420cc Murray Go Kart Revival | Best Cheap Off Roader!

We're bringing back one of our best cheap off road go karts, the Predator 420cc powered Murray Kilowatt. This Murray off road go kart originally came with a Tecumseh OHV 6 horsepower engine, but we immediately swapped a Predator 420cc engine onto it, and the big 13hp 420cc fit like a glove! This cheap go kart has been sitting for years, and now it's time to revive it to swap in a 440cc 2 stroke snowmobile engine!
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  • they're about $200 I paid for it and I remember culture was there when you guys bought it and he really enjoyed being the camera man that day but I remember the kilowatt and all of Isaac's exploits on it have a great day 🚗📸😀👏🚗📸😀👏🚗📸😀👏🚗📸😀👏

    Dax armsDax arms5 dagar sedan
  • Whatever doesn't kill Isaac will only make him stronger

    Dax armsDax arms5 dagar sedan
  • I always wondered what happened to the Murray

    BJ JongejanBJ Jongejan19 dagar sedan
  • Pls give me one cart

    gabriel chapiyengabriel chapiyen20 dagar sedan
  • I have a mid-2000's Murray real similar to the Kilowatt with the front tires and wheels and spindle adapters off a chinese 110cc ATV. I just left the stock size rear tires on the kart. That setup is a nice little off-road upgrade for the Murray, it gives it a ton of ground clearance. That did make it twitchy past 35mph, but the front end on that thing ain't exactly precision engineering to begin with!

    dumpster diverdumpster diver25 dagar sedan
  • Anyone got a working coupon code for gopoowersports?

    Bobby BlankBobby Blank26 dagar sedan
  • to be honest, nobody cares about you guys fixing the cars and stuff, they just want to look at the end :)

    Noah BakkenNoah Bakken26 dagar sedan
  • Just wondering why you guys call your channel “Cars and Cameras”? You have a lot of cool cars in the background but never work on any of them. Maybe it should be called “Carts Bikes and Cameras”?

    Dan FlatenDan Flaten26 dagar sedan
  • i see you did the ok sighn lmao i saw on the news there trying to say the ok sighn is racist but i personally domt care what they say lmao

    Blu FlameBlu Flame26 dagar sedan
  • It's got a Cali lean on

    Aspen DronenburgAspen Dronenburg27 dagar sedan
  • You guys should do a cbr 1000cc tank build

    LOL YOUR WILDLOL YOUR WILD27 dagar sedan
  • John acts like he’s a race car driver, and he acts like he knows all. And he said “think about the grass” but yet he rips it up more than the other dude, and he needs to stop saying ayo he sounds like a fucking idiot

    Brady MoellerBrady Moeller27 dagar sedan
  • snow movbile engine...

    Bill BraskyBill Brasky27 dagar sedan
  • the promo code cc10 isnt working...

    DrewDrew27 dagar sedan
  • try something different! www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Best-price-4hp-6hp-10hp-12hp_1751865015.html?spm=a2700.7724838.2017115.24.4ed0671fKMz5IT

    J KJ K27 dagar sedan
  • Don't put a two stroke in it 😕

    Sarah SmithSarah Smith27 dagar sedan
  • Where is dragster😟

    AbonejatRiixenKanaluAbonejatRiixenKanalu27 dagar sedan
  • You guys should straight pipe this go-kart

    catch and slap fishing crew fishingcatch and slap fishing crew fishing27 dagar sedan
  • When’s the kt100 swapped mini bike vid coming?

    Jim FeatherstoneJim Featherstone27 dagar sedan
  • Bring back the black widow 670

    Jayden Van NessJayden Van Ness28 dagar sedan
  • I see y'all got lots of stuff, y'all should make a sweepstakes who could win a project, that would be cool.🤔😉👍🤙

    challenger srtchallenger srt28 dagar sedan
  • Love your videos guys keep up the hard work I've been subscribed for 2 years y'all should work on some more cars again

    landon Kimblelandon Kimble28 dagar sedan
  • Nice front shocks

    Alfa75V6Alfa75V628 dagar sedan
  • Can you give me a go kart

    Jacob Burke2Jacob Burke228 dagar sedan
  • Greetings C&C. Love your work and wondering if you could shed some light on a 4wd conversion I'm involved in for my Craftsman DYT4000. I haven't seen any (if any) of your vids relative to this. It's got a "tweeked" Kohler 25 with a Peerless hydro and it's a beast as is however, it's a "worker" at the barn not a toy (those will come in time) and the RWD alone just isn't providing what I need from it. I have a matching Peerless available for the front but when it comes to tying it in to the hubs I'm at a crossroad (CV's vs UJ's, that sort of thing). Your expertise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and stay safe . . . John

    John FarrellJohn Farrell28 dagar sedan
  • Nice CTS-V

    ChrisChris28 dagar sedan
  • Those shocks are heavier duty so put those shocks on the back and the back shocks on the front. Or run 4 of those nice shocks and have the ultimate cushy ride when you get to the bumps.

    Joseph GuiderJoseph Guider28 dagar sedan
  • You guys should find a diesel engine, like a yanmar or a kubota and put it on a go kart. Maybe do a comparison to gas, and fuel efficiency

    Josh BranderJosh Brander29 dagar sedan
  • Guarded by snakes? Run them off. Don't tell me you are too scared to get tires because of snakes.

    Richard HattRichard Hatt29 dagar sedan
  • How can I plug up the oil sensor hole on a 212cc predator?

    MG BoaMG Boa29 dagar sedan