100 LAYERS CHALLENGE || 100 Layers of Makeup || Ultimate 100+ Coats by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

100 LAYERS CHALLENGE || 100 Layers of Nail Polish and Lipstick || Ultimate 100+ Coats of Things by 123 GO! CHALLENGE
Ever wondered what it would feel like under layers and layers of things? Well, looks like these two are up for a dual in the 100 layers challenge!
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  • Do anuther one

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  • I agree Paige

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  • I would not do this challenge of 100 layers!

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  • hi 123 go did you know the earth is getting sad becuse where not do wing anyting 😢😢😢😢😢😢🌎🌏🌍

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  • Don’t judge of the nails it looks perfect

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  • Do puase challenge with doing stuff and mess it up

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  • Simply Nailogical is coming

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  • I think they don't know how to count Like if you notice it

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  • 28... 29.... 60!

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  • I'm sorry to hear from you amy

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  • What. are you doing 123. Go

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  • Hahaha hahaha. I. Love. It

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  • So. Funny

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  • that persen that gave the girl 100 oufets i wanna kill her

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  • Amy

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  • Wow I didn't get to see this because l had to go to Bed

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  • Bella:"I told you to not stop stealing my things." Me:"so you want Amy to steal your stuff ." Also me:"wow."

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  • 1:39 her left hand nails are not too thick 1:40 they put more in to exaggerate And plus; the right hand at 1:39 has no polish, then it suddenly does? Seems fishy to me

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  • Anyway she is a boy

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  • Bella is stupid I hate he UGH!

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  • LIKE #newhorrorstory #newhindihorror #creepy

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  • 0:41 "Amy! I told you _not_ to _stop_ taking my stuff!" That's a double negative.

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  • 2:06 w/o eyebugs 2:10 the eyebugs cameback

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  • I want slime video

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  • is it Bella or della?

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  • You only did one hand

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  • if I were you Beli I Wud were the red one

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  • Don't u love at 4:19 it jump from 62 to86

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  • Who noticed at the begging where she couldn’t find the nail polish and Amy or whatever her name is had it and the girl said “ Amy I told you NOT to stop taking my nails polish “ sooo u want Her to keep taking it ( I think it was an mistake 😂😂😂 )” over exaggerating “

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  • Poop

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  • You are going to kill her with all those clothes

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  • It will be taller

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  • Fake

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  • At 4:30 they added one more

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  • hahahaha

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  • Amy l love your nails so so so so so much

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  • مين عربي هنا 🙂😌

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  • All that acne..

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  • If anyone really noticed, the nailpolish one is the real result. They just put painted seashells on the nail. How smart!

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  • Um... 29-60?? 4:09

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  • Lol did you see the end😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 When she took off the fake eyelashes

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  • "Nope" "common" Nope"

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  • For some reason i can't watch this video its laggy

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  • i love you 123 go challenge Ilove your vidio

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  • Ahahahahaha funny!!!!😂😂 3:45

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  • 0:46 " Amy I told u NOT to stop taking my stuff!" Ummm we'll just move on then lol 😂

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  • 123 go

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  • Who is Bella she does not belong to 123go

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  • HAHAHAHA Bella did really bad on Amy’s make up everyone liked it

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    • Agreed

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