Diablo 4 - Official Announcement Cinematic Trailer | Blizzcon 2019

Lilith, The daughter of Lord of Hatred, returns to Sanctuary in the reveal trailer for Diablo 4. Diablo IV is the newest cinematic from Blizzcon 2019.

Ladda ner



  • Hail lilyth the daughter of hatred

    koborsy eliekoborsy elie4 timmar sedan
  • This is actually a Diablo game for the TI-85. Everyone has a TI-85 right!?

    panfrickpanfrick5 timmar sedan
  • A link to D3 on how the character Tyrael suspended in chains... Hmmm?? 🤔

    Jen YuenJen Yuen5 timmar sedan
  • Redownloaded D3 and bought necromancer just off D4 hype alone and running a new wizard at same time hardcore lol

    J PJ P5 timmar sedan
  • The gameplay looks solid.

    Tim JungTim Jung7 timmar sedan
  • Is it just me, or have Blizzard started a theme where women are the source of all evil?

    AlphaSilverbackAlphaSilverback9 timmar sedan
  • aaaaaaaand its still a damn mobile game

    TheConManTheConMan9 timmar sedan
  • I swear if they make this game exclusively online and event heavy I won't be playing it. Like I didn't play Diablo III

    Shadkaam AhmedShadkaam Ahmed12 timmar sedan
    • I think d3 was OK

      LeFatalpotatoLeFatalpotato7 timmar sedan
  • Now THAT is how you do a Diablo trailer!!

    Joe MillonziJoe Millonzi13 timmar sedan
  • #freehongkong

    LoliJuicesLoliJuices15 timmar sedan
  • I love Lilith's first glance, it seems so terrific but in the same time so "pure", when she look around and seems doesn't knowing anything about her power.

    Alice fait des carabistouillesAlice fait des carabistouilles15 timmar sedan
  • when is blizzard ever gonna make a serie of episodes out of diablo's story? this has to happen..

    WiTTeNxWiTTeNx16 timmar sedan
    • yeah, super dark and grim like this one right? from diablo 1 all the way to now, and retcon most of diablo 3 to make it much darker.

      Final CamFinal Cam16 timmar sedan
  • Wyatt Cheng...if he is still involved in this franchise....it is gonna get deep fhukked....Diablo Immortal had great video reveal too...then up their A's mobile JAJAJAJA...DYNHP!!!

    Antonio LimAntonio Lim17 timmar sedan
  • meh.

    Salted FishSalted Fish18 timmar sedan
  • Still waiting for the last Diablo they showed like this to come out...

    DeathDustDespairDeathDustDespair19 timmar sedan
  • I have a mobile device.

    Joshua LewisJoshua Lewis20 timmar sedan
  • Is that Richard Dormer (aka. Beric Dondarrion in Game of Thrones) portraying and voicing the eyepatch / pale white guy?

    LRZNLRZN20 timmar sedan
  • Normies: That's a huge cape Intellectuals: Nice foreskin

    Antonio Gallardo IIIAntonio Gallardo III20 timmar sedan
  • And that's how I met my wife

    Antonio Gallardo IIIAntonio Gallardo III20 timmar sedan
  • I hope it won't be like the third part. Which resembles the graphics with WoW. The game should go back to its roots...

    Tayyab GhaffarTayyab Ghaffar20 timmar sedan
  • when will it be available for download from the playstation store?

    Robertas PaulaviciusRobertas Paulavicius21 timme sedan
    • monday

      The Stoic BrisketThe Stoic Brisket8 timmar sedan
  • Oh.... Mondays start this way in warhammer r40k

    Abel ArredondoAbel Arredondo21 timme sedan
  • italian version of this trailer is realy better ! nice work

    It's a Trap of RastreeIt's a Trap of Rastree22 timmar sedan
    • Beric?!

      chding zuurechding zuure20 timmar sedan
  • 7:37 A wild Kerrigan appears. This is just a SCIII trailer in disguise.

    davidvanelslandedavidvanelslande22 timmar sedan
    • The guy just wanted a better education.

      chding zuurechding zuure20 timmar sedan
  • When the Xenomorph didnt worked out....

    Joseph KimJoseph Kim22 timmar sedan
  • I want 7:10 him to be hero of this game🥺

    vishwank v raivishwank v rai22 timmar sedan
  • I think they used someones scrotum as a texture sample on Lilith..

    xDoomX GamingxDoomX Gaming23 timmar sedan
  • They have the resources... They have the Talent required to make it happen.. Why not just make a cgi movie. It doesn't matter if its warcraft, Diablo, or Starcraft... The lore and story boards are already there. These cinematics are a delight to everyone who watches them. Its nothing short of amazing. Why not invest in a solid origin movie giving the helm to a competent director who appreciates original source? I would say the return on investment would be quicker than the time it takes to recoup on a release of a game? I've never been disappointed in any Blizzard made cinematic, their team is unquestionably dedicated in making masterpieces. I want more and so do many fans who would happily spend 20 dollars on a 3D Imax ticket to watch one of your short pieces turn into a full length feature.

    Andy ChiaAndy ChiaDag sedan
  • The first time I watching an 9min trailer full 😂

    Nogo AreaNogo AreaDag sedan
  • So the Lilith of Neverwinter is never shown. All which is know for her is that she works with a lot of Spiders. I wonder how Diablo's Lilith will be.

    Paxus5212Paxus5212Dag sedan
  • When I've seen this 8:40 , I remember Lucifer from Constantine.

    Lord FvqundoLord FvqundoDag sedan
  • 5his is not diablo anymore

    Chuah Shiue DongChuah Shiue DongDag sedan
  • Acaso no tienen celulares ??? Jajajajajajaja a la mierda !! Miren ese trailer

    Ariel LocoAriel LocoDag sedan
  • Why nobody is asking if that black dude is tyrael and if he's dead in D4?

    Ti Seng JianTi Seng JianDag sedan
    • Tyrael should have fallen out of grace substantially if he's summoning demons as part time job

      LeFatalpotatoLeFatalpotato7 timmar sedan
  • not gonna lie put if this was 3d enemys whould be terrifiying

    michael moralesmichael moralesDag sedan
  • well i have 10 years to condition my body for this ill be back

    TrundasTrundasDag sedan
  • Always trailers are better than games in that case xd. So maybe insted of doing shitti game try make a dope movie

    Bartosz WidalskiBartosz WidalskiDag sedan
  • The guy just wanted a better education.

    khxmlkhxmlDag sedan
  • Beric?!

    Veronica ShippVeronica ShippDag sedan
  • Release date?

    Kirin GreeneKirin GreeneDag sedan
  • Everyone gonna be Lilith next comicon. 😬😂

    salvadoroarssalvadoroarsDag sedan
  • do you guys not have tamagotchis?

    M KM KDag sedan
    • Don't You Guys Have Pcs??

      chding zuurechding zuureDag sedan
  • Oh cool, Kerrigan's mom~!

    DaslikdjDaslikdjDag sedan
    • Damn I can't make Hong Kong jokes on this one.

      chding zuurechding zuureDag sedan
  • Damn, that's some Hellraiser stuff right there.

    Sapientia et VirtusSapientia et VirtusDag sedan
  • I bet the only people who disliked this were Christian lol

    chaotic mercenarychaotic mercenaryDag sedan
    • Dislikers mostly mobile game trash players and anime fans...

      Premchand NaikPremchand Naik4 timmar sedan
    • @Stephen Kohl how about I eat you

      chaotic mercenarychaotic mercenary9 timmar sedan
    • or kids in thirdworld poverty who wound happily eat your more than likely soft veal like flesh if they found out how you spent 30-60 days worth of food money. they only get a few 3rd world computers so dislikes from them are hard to gauge. also Burgerking and Mcdonalds need eachother. legaly.

      Stephen KohlStephen Kohl10 timmar sedan
  • We all know she is back for the child support payments from inarius 😂

    Ravi SinghRavi SinghDag sedan
  • I Hope this isn’t another out of season April Fool’s Joke.

    Clasher BoyClasher BoyDag sedan
  • Basically an episode of Love Death and Robots.

    DarrylDarrylDag sedan
  • Lilith's period hit hard this month

    Courtney NelsonCourtney NelsonDag sedan
  • microtransactions incoming

    SematixSematixDag sedan
  • It’s official, Diablo 4 release date is set for Fall 2040...

    Eugene MuchynskiEugene MuchynskiDag sedan
  • therez only gaMe in my heart!....you

    ert sidoert sidoDag sedan
  • Queen

    Supreme CovenSupreme CovenDag sedan
  • When you come to SEproject to watch a game trailer and instead you head getting demonically possessed lol

    Bangirana AllanBangirana AllanDag sedan
  • amazing

    Daniel Corella ArmstrongDaniel Corella ArmstrongDag sedan
  • Damn I can't make Hong Kong jokes on this one.

    Alice WatsonAlice WatsonDag sedan
  • Don't You Guys Have Pcs??

    HazerlinkHazerlinkDag sedan
  • I would have rather seen 5 seconds of gameplay. After Diablo 3 changed the formula, who knows what to expect now?

    tileformilestileformilesDag sedan
  • 🎅Christmas is coming save money for alcohol party

    bharat Tiwaribharat TiwariDag sedan
  • Error 47, Really I gave up on Diablo since Diablo III

    1upGaming1up1upGaming1upDag sedan