Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer

Diablo IV is the newest incarnation of the genre defining ARPG players have come to know and love. Hellish new features, brutal challenges, and an indisputable return to darkness lie at the core of our hard work. Take a glimpse into the terror that awaits.

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Ladda ner



  • Do you guys not have toasters

    PuddinPuddin4 timmar sedan
  • I'm guessing Diablo 5 is where we kill Tal Rasha again?

    Exit0neExit0ne7 timmar sedan

    JolzJolz11 timmar sedan
  • But is it mobile????

    ElloBoppitElloBoppit15 timmar sedan
  • Everyone help me out here! D4 must have D2 skills type tree! And D2 runewords! Don't care if it pushes game a few years rather it done right later then wrong sooner spread the word let's go blizzard!

    Mike KlemishMike Klemish15 timmar sedan
  • 2:31 POE: im about to end this mans whole career!

    Das HeinoDas Heino18 timmar sedan
  • From rainbows and unicorns in Diablo 3 to this? Blizzard must have said "Let's take the dial on gritty gothic horror and set the dial from low to high; then overclock the cpu behind the dial."

    GilianGilianDag sedan
  • 8.1k people are out of their minds. This is pure diablo.

    JeremyJeremyDag sedan
  • Make a new fate game.

    Alexander MossAlexander MossDag sedan
  • D3 gameplay with New cinematic, bored.

    O_Master UpO_Master UpDag sedan
  • The Trailer gets me very excited... especially how dark and demonic it is. Like they leveled up on how evil it should be. That is good stuff. As far as the graphics and voices I like it too. But the gameplay, well so far it looks like diablo3, but now you can climb up stuff, and jump across things. I like the gameplay in diablo 3, I just wish it could be scarier, introduce team combo attacks, do better camera angles( just 3rd person... camera angles like old school resident evil, where it was like a movie. More playable heroes would be great. Maybe pvp to where at beginning of the story you choose dark or light. And dark story line is completely different than light. And sometimes you can run into them in campaign. I'm hoping this game does not become bounty, difficulty grind.

    Micheal FutchMicheal FutchDag sedan
    • And some buff skill trees instead of making it like paragon stuff, and skills that do everything.

      Micheal FutchMicheal FutchDag sedan
  • Looks like same monotonic gameplay as DIII. Zero story innovation, just mindless waste of time.

    Tom KotTom KotDag sedan
  • I wont press like button, but at least you dont have a dislike. Fix your fking darkness ost, unplayable skill system, telent and equipment interface.

    Oscar WongOscar WongDag sedan
  • The gameplay has nothing new. Looks cool but nothing more than that

    Gabriel DinizGabriel Diniz2 dagar sedan
  • We know very well Blizzard's little tricks. Gameplay is 100% fake. Unless they learned from POE, they will simply stick new graphics on Diablo 3, with zero innovations and cash in that sweet sweet sugar. DON'T PREORDER FOR ANY REASON AT ALL.

    Lorenzo CampanariLorenzo Campanari2 dagar sedan
  • 2:15 andariel? After duriel

    PalaManPalaMan2 dagar sedan
    • I don't think so. Looks like a goatman boss.

      Daniel ReisDaniel Reis20 timmar sedan
  • switch?

    Abraham MuñozAbraham Muñoz2 dagar sedan
  • Diablo 3 reskin with microtransactions. Shame on you, Blizzard!!!

    SoldomusSoldomus2 dagar sedan
  • Eyyy.. they showed the thing again where you need a certain skill to traverse/cross an area, let's hope that they will not cut some features out.

    Bretz AldrinBretz Aldrin2 dagar sedan
    • Cinematic kills by bosses too. Remember when the siegebreaker assault beast tore the female barb in half in the D3 gameplay trailer?

      TaenlynTaenlynDag sedan
  • lol you fools will never be happy!

    The Washable BombThe Washable Bomb3 dagar sedan
  • Vote with your wallet and don't give money to Blizzard. Path of Exile 2 is coming soon and I'll just play that instead.

    Rory O'TooleRory O'Toole3 dagar sedan
  • Dear Diablo team, instead of Amazon, how about Spanish Musketeer with dual pistol and a rifle. Both Male/Female???

    Happy FaceHappy Face3 dagar sedan
  • "Do you guys watch this trailer ? You need is Online only + auction, im right ?"

    fr10wifr10wi3 dagar sedan
  • I hear this is going to have microtransactions. I have to pass if that's the case. Great looking game but poor choices by greed.

    Dan VercruysseDan Vercruysse3 dagar sedan
    • Microtransactions was such a mistake in Diablo 3 the first time. Blizzard is probably not going to be stupid enough to make that mistake with Diablo 4. Their fans revolted once; they'll do it again.

      GilianGilianDag sedan
  • I want to play as the bear guy!

    Austin KennedyAustin Kennedy3 dagar sedan
  • Oh no, not Duriel again

    Aspern ParkAspern Park3 dagar sedan
  • Diablo IV: Im inevitable Path of Exile 2: And i am IRON MAN

    zawareii metalcityzawareii metalcity3 dagar sedan
  • guys is this diablo 4 or diablo immortal ? im confused becuase so far i've known is that the fanbase was dissapointed for not getting diablo 4 and got a diablo for ios/android etc but this is a whole new game right for pc/ps4 etc ?

    gametjegametje3 dagar sedan
  • Viene el infierno ..shuermano 🥴

    SaSu13SaSu133 dagar sedan
  • I’m getting regardless. It’s Diablo. Yes I own Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. 3 had ups and downs.

    Ray GarnerRay Garner3 dagar sedan
  • 1:54 1 Shot PVP

    ZosiTVZosiTV3 dagar sedan
  • What went we out into the wilderness to find?

    Redwald CuthbertingRedwald Cuthberting3 dagar sedan
  • So glad i never bothered with diablo 3, most likely will just continue with hearthstone/overwatch. Diablo 1 and 2 to me are way more awesome. I wouldn't mind seeing trailer these graphics on diablo 1

    Raven LightwalkerRaven Lightwalker4 dagar sedan
  • PoE2 vs. D4 . . . . . . . And here i am enjoying summertime saga

    Alex MegAlex Meg4 dagar sedan
  • Even the OFFICIAL GAMEPLAY TRAILER forces you to sit through a cinematic for the first 25% of the entire clip.

    Mr. MoonMr. Moon4 dagar sedan
  • Can he transform into Winnie the Pooh?

    Many LegsMany Legs4 dagar sedan
  • Engine of witcher 3 but it supports only 3 player in the same map/instances Blizzard please change the engine and make it perfect

    Andrea MinettoAndrea Minetto4 dagar sedan
  • I don't know guys... After reading some of the comments, remember that THE true Diablo 3/ true sequel to Diablo 2 which is called Dildoblow 4 is coming out and is "competing" with Edgar Allen Poe 2? Hmm. Poe fans: it's too late blizzard! There's no redemption! You waited too long to give us what we wanted! Wah!(crybaby)Time for a new king! Death to the zombie! You already died! Loyal Diablo fans: We recognise out faults, how many times have all of you fell only to get stronger? How many of you wish for second chances? We will succeed, because OG things always do... Stop this false war brother, time to grow together! Hoorah!(white knight empowerments) We already won! Hopefully things work out for both honestly.

    AlexAlex4 dagar sedan
  • Not intrested.😒

    Atheos A.T. FiveAtheos A.T. Five4 dagar sedan
  • Is freedom for HK in one of the lootboxes?

    Danny liftsDanny lifts4 dagar sedan
  • This and Path of Exile 2 look amazing.

    MarkMark4 dagar sedan
  • Duriel Gives me a goosebumps! looks promising

    Faqrul Hakim HidzirFaqrul Hakim Hidzir4 dagar sedan
  • wtf is this ??? diablo 3 remastered??? GARBAGE

    z4rkennyz4rkenny4 dagar sedan
  • Ralph Ineson's voice is so epic

    Gideon GarciaGideon Garcia4 dagar sedan
  • Colors looked a bit washed out. Hopefully the game is much more vibrant.

    Michael LeslieMichael Leslie4 dagar sedan
    • this is what diablo fans want, they hated the vibrant cartoonish diablo 3

      FBZUA47FBZUA472 dagar sedan
  • 4 characters? Prepare to be boned by DLC

    snaker9ersnaker9er4 dagar sedan
  • Hope they bring back the "Paladin" from D2 and the "Rogue" From D1

    That GuyThat Guy4 dagar sedan
  • Should change UI and damage font and animation. Looks too d3

    John GJohn G4 dagar sedan
  • So is this Diablo 2 part 2 or something? Reusing existing bosses by the looks of it. Yeah, this game looks almost no different than 3 either.

    Kristers FeldmanisKristers Feldmanis5 dagar sedan
    • pero que decis pelotudo anda a dormir

      Marcos CamposMarcos Campos4 dagar sedan
  • Please have better servers than Path of Exile...

    Moka Oni GamingMoka Oni Gaming5 dagar sedan
  • Bring back the Amazon and the assasin

    Chris RogersChris Rogers5 dagar sedan
  • this looks like the game i wanted diablo 3 to be

    Gerhart VondrivesabusGerhart Vondrivesabus5 dagar sedan
    • EXACTLY!

      Robert GeorgescuRobert Georgescu2 dagar sedan
  • i play poe and never played diablo have to say graphics better than poe lets see poe 2

    Zenox GamingZenox Gaming5 dagar sedan
  • actually looks trash

    Nice ComebackNice Comeback5 dagar sedan
  • Its ok everyone Path of Exile 2 is happening

    The GoatThe Goat5 dagar sedan
    • ​@Emmanuel Auriel "Buy Points button is still next to inventory" WTF??? what kind of complain is this? LUL Microtransaction shop is not even close to inventory button btw. You obviously don't know what ur talking about... and... if you don't see any improvements of graphics and gameplay wise, you must be blind or pretending to be.

      Elmo NunesElmo Nunes11 timmar sedan
    • Still looks the same as poe1 and not a whole new game. Lore is forgettable and Buy Points button is still next to inventory. I think i'll pass.

      Emmanuel AurielEmmanuel Auriel4 dagar sedan
    • Still looks the same as poe1 and not a whole new game. Lore is forgettable and "Buy Points" button is still next to inventory. I think i'll pass.

      Emmanuel AurielEmmanuel Auriel4 dagar sedan
  • I sense all those dislikes are PoE players. Bring it, punks.

    TyguyTyguy5 dagar sedan
    • Path of Exiled Diablo 2 players

      Emmanuel AurielEmmanuel Auriel4 dagar sedan
  • Blizzard, I'm going to give you one last chance. You screwed it with Diablo immortal, however, this Pre-Alpha already seems like a good game; I give you one last chance.

    Isaac VazquezIsaac Vazquez5 dagar sedan
  • Everyone do not play this satanic game. Read the Bible to find the truth - only Jesus can save you. He is the way, the truth and the life. Read the book of revelation in the Bible to see how He is going to return soon.

    Harley KHarley K5 dagar sedan
  • THey need to reintroduce dungeon darkness.. In D2 dungeons felt creepy because you couldnt see outside your vision radius

    MegaNerevarMegaNerevar5 dagar sedan
    • @FRFM00 90s up? What are you basing that on? You clearly don't seem to know, but extremely many people who were born early 90s grew up with diablo 2 as well - me included. So stop with that BS.

      JolzJolz10 timmar sedan
    • @Tiredofdumbfuks any one born 90s up needed a retarded version. D2 was too OG you had to be there.

      FRFM00FRFM0012 timmar sedan
    • More than darkness they need to reintroduce difficulty, D3 is so stupidly easy it seems made for retards.

      TiredofdumbfuksTiredofdumbfuks16 timmar sedan
    • I really miss the fear in diablo series. it cannot be a copy of God of war...

      LeandroidLeandroid20 timmar sedan
    • D1 did it even better.

      halk3nhalk3nDag sedan
  • Looks great, still I will play PoE2. Not even hesitating.

    PierreLucSexPierreLucSex5 dagar sedan
    • @Emmanuel Auriel I K R

      PierreLucSexPierreLucSex4 dagar sedan
    • Im a simple man - if i see a "shop" or "buy points" button next to inventory I skip it.

      Emmanuel AurielEmmanuel Auriel4 dagar sedan