Eurovision duo. I'm impressed. 😀

    hen kohen ko3 dagar sedan
  • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

    Anthony I. AndresAnthony I. Andres3 dagar sedan
  • as an Icelander I demand the full version of this song NOW!!! I am almost certain Odin would approve.......almost

    Tangled CharizardTangled Charizard3 dagar sedan
  • If from iceland. And i dont know what to think of this movie

    SYGUSYGU3 dagar sedan
    • Will Ferrel is so hit or miss with his movies, this ones looking like a miss

      hen kohen ko3 dagar sedan
  • V O L C A N I C P R O T E C T O R M A N

    JJ3 dagar sedan
  • No

    Connor SpencerConnor Spencer3 dagar sedan
  • We need this to be top 100 billboard

    kevin gomez-delgadokevin gomez-delgado3 dagar sedan
  • Catchy af!!!!

    citystar2318citystar23183 dagar sedan