5 Min vs. 50 Min vs. 5 Hour Pasta (ft. Binging With Babish) • Tasty

Andrew Rea, the creator of Binging With Babish, demonstrates 3 wonderful pasta recipes for 3 different occasions.
Check out the Binging With Babish Cookbook here: www.bingingwithbabish.com/cookbook
5-Minute Pasta Aglio E Olio: www.bingingwithbabish.com/recipes/2017/5/4/aglioeolio
50-Minute Fettuccine Alfredo:
3 large eggs, beaten to blend
2 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting
1 splash olive oil
1 pinch salt
1. Mix flour, eggs, olive oil, and salt with a fork or a bench scraper.
2. Knead until smooth, roughly 10 minutes, or use a dough hook attachment in a stand mixer to knead until smooth.
3. Cover with plastic wrap and rest for 30 minutes at room temperature.
4. Cut into quarters, then roll out with a flour-dusted rolling pin.
5. Run through a pasta machine, starting at a 0 setting and incrementing up to a 6 or a 7 setting, cutting the sheet in half if the pasta gets long.
6. Switch to a fettuccine cutting attachment and run the pasta sheets through. Dust noodles with flour, twist into nests, and cover until ready to cook.
5-Hour Sunday Gravy:

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Andrew Rea

Ladda ner



  • omg i am italian i living in italy i am chef in italy and pasta aglio e olio is not that omg so bad, fettucine alfredo is not italin food and why u put oil and salt in fresh egg pasta? , the last disch is orrible pls stop to cook and come to Italy to learn how to eat

    foghermanfogherman4 timmar sedan
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    Leopark tubLeopark tub7 timmar sedan
  • 6:20 someone says "how many do we need to--" in the background not sure if you needed to know that but here you go anyways

    Chicken YaoChicken Yao9 timmar sedan
  • Nice show. But so many damn errors. Ok, you didnt say that you were going to make "italian recipes", but in fact you did. #"Aglio e Olio" its the american name, in Italy it is "Aglio Olio e Peperoncino", and in fact you use Pepper corn. Well, dont use at all the parsley. And every pasta requires to be "jumped" into the cooking pan. The last part, to jump, with a couple of spoons of water. #"Pasta Alfredo", its pretty unknown in Italy, there is an historic restaurant in Roma that is named Alfredo and makes Fettuccine Alfredo. Ok for the pasta, But the sauce... Prepare the butter spoons into the pan, still cold from the fridge. Add directly the pasta with some cooking water, and start "jumping" the pasta. In this way pasta is going to whisk and making a cream. Add generous Grated Parmesan, keep jumping. You can add nutmeg, black peppercorn, as desired. But no heavy cream, not at all. If executed correctly you will get much flavor and same rich sauce. #"Rigatoni, Sunday Gravy". Id put the onions, with carrots, oil, fry, add meat chunks, until they color, leave the sausage for some minutes more, it has to release most of his fat, and than remove the sausage too. Than add Wine, dry red is ok (because you are going for red sauce). The fat from the meat, with the sugar from onions and carrots will mix greatly with the wine. Remove the meat, add the tomato pasta, add a bit of water, bring to boil. Add the crushed tomatoes. To remove the acidity of the tomato, is strongly recommended to add sugar. But not too much, taste the sauce, just has to dont feel any acidic flavor. Bring to boil. Add the meat. Cook until necessary (meat off the bones). Works very well if you add the sausage being crumbled, the small pieces of meat will distribute in the sauce. So, same ingredients, but the result will be different.

    Rod SernesiRod Sernesi10 timmar sedan
  • "You really need to kneed the ever living shit out of it" @ 4:12 Made me laugh too much

    Doctor VenDoctor Ven10 timmar sedan
  • sounds of triggered Italians intensifies

    Kira ElricKira Elric12 timmar sedan
  • 1) salt on top of pasta??? NO NO. You put 2 spoon of salt in 3-4 liters of water and stop. NO SALT AFTER COOKING. 2) when you drop spaghetti in a pan u can hold them straight vertical in the pan with your hand and slightly twisting them before u let them fall, that way u wont need to bend them to make them fit the pan. 3) i know u don't care. This is food and you are not Italian.

    alexborr84alexborr8412 timmar sedan
  • he's dope

    littlewing1023littlewing102313 timmar sedan
  • I WISH making homemade pasta only took me 50 minutes.. it's always taken me hours 😭😂

    K8K814 timmar sedan
  • I’m Sicilian

    Veno_3000Veno_300015 timmar sedan

    Veno_3000Veno_300015 timmar sedan
  • 5:06 Ryan Reynolds if he had a beard and mustache...

    The Almighty OneThe Almighty One18 timmar sedan
  • i hope no one saw that *few seconds later *gasps

    jing wei maijing wei mai18 timmar sedan
  • anyone knows the name of the song that starts at 13:42?

    MarkMark19 timmar sedan
  • You go crazy for this Alfredo, but in Italy we do not have any f@ckin idea of this Alfredo industrial sauce, that's something made by a US industry for US market, just to give people a lil taste of Italian food idea, and make a profit with something emulating a made in Italy. And of course we add wines to some sauces who deserves it, but French wine? Not at all my friend! we have better Km0 choices and that's the meaning of DOC or DOCG marks(Origin protected and granted). Next time you buy some wine be sure it is a red Taurasi, or a white Greco di Tufo, both Campanian and you'll taste the differences...

    Cool VideosCool Videos19 timmar sedan
  • Italy approves

    massimo nalonmassimo nalon20 timmar sedan
    • Porco dio

      Un Utente YouTubeUn Utente YouTube20 timmar sedan
  • It's funny to see a "Cocotte Staub"...because they are made in France...:-). Nice video. Friendly from France...:-).

    Khrist75Khrist7520 timmar sedan
  • Please don't use "Italian" or Italian pasta's names (e.g. amatriciana, carbonara, aglio e olio, etc) if u are doing something completely different. We are not mad about how u cook pasta (flies like shit and that's ok) but don't give them Italian names, pls. P.S.: DON'T PUT SALT WHEN PASTA IS COOKED AND DON'T PUT THAT AMOUNT OF GARLIC FOR GOD'S SAKE. Now I know the reason why my grandma passed out 10 minutes ago

    Antonio FantonAntonio Fanton21 timme sedan
  • How did he make a 5 hour pasta if the video's only 16 minutes?

    KT ROMEROKT ROMERO21 timme sedan
  • Your eyes look just like the ones from the youtube drummer cobus potgier!

    Falko WayneFalko Wayne21 timme sedan
  • Ahhhh Babish. Awkward as always.

    Paljor WangdiPaljor Wangdi22 timmar sedan
  • "Hey Vsauce, Andrew here!"

    Evgeny ReshetnikovEvgeny Reshetnikov22 timmar sedan
  • The 5 hour pasta doesn't ave homemade pasta?

    Zhane DoeZhane Doe22 timmar sedan
  • I subscribe both Tasty and Binging with Babish. I thought I'm watching Binging's video but Tasty guy just popped up and it surprised me haha

    Chloe JungChloe Jung22 timmar sedan
  • Just do not season the pasta. 100 grams of pasta in 1 liter of boiling water with 10 grams of salt. 200 grams of pasta in 2 liters of boiling water with 20 grams of salt. Not going to say anything else, truly hoping that the order of the universe is still intact.

    Lorenzo LoviselliLorenzo Loviselli23 timmar sedan
  • Who else got a tasty ad while watching this video?

    the BIG asianthe BIG asian23 timmar sedan
  • Now that I've seen his face while cooking, he kinda looks like bald version of Ryan Reynolds, with beard 😆

    Simon Child Sr.Simon Child Sr.Dag sedan
  • You need a bigger pot. No bending required.

    William OwenWilliam OwenDag sedan

    Mike_ 05Mike_ 05Dag sedan
  • Questo video è *oltraggioso*.

    Persona TristePersona TristeDag sedan
  • keenan allen is that you?

    Kylan BagleyKylan BagleyDag sedan
  • how can you dislike this? 😂

    Ernesto ColemanErnesto ColemanDag sedan
  • Whoo boy... some folks here don't get how immigrants modify their home cuisines when exposed to new cultures and ingredients when they get to somewhere else. The alfredo looks good, though. Might show the five hour recipe to my mom. She lost her all day sauce recipe ages ago and it's been my quest to find it for her. Maybe this'll be a good stepping stone.

    Chris HauckChris HauckDag sedan
  • My dude here be looking like Vesos

    Emerald DragonEmerald DragonDag sedan
  • Okay so I dropped my computer and I'm not sure if the audio sounded weird in the first pasta or is it just my computer, I heard the second pasta and the audio is fine. Can anyone note the difference?

    Guadalupe AnguianoGuadalupe AnguianoDag sedan
  • I don't know why but Babish looks like Ryan Renolds except bald and can cook and has a full on beard.

    InterstellarInterstellarDag sedan
  • Man, this dude really looks like that SEprojectr named Binging with Babish

    unicycle frogunicycle frogDag sedan
  • Him screaming at his mistakes and my reaction being, “you damn right that’s how you react.” while my boyfriend shakes his head and wonders why people like us exist.

    Carly KCarly KDag sedan
  • I am also stark pale white. I can’t show skin at the beach for 2 reason: 1. I burn. I don’t tan. I can’t. I just become different colors of off white or pink or red or blistered. 2. Light reflects off of me and people constantly mistake pictures of me for ghosts. I’m serious. When people used to use a flash and then develop pictures they would say “there was a ghost!” And I have to say, very sadly, “No. that’s just me.” School pictures were never normal for me. The camera guy always complained that my pictures took too long to take because he had to change his camera settings 3 times.

    Carly KCarly KDag sedan
  • 0:22 (5 min) 3:13 (50 min) 6:45 (For people who can’t or don’t want to make the spaghetti itself) 9:20 (5 hours)

    AdyanzAdyanzDag sedan
    • Sorry if I got anything wrong

      AdyanzAdyanzDag sedan
  • Am i the only one who keeps watching this because they love pasta but can cook any of these recipes for shit?🤣

    GD Noob99GD Noob99Dag sedan
  • If an italian sees this commits suicide

    Gian MarcuzziGian MarcuzziDag sedan
  • Finché ve la mangiate voi sta merda non mi lamento

    KILLKILLDag sedan

    crayon 2crayon 2Dag sedan
  • babish's home equipment much more quality ones. even the video quality too low. shame on you tasty.

    Ahmet Can ErmişAhmet Can ErmişDag sedan
  • The first one is goood

    NOT HxRdNOT HxRdDag sedan
  • Really Entertaining well done

    Tely DestianaTely DestianaDag sedan
  • Dude I know nobody gives a shit about italian as a language cuz we're poor and everything, but damn, please, never pronounce "aglio e olio" that way again in your life while on this planet lol you're a chef, learn the names of the trade. :D

    So Far So GoodSo Far So GoodDag sedan
  • so... I had to pause after 2min... Cooking pasta in a SMALL pot, with close to no salt and adding a ton of salt after pasta being cooked? There must be some godfathers spinning in their graves...

    Steve PIRESSteve PIRESDag sedan
  • 5 gad damn hours for freaking pasta.......

    Edwin JosephEdwin JosephDag sedan

    PyromediaOFFICIALPyromediaOFFICIALDag sedan
  • Hey vsauce Michael here

    ItzSlashyItzSlashyDag sedan
  • I lost my shit at 5:05 ngl

    PyromediaOFFICIALPyromediaOFFICIALDag sedan
  • 6:07 they look like condoms xD

    Anime SpecialsAnime SpecialsDag sedan
  • It takes me 5 hours to make the 5 min Pasta

    MiwieMiwieDag sedan
  • Im not kidding you.. I could smell the meat on that pan through my monitor, 11,000 km away... god damn ..

    Велик НеделчевВелик НеделчевDag sedan
  • italian recipes are SIMPLE! aglio e olio is TWO ingredients. ALFREDO is TWO ingredients. all this creams and other stuff is just too much. look at this for the REAL ALFREDO seproject.info/it/video/hptpqnavyHqzftI

    Lorenzo GambinoLorenzo GambinoDag sedan
  • Ma dove cazzo imparano sti americani, lezzi

    sasso sassisasso sassiDag sedan
  • Nobody saw that, rig.. *HUH*

    The ManThe ManDag sedan
  • What pasta takes 5 hours to cook???

    itzkalani 4lifeitzkalani 4lifeDag sedan