Can Arsenal still finish in the Top Four? | Carragher, Saha & Heskey | Super Sunday

The Super Sunday panel provide their verdict on Arsenal.

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  • lol they won't even finish in the top 3

    Puneet KaushikPuneet Kaushik4 dagar sedan
  • If Arsenal finish in the top 4 i will have a sex change.

    Vernon Francis GallagherVernon Francis Gallagher4 dagar sedan
  • Carragher wears more make up than a Kardashian

    Hani BaqerHani Baqer4 dagar sedan
  • Not even top 6

    Prit VanjaraPrit Vanjara5 dagar sedan
  • This topic is delusional. We are nose diving and unfortunately relegation battle that what ahead of us. We need permanent manager ASAP

    Iaroslav JouravlevIaroslav Jouravlev5 dagar sedan
  • As an Arsenal, I’m going to say we have a better chance of finishing in the bottom 4 rather than the top. And I’m not even joking.

    DDream 1986DDream 19865 dagar sedan
  • I think there's a better chance of me winning the lottery this Tuesday then Arsenal finishing in the top 4

    Nelson DembaNelson Demba5 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal are done for 4/5 years

    Stan PR1Stan PR16 dagar sedan
  • More realistic question would be, will Arsenal be relegated this season?

    Abror IlkhamovAbror Ilkhamov6 dagar sedan
  • Answer to this question: PAHAHAHAHA... No. - Arsenal Fan

    Andrew AlindaAndrew Alinda6 dagar sedan
  • No

    BlueMonk25BlueMonk256 dagar sedan
  • forget about top 4, need to finish top 17!

    solo vengysolo vengy6 dagar sedan
  • What the hell Arsenal are doing so far. Professor Arsene Wenger is pretty disappointed for their unprofessional and spineless football.

    ゆうなかがわゆうなかがわ6 dagar sedan
  • Which top 4 ah maybe top last 4

    Makka VellyMakka Velly6 dagar sedan
  • Nope

    Mr. GrMr. Gr7 dagar sedan
  • The wont finish top 4. There is an already established top 4 this season.

    Captain OKZCaptain OKZ7 dagar sedan
  • Wow heskey looks even more like the dude from the film candy man.

    Daniel VanadamDaniel Vanadam7 dagar sedan
  • Simple answer to vid title “ NO” merlin couldn’t get this squad in the top 4

    Daniel VanadamDaniel Vanadam7 dagar sedan
  • I want Carragher as manager

    SwitchSwitch7 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal are getting relegated, why is this even a question??

    Juanjuan KokolokoJuanjuan Kokoloko7 dagar sedan
  • The question should be "Can Arsenal avoid relegation?

    Mersed MuratovicMersed Muratovic7 dagar sedan
  • Top four is out of the question what a ridiculously dumb question. We will get top half if we are lucky

    Icognito W97Icognito W977 dagar sedan
  • Lol who’s here after they lost to Brighton and Aftv talking about relegation battles 😂

    J HughesyJ Hughesy7 dagar sedan
  • Check my account for heskeys reaction to ksi memes

    Jose MourinhoJose Mourinho7 dagar sedan
  • Bellerin was injured, Xhaka was our best outfield player on the day.

    LrsLzkLrsLzk8 dagar sedan
  • Damm heskey is a Dumbo

    Money SandhuMoney Sandhu8 dagar sedan
  • Man carragher, just shut up , definitely failed oral examination all his life.

    TooFabulouSForUTooFabulouSForU8 dagar sedan
  • No

    Hahah HahaHahah Haha9 dagar sedan
  • No way top four obviously sacking a manager mid season its only mean that the club need a complete restart and rebuild not only manager players and board too same things with united because these two club had a long era with only one manager and a true identity of the club now a complete reboot is needed

    PercyCariaPercyCaria9 dagar sedan
  • Always say "yes they still can but will be hard". Karma bites hard. Be nice. Just ask Mourinho. Its gonna be real funny if Arsenal makes it at the expense of Liverpool.

    Boi BoiBoi Boi9 dagar sedan
  • Heskey is right. Pepe’s first half performance against Liverpool was amazing. He actually penetrated Liverpool’s backline a couple of times, with one chance being a clear one on one. Sadly, it showed how abysmal his finishing was. Even against Spurs, he came close to scoring. Lately, he’s just been putrid. But if he can at least go back to running at defenders and destabilizing defenses, he should be able to put up a few assists. With Lacazette and Auba, Pepe doesn’t need to be overly focused on scoring.

    Steeve CantaveSteeve Cantave9 dagar sedan
  • take this team out of the equation ...will you ?..

    tito ktito k9 dagar sedan
  • Arse-anal are finished, and there deluded fans are in the invincible world still. 😀

    The RealistThe Realist9 dagar sedan
  • Would be funny watching Arsenals financial struggles if they couldn't make Europa

    Lewis GoPro AdventuresLewis GoPro Adventures9 dagar sedan
  • No. End of video.

    KGBgringoKGBgringo9 dagar sedan
  • It's a shame Emile Heskey is a walking punchline nowadays as he was a damn good player in his day

    JimJim10 dagar sedan

      A SapoluuA Sapoluu5 dagar sedan
  • It would acc be a miracle if arsenal make top 4

    Taykay1690 _Taykay1690 _10 dagar sedan
  • Of course not. Stupid question

    HerbHerb10 dagar sedan
  • 0:03 0:18 0:30 Strange noises from Carragher.

    joenicedjjoenicedj10 dagar sedan
  • Are we not gunna discuss about Saha calling pepe, pee pee

    Jdninety3Jdninety310 dagar sedan