Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Third Year | Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair has time capsuled Billie Eilish’s responses to the same questions for the last three years and tracked the almost-18-year-old’s swift rise to pop super stardom. From the Grammy-nominated debut studio album ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ to her third world tour, see how Billie’s changed much more than her hair color.
Billie Eilish’s album ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ is out now and for tour information:
Recomposition of “bad guy" by Alfonso Velez
Directed & Interviewed by Joe Sabia
Edited by Doug Larsen
Executive Produced by Traci Oshiro
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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Third Year | Vanity Fair

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  • Billie: describes what a favorite artist is Me: WELP BILLIE IS MY FAVORITE ARTISTTT

    Ove AdamsOve AdamsTimme sedan
  • 2017: :( 2018: :/ 2019: :D

    monataehmsmonataehmsTimme sedan
  • Am I the only one who really wants Billie to always be "Billie" like please don't turn like those other celebs 😭❤🌻

    Ove AdamsOve AdamsTimme sedan
  • Drake going to catch a case.

    Cristian PerezCristian PerezTimme sedan
  • She forgot impulse

    CurbellCurbellTimme sedan
  • türkçe altyazı eklenme imkanı yok mu ya

    Aysel DumanAysel DumanTimme sedan
  • She's a great lady. The world is honored to have her.

    Luis Alfonso LacuataLuis Alfonso Lacuata2 timmar sedan
  • どんなビリーでも好き〜

    柴犬はち柴犬はち2 timmar sedan
  • This girls hair is cool what does she do?

    DabadDabad2 timmar sedan
  • her voice is so soft and warm that I can't stop listening to her!!

    Martyna G.Martyna G.2 timmar sedan
  • billie could talk for 12 hours straight. and i will still gladly listen to her.

    mi-an-haemi-an-hae2 timmar sedan
  • #BillieEilishPartyIsOver

    Mark CentenoPHMark CentenoPH2 timmar sedan
  • She has aged dramatically in such a short time, whatever she's doing she better stop it. Getting wrinkles at 25 ain't good.

    Ryuuken24Ryuuken242 timmar sedan
  • She is real, I LOVE her

    jordan jettjordan jett2 timmar sedan
  • I can’t be the only one thinking she looks like a Jojo character

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty3 timmar sedan
  • she dint even mention x

    amaan majidamaan majid3 timmar sedan
  • x gave her free clout

    amaan majidamaan majid3 timmar sedan
  • The fact that I'm 16 and I look like a kid and she is 17 and looks 21, it scares me.

    Aayush AnshulAayush Anshul3 timmar sedan
    • 1:41 *Millie Bobby Brown has left the chat*

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty3 timmar sedan
  • billie's moods for 3 years: 2017 : innocent 2018 : depressed 2019 : confident and happy 🖤💚

    ocean eyes of cessocean eyes of cess3 timmar sedan
  • Just beautiful :) wish her the best:) ❤

    domiii89domiii893 timmar sedan
  • I never knew Billie says the f word lmfao

    CaptainDriftzCaptainDriftz4 timmar sedan
  • her ego has gone too far

    MaxMax4 timmar sedan
  • 割と早い方に見れたぜ!

    山根真実山根真実4 timmar sedan
  • I want a 4 year one!!

    Wistel PickleWistel Pickle4 timmar sedan
  • This version of her reminds me of Emma chamberlain 😂

    Liam Tonga'uihaLiam Tonga'uiha5 timmar sedan
  • 오 얼굴이 좋아져 보인다

    김세연김세연5 timmar sedan
  • The glow up we needed🙌

    maddymaddy5 timmar sedan
  • I can't wait until next year

    Amna AlnajjarAmna Alnajjar5 timmar sedan
  • William Eyelash

    Rusty RocketsRusty Rockets5 timmar sedan
  • Next one next one next one

    gamen met tta7 livegamen met tta7 live5 timmar sedan
  • The fact 16 year old Billie predicted the future and what's going to happened in two years. Genius 🤙🏻

    Banshee ABanshee A5 timmar sedan
  • Billy: don't mind my green roots. Hair: stop eating your spinach.

    Sharon AlabamaSharon Alabama5 timmar sedan
  • 1:41 **Millie Bobby Brown has left the chat**

    lesslieelessliee6 timmar sedan
  • these videos have been recorded on my birthday, coincidence? i think not

    lesslieelessliee6 timmar sedan
  • i honestly hate her so much

    valerievalerie6 timmar sedan
  • The most famous person in the world Khalid 😂😂😂😂😂

    thebeatgoeson 19thebeatgoeson 196 timmar sedan
  • So glad she's happier now. Love you, Billie.

    Dawnelli LuarDawnelli Luar6 timmar sedan
  • I thought her personality was more like the last year interview but now we can see how she's more happy and more opened with everything 💕

    Banshee ABanshee A6 timmar sedan
  • Totally love these videos. Props to VF for capturing this exceptional young artist in a chronological history of her musical development. The person who came up with this idea should get a big fat raise. Billie, you're amazing at just being you. Stay happy :)

    Shelley FordShelley Ford6 timmar sedan
  • She looks so happy ♥️

    heyeverybodyheyeverybody6 timmar sedan